5 Easy Ways to Burn 500 Calories: 500 Calorie Workouts

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5 Easy Ways to Burn 500 Calories: 500 Calorie Workouts

Breaking larger goals, for example, a weight loss of 10 pounds, into smaller and more attainable goals is essential to being successful. There are 3,500 calories in one pound; this seems like a high number but it is possible to easily lose 1 pound a week just by burning an extra 500 a day.

Every single movement the body makes requires the burning of energy. This should provide relief to those looking to lose weight as it means that slaving away on the treadmill is not the only way to drop extra pounds.

You don't necessarily have to go to the gym to lose weight. Here are five easy ways to burn 500 calories:

1. Walk briskly at an incline of 20% for 1 hour. Swing your arms and walk at a pace that makes it hard to hold up a conversation. Break up the monotony of a treadmill workout by taking your walk outdoors when weather permits. If you focus on keeping up your intensity, you will expend your 1/7 of a pound. Alternate low impact walking with strength training- try this Total Body Toning Tabata Workout Video to add a toning component.

2. Mow the lawn for 30 minutes (push mower, don't be lazy!), tend to the garden for 20 minutes, and clean the house for another 20 minutes- or try the Fun HIIT Cardio Workout Video. All of those household tasks can add up to significant caloric burn; a little over an hour can take down 500 cals (plus, you'll have a clean house and nice yard when you're finished).

3. Jump on the elliptical trainer for roughly 70 minutes. The readout on these exercise machines is usually wrong; typically it is significantly inflated. If you want to cancel out 500 cals on an elliptical you will usually need to workout longer (depending on factors such as your energy expenditure and body weight). The best workouts combine cardiovascular training with strength training.

4. Play full court basketball for 50 minutes to expend roughly 1/7 of a pound. An hour of tennis, volleyball, and most other vigorous team sports will provide roughly the same benefit. These sports require sporadic movements and energy outputs that keep the body’s muscles guessing, helping you to lose weight and tone the body simultaneously. Do this 23 Minute Upper Body Workout Plan when you're finished to make it a more balanced workout.

5. Walk 2 brisk miles, and take an hour long yoga or Pilates class. The combination will burn calories, and increase lean muscle. With Pilates and yoga sessions, there is also a supplementary advantage of improved flexibility and overall wellbeing. Treat yourself with a Blueberry Peach Post Workout Smoothie when you're done.

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If you also deduct 500 from your daily food intake, you will be subtracting another 3,500 calories from your diet each week. Coupled with the 3,500 burned from your extra activities, you will have a total weekly deficit of 7,000. That equates to a sum of 2 pounds lost each week, due to just those 500 calories burned, and omitted, daily.