10 Minute Pilates Routine - Advanced Pilates Abs Workout

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10 Minute Pilates Routine - Advanced Pilates Abs Workout

This Advanced Pilates Workout should be a challenge, even to those who have solid baseline core strength.

If you can't do these exercises with proper form, practice the Beginner/Intermediate 10 Minute Pilates Routine first. This version of the routine is similar to this more advanced workout, but it modifies the exercises to make it easier on those who are still developing core strength. Remember that proper form when doing an exercise is priority, and essential to an exercise being effective. Once you have mastered the beginner level, give this harder version a try; all you need is a thick pilates mat.

How to do this program
Do each exercise for the indicated time period or designated number of repetitions. Doing the routine once through makes for a roughly 10 minute workout. For an added toning benefit and to burn additional calories, do this routine twice through.

60 Seconds Pilates Hundreds

15 Pilates Side Plank with Leg Raises (on each side)

15 Pilates Kneeling Rear Leg Raises (on each leg)

15 Side Hip Raises (on each side)

15 Pilates Table Tops (each leg lifted once makes one repetition)

15 Pilates Kneeling Side Leg Raise (on each side)

15 Back Bows

15 Pilates Teasers


Pilates is an excellent low impact option for toning that can also increase flexibility and functional strength. It has long been hailed for it’s capacity to build long, and lean muscles, but the benefits of this particular kind of exercise go far beyond the superficial.

Doing routines like the one above helps to build a strong core, which contributes to maintaining proper alignment of the spine. Misalignment of the spine is associated with a long list of chronic and largely preventable maladies. Using Pilates in combination with other healthy living habits (i.e. healthful eating and preserving cardiovascular health) can serve as a serious ally in battling many of the deadly diseases and conditions that plague the masses.

Remember that workouts need to be balanced; if you are going to focus on toning the abs, you should also train to strengthen the complimentary muscles in order to prevent weak spots in the body and muscle imbalances. This Pilates Back Workout is a good example of a routine that is an ideal counterpart for intensive abdominal program.

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