How long after working out do you see results? A breakdown by goal

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     A lot of times when people start working out, they are really hoping to see results fast. To some extent, exercise makes you feel better immediately in the form of feel-good endorphins, but the majority of exercisers are after something a little more long term and visible, usually a leaner silhouette, the loss of fat, and gain of muscle.

     Obviously, the kinds of results you are looking to see are going to influence the types of exercises that you start doing on a regular basis. Here’s a breakdown by goal of how long after you start training you should expect to notice your workouts creating a change in your body’s abilities and composition.

How long after you start working out do you gain muscle?
     There are a lot of variables that play into how quickly you gain muscle or strength after you start working out diligently. Baseline fitness, genetics, diet, specific training methods, gender, and age all play into how quickly you can gain muscle and strength.

     Generally speaking, men can add between 1.5 – 2.5 pounds of muscle every month; the average gain is about half of a pound a week for someone diligently following a well structured program. Women will put on muscle mass at a slower rate than men (largely due to testosterone levels), roughly half as fast as men, or about ½ pound every 2 weeks or 1 lb a month.

How long after I start working out will I start losing weight?
     When you implement a regular exercise regime, you can see a difference in the numbers on the scale in as little as a week. If you combine your physical activity with healthy eating changes and reasonable calorie consumption, you can easily drop 2 pounds per week, starting at week one. In fact, people often see a loss more dramatic than two pounds in that first week as their body sheds extra water retention; just remember that 2 lbs/week is actually what you should aim for in terms of a rate that you can keep up and keep off.

How long will it take me to boost my cardiovascular endurance?
     With regular and intense cardio workouts, you can expect to notice a slight difference in your endurance within one week.

     Continue pushing yourself with cardio workouts 4-5 days a week for two to three weeks and you will start to observe major changes in your lung capacity. Varying the types of cardio you do can prevent injury and boredom, and make for a more comprehensive level of fitness. For example, mix up your cardio workouts with time on the treadmill, elliptical and arc trainers, the row machine, swimming, bike riding, hiking, and more; whatever gets your heart rate up.

How long does it take to become more flexible?
     Increased flexibility is a worthwhile goal for anyone, of any age, fitness level or even fitness goal; everyone can benefit from it.

     If you are doing workouts to become more flexible every day of the week, you will start feeling more limber and agile after just seven days.

How long after working out until I start to look more toned?
If you are doing regular workouts aimed at toning (high repetition, light weight: like this), you can see a difference in the form of more muscle definition in as little as two weeks. These are the kinds of exercises that might be challenging while you are doing the motion, but they typically do not really leave you with any muscle soreness the following day (heavy lifting or more focused strength training routines will).

You can technically do toning workouts everyday because they aren’t actually tearing muscles – just make sure to never repeat a workout on a muscle group that is still sore from a previous workout. When you train like this on a regular basis, muscles expect to be utilized, and so stay contracted in anticipation of making work easier when it does occur. This contraction is what makes the body feel “hard” and gives it the appearance of being more defined. This constant contraction burns extra calories because muscles are constantly contracted; if you stop training regularly, the body will stop contracting in order to save energy (calories).

It’s fast and relatively easy to gain muscle tone, but it’s also quick to fade if you stop doing it on a regular basis.

Consistency is important when it comes to any kind of fitness. Stick with your training, even if you aren’t seeing bulging muscles after day 2 of lifting or you can’t run 5 miles in 35 minutes after a week on the treadmill, time and commitment will get you the results you want to see.


samay120 Blender Account

How long should you workout for in order to lose weight? I've changed eating habits and have been working out an average of about an hour and a half but haven't really seen results. I've been at it for about a month now, do you have any tips that I could try? And is it possible that I need more intense workouts (I FEEL stronger, but i haven't lost weight..)? THANKS! :)

rachel.toon.37 Facebook Account

Have you done strength training while working out? That's one thing Kelli and Daniel recommend to lose weight, because when you do you get a metabolism boost for a day or 2 afterwards. Hope that helped :)

fitness blender Blender Account

@Samay - I would recommend tracking your diet for a few days (this is the most common cause for lack of results) to make sure there aren't any places where you are taking in more calories than you realize. Trying more intense workouts would also be a great idea.

__zara Blender Account

I have been losing weight successfully over the past 6 weeks, but, within the last two weeks I seemed to have gained about 2 kgs. I don't know what this could be due to? Muscle mass, maybe? In your video you mentioned how you should ''keep at it and it will drop off no time"; how soon will that be? I seem to be eating right and exercising well :/ confused...

lpsideout7 Blender Account

I'm just starting the 8 week program and just finished Day #3 and I am REALLY sore (which is a good sign, right?). I'm not 'injured' sore, just sore. Is that normal and is it ok to keep going? I'm thinking 'yes' and 'yes' but I'm just wondering how people can exercise when they're so sore??

bradley.wooley Facebook Account

lpsideout7, you could be experiencing something called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS. You get this from working your muscles TOO hard during a work out or exercise, causing microtrauma to the muscle fibers. This should go away over the next three days. Your body will learn to quickly adapt and prevent muscle damage in the future. I look at it as a sign that I'm working hard, as you will very rarely get it after your body adapts to it. Hope this helps!

Shamira Google Account

First of all I'd like to say I love all your workout videos! I started the 8 week fat loss plan a few days ago and hopefully I see results! Anyway,I wanted to it absolutely crucial to run? I personally don't enjoy running at all...I get really bad knee pain when I run....I would rather do videos and burn calories that way. People keep telling me that I HAVE to run in order to see rapid weight loss...but I absolutely do not like running =( . I apologize if this is something you already answered in one of your videos..but I was just wondering! Thank You!!

xbritxrochellex Blender Account

yesterday I did a small work out and my legs were a bit sore, today I started the 8 week program and i'm SO sore, my thighs are killing me lol its even tough to stand up or try to sit down. Even though we aren't supposed to take a break until sunday should I skip tomorrows work out so I don't tear a muscle? I'm not sure what to do I don't want to mess up the routine but I'm scared I may tear something. Also what do you suggest to help ease muscle soreness?

cherrimaple905 Blender Account

Do younger people tend to see results faster or slower? I am not overweight but I would really like to see big changes in my cardiovascular endurance because next year I will be doing both track and co ed cross country and am very afraid of not being "fit" enough. Thanks!

smoodywolff Facebook Account

I have been working out for 16 days now faithfully I do 45 mins on my elliptical and 30 sit ups daily .I have gained 4 lbs and I am so frustrated I eat less than 1800 cals a day what am I doing wrong?

giovy.q.r Facebook Account

i am 33 years old thin ( literally ) weighing around 40-43 kg. how long will i see the result if i work out. i like the lean muscular (model type ) not the ufc or wrestler type. i want to have self esteem coz im jealous to others who have nice body physiqe. is there a chance i could improve myself?

andrea.morello.146 Facebook Account

I have a question: What are your opinions on energy drinks - like Red Bull, Monster, 5 Hour, etc?

birth.and.burial Facebook Account

Dear Kelli or Daniel, here's my situation:
I've been doing your workouts for almost 2 months, also I got stronger, loss fat mass, got a little more flexibility and starting to being toned all over my body and sure I feel way much better than before (thanks for that:) )! But, I've been wheighting the same like I was weighting before I started - about 60,5kgs (I'm 167cm tall). Even one the days I'm not bloated from liquids or if I avoid some foods, I'm still on the same weight. Also, I follow acceptable eating habits and I track my calorie intake and I know my BMR. Even if with a calorie deficit, why could I still wheight 60,5kgs? Thanks for the great explaination, though :).

rednoredno Blender Account

I am 5'9.5" and my normal weight is 120. I put on an extra 8-10 pounds over the past 2 months and I am currently fluctuating around 128-130. I have started a 25 minute high-intensity cardio workout and have cut out processed foods and sugars. After my first day of healthy eating and a 25 minute cardio workout I went from 130 to 128.4. I only weigh myself in the morning before eating breakfast. How long before I will start to see the actual physical results?

amber.brown.169 Facebook Account

I don't have a question, but I had to say that I was watching video after a workout and I was drinking a glass of water. When Daniel started dancing and Kelly asked him how he learned to dance so well, I completely lost it and choked on my water! You guys are awesome and I love everything that you are doing with Fitness Blender!!

pollobi Blender Account

I have been on the diet and doing workout from November last year. All I really wanted was for my pregnancy tummy to go and lose some body fat. Now I have lost body fat but I still have the extra skin on the tummy, when I started this I was about 65kg and now 56kg. Can you help.
I love your workouts!

robin.goudysmith Facebook Account

Is it alright to do jumping jacks on a mini trampoline, I have a bad knee?

aubrey.lords.5 Facebook Account

I just recently started using the ab circle and I love it. I have been drinking water and doing situps everyday. I have also been using a workout dvd. And i have seen little changes in my weight. It just takes time.

dianad Blender Account

I am 5'8& 1456th pds. 39 yrs old. I have been doing ur work outs fir 2 months 5days a wk. I also eat very well. I feel like I an more toned but not loosing weight or inches off my hips or thighs. What is going on? How long before I loose weight or start to go down in pant sizes?

tiffany Google Account

how do you Kelly (fitness blender) specifically get your line up of hands feet on the stutter jacks just right? my biggest problem getting hands feet coordinate not so easy as it has been working out 3-4 months now other work outs post baby types started yours 1 month half ago week 2 had almost down pat since but stutter jack. Lost 20 lbs so far form these regiments side by side watching what eat smaller trying control there.. this coming from mom after 10 months delivery so victory me OB said I wouldn't loss weight that easily; you helped me prove her wrong show how strong this mom is even after her military days but thank you overall. love this workout..

tiffany Google Account

Fat Burning Cardio Workout loved!!!

tiffany Google Account

my goal less then 1200 calories day eating small size in woman and no breads, cheese, sweets at all green tea , water out butt and Kelly workouts when time permits want to do two a day but usually get one in ... job you know and awesome baby boy.. I should give that 1000 calories one you do a try if upbeat on this one due time kelly..

sherlyd1 Facebook Account

I'm not trying to loose weight, I'm only 120 lbs. What I really want is too gain muscles and be toned. I want the nice legs, abs, and nicely shaped butt. Now how do I do that without loosing weight and fast. I'd actually even like to gain a few lbs, in my culture women have curves :-).

Austin Google Account

Over the summer Iv'e gained around 17 lbs.. I am 14 5'10" Male weighed 230 lbs and am still unhappy. At the end of the summer I was diagnosed with high blood pressure which is now under control and normal (It was caused by a bad diet with lots of sodium). At the beginning of the school year I found out that we had a workout program. I decided to try it out. I had made a big change in my life with diet and exercise (walking 2 miles a day) and I wanted to slim down and tone up. That was in mid august and I haven't seen any results I now weigh between 220-225 which is where I was at in the beginning of the school year. Its been 1 1/2 months now and I haven't seen a change. The workouts we are doing consist of: running 200m 50air squats the running another 200 and 40 air squats and do that till you get to 10 and go back up the ladder. Tues and Thurs we do cardio and things like that. Mon Wed Fri we focus more on tone and strength. I have lost any weight since I started am I dong something wrong, am I gaining muscle as fast as i'm losing fat. I want a professionals opinion to see if there is anything that I should change.


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