Abs and Oblique Exercises for a Smaller Waist - 32 Minute Core Workout


Calorie burn:

230 to 390





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:


Body focus:


Workout Details

The movements in this video routine are all exercises for a smaller waist. They focus primarily on the obliques, tightening those muscles to help create the look of a waist that is pulled in above the hip bones, and abs that are flat and toned.

There are ten different exercises in this workout; below, you can see a breakdown of how each helps. There is a ten second rest between each waist slimming exercise, where you will see a slow-mo demo of the upcoming movement. The entire workout includes three rounds of all of the exercises.

If your core strength is lacking or you are new to working out, you may need to do fewer repetitions or just 1-2 rounds until you gain strength – there is nothing wrong with that. Go at your own pace and try and push yourself a little further the next time around.

Exercises in this routine:

T- Stabilizations – Any plank movements are fantastic for your transverse abdominals, shoulders, and chest. Adding the rotating motion engages the obliques, as well.

Boxer Squats + Punches – If you don’t have dumbbells, you can use cans of soup or water bottles for this one. Make sure to focus on pushing that slow, controlled “punch” directly across your body to the opposite side so that you really feel that torso twist.

Captain Morgan Up & Overs – Balancing on one leg calls upon your core for stabilization, while the “Up & Over” twisting motion works to actually throw you off balance a bit – just enough that your midsection has to work that much harder to keep you from falling over. You can use a dumbbell, medicine ball, or heavy book for this exercise.

Back Bow Crossovers – This is a great exercise to make the waist smaller because of the way that it engages the obliques and lower back muscles. You can make this more difficult by placing a taller object to cross over top of, and you can make it easier by taking a very short rest on the ground in between each rep.

Bicycle Crunches – This is an abs and oblique exercise that actually burns a decent amount of calories because of all of the large muscle groups involved (the legs get a workout, too).

Plank Tucks – With the leg kick, you take all of the benefits of a regular plank and add in the bonus of a twisting motion, which more comprehensively engages the obliques and abdominals. You will also start to feel a burn in your thighs as you get about half way through the side to side leg extensions.

Butterfly Crunch – Kick your knees to the side and press the souls of your feet together for this sit up variation. You should feel this one through the entire panel of your abdominals. Make this core exercise even more effective by not actually releasing the contraction of your ab muscles each time you come down from the top of the motion – only relax once your reps are complete.

Side Cinchers – A side plank with a knee to elbow crunch, you will feel this in your supporting shoulder, in both sides of your obliques (both the side that is working to support the plank and the one that is doing the crunch up to your knee), and in the outer thigh of your top leg.

How many calories does this workout burn?
This routine burns between 220 and 390 calories, depending on factors such as gender, weight, and levels of effort.

How often should I do this workout?
You can do this 3-4 times a week (remember, abs are a muscle that need to heal, just like any other). It’s good to mix up your workout often – check out our huge library of full length video routines in order to find a large variety of abdominal routines.

What else can I do to slim my waist?
Healthy, clean eating is a huge part of getting a smaller waist – exercise alone won’t do the trick. Cardio & strength training will also help you lower your body fat percentage and reduce the size of your midsection, as well.



07/16/14 6:28pm

Hi I love your workouts, I have a question, how many time a week do I need to work my abs? Can I work them 5 days with a 5-10 minutes routine and rest the weekend? I'm not looking for a ripped abs just a flat stomach.

clover 94

07/10/14 9:06am

I love this workout. :) I exercise a lot but my core is one area where I'm really weak and can't do a lot of exercises. It's great having a routine like this where I can keep up with each interval and keep my muscles engaged for longer. And as a bonus I was dripping sweat all through the last two rounds!


05/16/14 2:41pm


I have lost a lot of weight about 16 kilos in last 1 year.
I want to workout for a smaller waist,however I heard that abs workouts can actually make the waist bigger?
Is this true?are there specific exercises we should avoid that could make the waist any larger?


05/01/14 1:03pm

Is it okay to work your abs and obliques every day?


03/01/14 6:29am

could u please make more workouts like this.


02/22/14 12:04pm

This really makes me realize how weak my core is. Going to keep attempting this until I can do all of it without stopping. Absolutely love this website!


01/15/14 7:22pm

Hey guys, first off I love fitness blender and i love the two of you for you passion, enthusiasm, philanthropic gesture in sharing yourselves and your workouts and knowledge with all. I have always been a overweight girl. I've also gone through a couple stages where i would lose 50-80 pounds but end up gaining it back because of bad eating habits and inactivity. So once again i'm back on my health kick. What advice can you give me to make sure that I lose weight, tone up, and stay healthy in the most adequate amount of time? I work out 4 days a week for at least 1 hour doing both cardio and strengthening. I eat healthy for most of the week, except for when my boyfriend and i decide to be bad and indulge. Also, i have always been able to lose weight in different parts of my bodies all but my worst area my MUFFIN TOP! how do i make sure these pockets of fat subside? and also my thighs have always been big, they do budge and slim down but what else shall i do?
Thank you soo sooo sooo much.


12/15/13 11:48pm

Wow! I'm breathing heavy and sweating. I sure hope this works. It sure feels like it will. Thanks for another challenging workout.


07/15/13 10:15am

I'd like to have a body shape like this.Would you please help me choosing useful fitness blender exercises to catch this aim?
Thanks in advance.


07/04/13 8:32am

Hi. I am new to your web site. This was an excellent workout! I happen to love working out on my own and your workouts are incredible. Thank you! Serena


04/15/13 10:35pm

Hi my name is stephanie and i'm desperatly trying to lose weight. I've been watching your videos and i've honestly never sweat so hard in my life. Thank you for providing it for free. I know you guys arent dieticians but if you could help me out that would be great. So far i'm on a 1000 calorie diet. But I excercise way more than I eat. And thats probably why Im not losing enough weight. Or other reasons. I eat healthy. Here is what I eat. Serving sizes of pretzels, veggie chips, cuties, grapefruit, lemon, lime, fiber one bars, salad with fat free ranch beans, turkey bacon, chicken oh and english muffins, I also have 100% whole wheat bread that I make BLT with. Tell me what I should be eating to lose weight. I do your videos twice a day. The only thing is I work 2 parts of my body per day. I dont do abs 3 times per week I do it twice. Will I not see results? Please help.


08/06/14 1:50pm

You should definitly be eating more than 1000 cal! 1200 at the very least is what your body needs just to perform regular functions! focus on eating 1500-1600 a day, lots of lean protein (turkey, egg whites, greek yogurt) and healthy carbs (vegetables and grains like quinoa, brown rice, etc) and healthy fats too! (eggs, avocado, nuts). I'm not a dietician but i lost over 80lbs in a year, the times i struggled the most with plateauing and not losing weight was when i was eating too little! Up those calories with healthy foods and keep on working out! hope this helps :)


04/23/14 1:25pm

You could buy their meals plans, they tell you about tons of stuff you can eat to loose weight


03/31/13 8:17am

I liked the boxer squats best, could really feel my obliques working, the slower I went. I held 8 pounders for that. Also liked the Up & Over Capn Morgans. I do not like the side plank crunches, lol because I sucked at them but I will keep at it!


03/01/13 10:09am

i did 50 sumo squats&leg raises with weights, 50 knee push ups, and then this workout. everything hurts now, but it's a good pain. thank you :)


01/11/13 3:12pm

Hi, i really enjoy your workouts, great job. I started your workouts 3 days ago 2x a day since, but i've noticed that my belly looks really puffy, is it normal for that to happen?


10/23/12 10:31pm

another amazing workout! :-) love you guys!!


08/20/12 7:14pm

If i do this workout 2x a week for a month or two will i see results?


06/20/12 8:47pm

I think this is a 4 on your difficulty scale!! Lol, thanks!

fitness blender

03/29/12 8:54am

Prettylilindian - Thank you for the plug on your fitness page, we really appreciate that. I hope that you liked this workout as well as the other ones that you have tried so far. Keep up the good work! -Kelli


03/27/12 7:38pm

I just told all my friends on myfitnesspal about you guys. I did Booty Boot Camp and the 10 min ab workout last night. I'm about to hit this one.

fitness blender

03/05/12 9:28am

Hi Monette, glad you liked this workout, thanks for taking the time to tell us so!


02/29/12 3:53am

I've done this workout today and it was amazing. My obliques are sore and I love it :)

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