Pilates Abs and Butt Workout Video


Calorie burn:

150 to 220





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Low Impact, Pilates, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

This Pilates Abs and Butt Workout video is broken into two sections. The first half of the session focuses on Pilates core work; the second portion targets the butt and thighs.

Pilates has a long list of benefits, including improved flexibility, a stronger core, lean and toned muscles, stress relief, and more. It’s a low impact way to get in a good workout with a relatively good calorie burn, considering that much of it is done from the mat.

In order to garner all of the benefits of this workout, you will want to pay special attention to this video to hear the cues for both breathing directives and proper form. At least the first time through, keep the volume on any music low so that you don’t miss anything important.

This is a relatively fast paced routine that will have you moving fluidly from one exercise into another (like a Pilates class). You will be shown an inset video demo of the next upcoming exercise in the last few reps of the exercise you are doing.

Workout Essentials
2 Parts: Abs & Lower Body
24 Minutes Total
150 – 220 Calories burned
No equipment necessary

Printable Pilates Workout

Part One: Pilates Abs
Hundreds with extended legs
Single Toe Taps
Single Toe Taps from Tabletop
Double Toe Taps from Tabletop
Roll Ups
Roll like a Ball
Roll like a Ball with Extension
Single Leg Stretch
Double Leg Stretch
Full Body Stretch

Break point; feel free to pause here if you need a longer break or if you need to grab a drink of water.

Part Two: Butt and Thighs
*Kneeling Leg Raises
*Kneeling Leg Raises with Bent Knee
*Kneeling Leg Raise Pulses
*Kneeling Leg Raise Circles (alternating directions each time)
*Repeat all reps of these on one side of the body before switching to repeat on the opposite side of the body.
Quick Stretch
Single Leg Bridges (repeat on each side of the body)
Heel Taps
Wide Leg Lifts
Quick Stretch:
Child’s Pose
Shell Stretch
Torso and Hamstring Stretch Left
Torso and Hamstring Stretch Right
Torso and Hamstring Stretch Center

Remember, proper form is essential to getting the most out of your Pilates workouts.

Love Pilates but looking for a higher calorie burn to help you lose weight faster?
There’s little debate regarding the health and fitness rewards of this kind of workout, unfortunately, a lot of people avoid or at least delay doing this kind of training because they don’t think it’s helpful in losing weight, instead opting for copious amounts of cardio.

So long as you’ve got your physician’s approval, there’s no reason you should feel like you shouldn’t do Pilates until you have reached a weight where you feel like you are “ready to tone”.

To get the best benefits in using Pilates for weight loss, use this kind of workout in combination with other kinds of training. For example, the workout video about would go very well with cardio or strength training.

Fitness Blender videos that go well with this Pilates video
You could do 15-20 minutes of FB cardio before, and another 15 minutes after, to burn a great deal of calories and get in some heart healthy cardio. You could also choose a 5-20 minute cardio or HIIT video of ours to use as a warm up, follow that up with a 10-30 minute toning video, and finish up with this low impact routine for core strength and toned legs.


clover 94

04/03/15 2:27pm

Great workout!


08/08/14 10:12am

loved it!


04/05/14 7:31pm

I loved this pilates workout! I should do more of them because my abs like to be lazy, yet they totally got a workout with this one. Plus, my dog likes to give me challenge and start licking my sweaty arms whenever I'm on the floor for your workouts. Laughing while in mid toe tappers is incredibly hard. Lol!


02/19/14 2:09pm

This one was fun! The roll like a ball move was totally my favorite hahahah. Definitely doing this routine again soon along with one of my favorite cardio videos.


02/17/14 10:13pm

Thank you so much for this video.. It really worked.
After I completed this workout, it made me feel painfully amazing in my core and lower body *specially my butt* lol :D

You changed my life to a better one with those videos, and the way you make it simple and effective

LOVE from Egypt


10/22/12 12:42pm

Thank you!
Your earlier abs + legs pilates video being one of my favourites of all your vids (although I'm usually in BIG debates with myself when I have to choose from your vieos because they're all awesome) you couldn't have made me happier with this one! I'm always trying to mix it up with the workouts as you guys have recommended us several times, but I seem to want to do legs and abs most of the time and pilates is what I usually go for, so it's great that I'll have an alternative workout for the times when I have recently done the other one.
So thanks!


P.S.: I love your Q&A vlogs, I find myself grinning ear to ear every time I watch you two goof around =D and you're very good at delivering useful info in a simple and understandable way. Thanks for all you do & keep being amazing!

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