Bust Booster Chest Workout - Breast Lifting Exercises


Calorie burn:

100 to 150





Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell, No Equipment

Workout type:

Barre, Low Impact, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Gravity can have a powerful influence on the body, but breast lifting exercises can be a fair way to fight back.

Breasts themselves are made of fat, but there are supporting muscles both under and around the breasts that when worked properly, can help to keep the chest from sagging.

Comprehensive chest workouts can build muscle in the pectorals, helping to keep the breasts on top well supported and perkier looking.

Doing this workout 3 times a week can make a noticeable difference in your physique in as little as a month. For even better results and more noticeable changes allover your body, make sure that you are not neglecting your lower body or core, and that you are doing regular cardio – make sure that you are wearing a good sports bra so that you don’t undo any of the progress that you make doing this video.

Workout Structure
7 Carefully selected exercises for saggy breasts
12 Reps of each
3 Rounds through

You will need light weights or 2 water bottles (or cans of soup, books, etc) for this routine.

Round about Push Ups – Go into a push up position but instead of dropping straight down towards the ground, do a rounded scooping motion; down towards one wrist and then across to the other before you push back up to the starting position. Repeat the motion, this time going in the opposite direction.

Standing Chest Press & Pulls – Grab your weights and stand tall with your back straight. Bend your arms at the elbow to make a right angle, and with your arms perpendicular to the ground, forearms facing in towards on another, flex so that you feel it in your pecs. Release and then turn your arms so that your forearms are facing the ground, then squeeze your shoulder blades together. It’s important that you do these exercises with intention – flex, and focus on feeling the first part of the motion in your pectorals, and the second part in between your shoulder blades.

Tricep Dips (single Leg) – Go into a crab walk position; on all fours but with your belly pointed towards the ceiling. Extend one leg straight up and then bend at the elbows to lower your body towards the ground, feeling this in the backs of your upper arms, shoulders, and chest. Switch which leg is extended half way through.

Bentover Ventral Raise & Squeezes – Bend over, keep your back flat, and raise your extended arms up to ear level. Bend at the elbows to bring your hands up next to your ears, extend your arms back out, and then drop down towards the ground before starting all over again.

Tip Toe Planks – Assume a plank position; body in a straight line, with weight in forearms and toes. Push through the toes so that your body moves forward, then press back so that your heels are again directly over your toes.

Diagonal Ventral Raises – Raise one arm straight up from the shoulder, then lower it down in a diagonal so that it stops roughly in front of the hip of the opposite side of your body. Go back up to the starting position and repeat. Complete all reps on one side of the body before switching arms.

Plank Push Ups – Start in a plank position, and then one arm at a time, lift yourself up to move into a full push up position; repeat. Halfway through our 12 reps we switch to a beginner modification that shows how you can make the move easier by doing the breast lift exercise from a half push up.

Quick tips on how to lift breasts naturally/keep breasts from sagging:
Make workouts like the one above a part of your regular routine, they can make a significant difference.

Minimize any fluctuations in your weight. Weight fluctuations affect your bust; yet another reason to avoid yoyo dieting. Try to reach a healthy bodyweight and stay at it/around it in order to prevent breasts from sagging. If you are currently trying to lose weight, lose it at a slow pace (2-3 lbs a week on average) in order to avoid causing any unwanted side effects on your bust.

Wear a good sports bra, especially during high impact workouts.

Drink lots of water and eat healthily – keeping the connective tissue well nourished and hydrated can help prevent sagging over time.

A warm up & cool down are not included in this video – make sure you do both for best results – check out our videos for both warm up & cool down options.

We estimate that this workout burns between 4-6 calories a minute.


Mandi Kins

03/29/15 9:30am

love this .


10/23/14 9:41am

can i do this exercise after hitt cardio routine?


11/02/14 1:33pm

just did it first time and , and coulndt complete 3. round. how weak my chest muscles are.


09/18/14 4:29am

this works?


08/17/14 9:27am

how do I add this to my favorites?


05/13/14 1:49am

Will try this workout but I thought that it's Cooper's ligaments which hold up the breasts?


03/17/14 5:15pm

I would like to do this workout as my breasts are small and sagging but at the same time want to loose my belly fat. I cannot do that without some cardio etc but that makes me loose fat everywhere. what is the solution to this? Please advice.


04/24/14 12:45pm

i have exactly the same problem but i've learned the only real lasting solution (apart from sugery) is to love your body regardless.
There's nothing sexier than a person who walks confident..from the inside!


03/07/14 7:52am

Kelli love your butt workouts but in this case coudl u please make a bust workout.


02/13/14 5:34am

Hi you guys. I was just browsing and found this website and I'm too happy I found it!! I did six different workouts yesterday and just wantes to keep going for some reason. I do not work out and everytime I try I fail. I have been on your website dor about 2 days now and have sonw about eight workouts total and not including the warm ups, stretches, and cool downs. I'm going to try to keep it up and hopefully see results in a couple of months. Thank you soooo much for creating this free and extremely helpful website!!! T-babi.


01/29/14 3:34pm

i barely got through round 1, my upper body is pretty skinny, so my arms are weak and my pectoral muscles are pretty much nonexistent. there's my newest challenge, to get through this one - beginner versions and all :)


01/03/14 9:50am

Is ths really reduce the size or make it a bit smaller please help me out :( i will be very thankfull to you..


08/14/13 3:13am

will this workout make your breasts smaller or bigger?


09/03/14 4:53am

Hey, u can't really decide where to burn fat. Your body will take the fat it burns from whereever it wants (like belly, tights, etc) eventhough you do a arm workout.

Instead it makes the muscles underneath your breats grow just like any other muscle group grows (like getting a bigger biceps). Therefor there will be somewhat like a lifting effect. So your breats will actually look bigger as they get pushed upwards.

I hope that helped :)


07/25/13 6:31pm

Hi if u are using this exercise to prevent sagging is once a week ok?


06/06/13 2:23pm

Question... But, doesn't this workout actually melt away the fat on your breasts making them smaller?


06/05/13 1:32pm

please make more of these~!


04/16/13 3:38pm

I love this workout though I often wish I knew what other exercises I could do if I wanted to switch it up sometime. A list of specific workouts that would work the same muscle group as this video would be an amazing resource~!
Love this video though!


01/25/13 9:18pm

I need to save some of these exercise, how can I do?


11/28/12 8:49am

Is it possible to explain the purpose of each exercise? Thanks!

fitness blender

07/18/12 11:34pm

@cicispice Calorie burn info is at the end of the article, glad you enjoyed it!


07/12/12 4:10am

Yes! I've been looking for a workout like this EVERYWHERE! One little thing though, how many (guesstimate) calories does this workout burn?

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