Yoga Cardio Blend - Yoga Inspired Cardio and Toning Workout


Calorie burn:

90 to 120





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning, Yoga/Stretching/Flexibility

Body focus:


Workout Details

Our viewers have been asking us for yoga workouts for a long time now, and because it is something that we have always been interested in trying, we are happily practicing and studying so that we will be able to oblige. In the meantime, this yoga inspired cardio workout is full of some of our favorite loosely yoga-ish stretching and strengthening movements - each one with a bout of bodyweight cardio in between.

Cardio and this kind of mind-body sport are not necessarily a combination of trainings that you often see together, but we don't see why they can't be blended together harmoniously. Technically, any kind of exercise can become a mind-body exercise, as long as there is a focus on breathing patterns, mindfulness, and staying present in the moment. Even strength training can be a centering, meditative mind-body workout if you tweak a few variables.

We are not claiming to be yogi masters, and this is one of our very first yoga workout videos, so bear with us while we learn the ropes of this sort of training. We are interested in learning more about it and making it a more regular part of our own routines because it has been associated with so many health benefits, including lowered blood pressure, increased flexibility, decreased depression and anxiety, just to name a quick few.

This particular cardio yoga workout is great for burning calories at a much higher rate than you would with a more traditional formats of this kind of training, and all of the exercises selected are ideal for getting in a very quick, dynamic, feel-good stretch, all while toning up muscles allover the body. The cardiovascular intervals are good for getting the heart pumping and you may even be able to get of sweat going if you stay focus and push yourself.

Workout Structure
6 Yoga Exercises - 10 Reps of each
30 Seconds of a bodyweight cardio exercise in between each
15 Minutes Total

Exercises in this routine
Jumping Jacks
10 Tricep Push Up + Shell Stretches

Squat + Inside Toe Touches
10 Downward Dogs + Modified Pigeons

Lateral Jumps
10 Warrior Pose Lunges

X Jacks
10 Calf Raise Planks

Squat + Toe Touch Kicks
10 Walkdown Push Ups

5 Mountain Climber Steps + Getups
10 Full Body Stretch + Jackknife Crunches

While these two different kinds of workouts might not be everyone's favorite to combine, part of the benefit from this kind of exercising is the stress relief; adding in a bit of heart pounding cardio can actually help burn off the tension in your body even more.

These are all exercises that encourage a full range of motion in the body, but they are not without a toning benefit; you will likely feel a number of your muscles burning during many of these poses; focus, and practice control over your body in order to maximize the components that will help you firm up.

We estimate that this routine burns roughly 6-8 calories burned per minute, or 90 - 120 calories total. This video would go very well with any of our strength training routines, and could even serve as part of a very gradual cool down for one of our really tough HIIT routines.



04/10/15 4:14pm

This was just perfect for me today as I had a bit of lower back pain from a very long run yesterday. Just enough to get the body moving and felt a good stretch as well. I also did a warm up before.


04/10/15 4:12pm


03/10/15 2:44pm

Enjoyed this a lot: a bit of stretch, a bit of strength, a bit of cardio. (I completed it as the 3rd of a sequence of shorter programs scattered throughout my day, having gone hard 2 days ago and medium hard yesterday.)


07/27/14 8:42pm

yeah this was good..different mix! next time i'm doing a better sized cardio boost first to warm up my stiff hip flexors!


07/14/14 4:54pm

Thank you so much for your amazing workouts! I have been exercising using your videos for almost a month and I have noticed huge changes in my body. Love you guys!


03/07/14 12:44pm

I don't know why I thought this would be an easy workout. Loved every difficult minute of it. Now I know I need to work harder on my flexibility.


12/04/13 2:05pm

Great workout. Yoga and cardio mixed made a good challenge. Do the video twice in a row and you'll be sweating for sure.


08/06/13 7:02am

I only had a few moments to get in a quick work out, I made the right choice! I love your stuff and really appreciate the commentary throughout to keep up the focus.


01/27/13 2:18am

I daily practice Power Yoga but I have question related to abs. I am not finding any effect of my abs. It is all my baby belly after pregnancy which I is not going. Could you please suggest a plan for getting rid off it.


02/15/14 9:37pm

hi2shrads, I just read your question about as. I've been a yoga practioner for 8 years, but until I began Yoga Teacher Training, I didn't know alot of techniques used to increase your practice. In any standing posture, like Tadasana (Mountain) engage every muscle from you're feet to the crown of your head with exceptions of face, jaw etc. Tuck tail bone, and engage what's called Mulabandha, which is your pelvic floor. Goal of the Mulabandha, is 1 of 3 bandhas that together create a lock. In downward dog too, pull your bellybutton towards you're spine. This helps engage ab muscles and keep them engaged with every asana. There are specific asanas you can do to fire your core and work the abs specifically. Sunbird is a good starting point with an extra move added, on all 4 in table top, knees directly under hips and hands directly under shoulders, neutral spine, raise R hand and L leg, this is somewhat of a balance too, but when the body is warmed up, its easier to add, on exhale pull your R arm into L knee as a crunch. Be sure to alternate sides, always move with you're own breath, being mindful of your body and begin slowly.
I hope this helps, and it also helps to google yoga postures for abs, or along that line. Namaste!


01/25/13 9:14pm

This was great -- it was nice to stretch between sets with the yoga, but still work up a sweat. And X-jacks!! You guys could have an entire website dedicated to all of your brilliant variations of the jumping jack. Fitness Jack? Jack Blender?


01/24/13 7:58am

Was harder than I thought it would be! Nice challenge.


01/23/13 9:00pm

Can't wait to try this out tomorrow morning!!

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