Total Body Warm Up Workout Routine


Calorie burn:

21 to 30





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Warm Up/Cool Down

Body focus:


Workout Details

Pre-workout cardio and stretching is often grossly underestimated in importance.

When warming up, a stretch position should not be held for longer than 10 – 15 seconds. When doing a preworkout stretch routine, a short hold is enough to loosen up stiff muscles, but it is not enough to loosen up a joint.

Stretches done with the intention of increasing range of motion (corrective stretching) should be done after a full length exercise routine, when muscles are fully warmed - or at periods of the day when you have a significant amount of time before your next bout of rigorous physical activity.

For warming up, you should never hold stretches for an elongated period of time as this can expand and loosen joints making them more susceptible to injury.

Though different studies have debated back and forth about the benefit of stretching cold muscles before jumping straight into a strenuous workout, gentle cardio and working the range of motion of joints is inarguably a good way to start any kind of exercise routine.

When you go from a standstill directly into some kind of high intensity cardio that raises your heart rate and engages your muscles without a warming up, it causes a greater amount of stress on your body. This is because when your heart tries to circulate your blood supply through constricted blood vessels to feed your muscle tissue, it meets resistance and causes your blood pressure to spike momentarily.

Aside from potential health repercussions, this can also interfere with your fitness progress by leading to premature fatiguing, because your body has to catch up to the demands of blood and oxygen flow that your muscles are requiring.

This short total body routine engages a multitude of muscle groups in a way that steadily increases blood flow and flexibility, rather than shocking your system with positions that tax the muscles before they are ready, or before you jump straight into a full blown cardio routine.

This would also serve as a great cool down workout. If you want to use this as a cool down, do the cardio component at the beginning of the workout, rather than at the end.



07/22/14 11:50pm

Second time doing this workout in the 8 week program. And today it was much easier!


04/12/14 10:47am

I have been trying to find a good video of yours to WAKE UP too. My hubby gets up at 4:30 and I soooo want to be able to get up with him, but cannot get that sleepy out of me that early, This will be perfect! Thanks!


07/24/13 9:52pm

Hi I am about to start this program ,according to the book Dash diet my calorie intake is 1200 a day to lose weight ,my question is do I have to add amount of calories I lose with exersice to my 1200 calorie I take or not .I hope you understand my question ,


08/11/13 12:34pm

You have to add it. 1200 calories a day isn't much and you lose weight by doing this in any case, and by working out you "gain" the calories you may eat. (And by the way it's a fantastic way to reward yourself for working out ;))

07/16/13 2:40pm

why I can not see the videos ,Help please


04/11/13 10:27am

Hi , am a 155 lb 5'4 female, i delivered 9 months back, now trying to lose weight. I love your workouts but the only problem am facing these days is when i climb stairs i feel pain in my knee or when i bend to sit on chair or get up from a chair i feel this it because of me being overweight? can squats, lunges and jumping kind of motion be harsh on my knee? i started with warm up + low impact cardio + stretching at the end feels good but am just worried that maybe i am making my knee work a lot ! please help


02/23/12 2:41pm

many thanks for the suggestion fitness blender. I will follow your suggestion. as i watch your video from the start I've told to my self that i think this warm up is enough before my exercises routine no need to do the stretching. Many thanks you told what is the best to do. many thanks for your quick response.

fitness blender

02/23/12 8:54am

This would be a great choice for your warm up and cool down.

One thing I would suggest to change about your daily workout structure is that you should move the Stretches and flexibility exercises to position 4. You should not do flexibility training just before working out as it can loosen your joints and increase your chance for injury. Flexibility training should only be done when you are not going to be doing demanding physical activity for a long period of time.

The warm up (like this one) is all you need before beginning your main exercise routine.


02/22/12 10:56pm

Hello. I'm currently doing a 4 days split workout. I'm following a program that I've got in the internet.
here is the my program routine.
1. Warm up with cardio for 5-10 minutes.
2. Stretches and flexibility exercises for 5-10 minutes.
3. Workout Schedule
4. Stretch the worked muscles at the end of the workout, and cool down 5-10 minutes.

can i do your Total Body Warm Up Workout Routine as my warmup and cool down for my workout program?


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