Lower Body Tabata Workout - HIIT Workout to Burn Belly Fat & Tone Glutes & Thighs


Calorie burn:

264 to 396





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

We used a Tabata structure for this video to really burn out your legs and your lungs at the same time. We will be doing some fairly challenging exercises in this format; 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, four times total.

With this workout, the calories burned and the lean muscle built not only serves to aid weight loss and tone the legs, it also facilitates the loss of belly fat.

Workout Structure
3 Minute Cardio Warm Up
14 Minute Tabata Workout
–Two rounds through for 28 minutes total

Printable Routine:
Cardio Warm Up – 30 Seconds apiece
Jogging in Place
Jumping Jacks
Pendulum Swings (yeah we spelled it wrong in the video, oops)
Lateral Jumps
Up & Out Jacks

Tabata Workout
• 20 Seconds Active
• 10 Seconds Rest
• 4 Times for each Exercise
• 2 Rounds Total

Pulse Lunges – Your legs will feel like Jello after a round of pulse lunges. Just remember; Jello legs today means that your legs wont jiggle like jello tomorrow. Make sure that you are careful to use smooth motions with this movement – not careless bouncing. Repeat on each leg.

Plank Tucks + Extensions – This is a total body movement, with abs, pectorals, & shoulders being just a few of the muscle groups that are engaged. The “extension” part of the exercise is what is really great for lifting the glutes.

Side Lunges + Jumps – This is an explosive jump sandwiched in between two side lunges – great for glutes and thighs and great for burning a high number of calories.

Flutterkick Pulse Squats – So much fun! Just kidding. But seriously, can you feel that burning in your glutes and thighs? These work!

Bridge Kicks – Hamstrings and glutes will be burning after this move. You can make it more challenging for your core by raising both arms straight up in the air to create more of a demand due to having to work harder to maintain balance.

Jack Squats – I love this exercise because by the time you reach round 4, you can almost literally hear your body saying “no, no, no, no, no” when you go to jump back up from that deep squatting position. Learn to love it!

How many calories does this Fitness Blender workout burn?
We estimate that this routine burns between 8-12 calories a minute, or 264-396 total. Our calorie estimations are just that – estimations, but you shouldn’t worry too much about actual expenditure anyways – these exercises work, and you’re going to feel great when you are finished (the phrase “when you are finished” being imperative here).

Make sure that you take the time to cool down and stretch after doing this workout video as one is not included. You can either do your own quick cool down independently, or look up one of our many videos for cooling down & stretching after a routine.



03/23/15 5:24am

I think the best workouts are those you love and hate at the same time. This one was one of those for me. My legs were screaming for mercy but later they were saying thank you thank you thank you! Just the right level of intensitiy to feel the pain but stay motivated and go through with it. Thank you thank you thank you :)


03/17/15 12:28pm

Wow. This was tough. Jello legs for sure...


11/24/14 10:03pm

How many times a week do you recommend I do this workout?


06/24/14 9:44am

I truly love your workouts, I'm down 8 lbs since starting 6 weeks months ago. My goal is 115 lbs, only 8 more to go :) Thank you so much, xoxo.


05/21/14 6:02am

would love a part 2 love the challenge.


03/30/14 5:10am

im getting adicted to your tabata workouts. they so much fun, working out doesnt have to be a choir no more thanks to fitnessblender.


02/05/14 1:33pm

looooooooooooooved this workout. i felt it in my hamstrings big time
thanks FB


11/13/13 9:52pm

THIS WORKOUT IS THE BEST FOR LOWER BODY sculpting!!! I can tell its definitely building my muscle and burning my fat since my legs are EXTREMELY sore. I gave my self two days for my muscles to heal and my thighs feel firmer. I do approximately 30min workouts 3-4x a week. Alternating between lower, abs, and upper body toning + cardio.


11/07/13 7:22pm

Amazing toning and cardio blend adding small weights to the pulse lunges kills!:) you guys are encouraging to all! Thanks to you I went from 102-103 lbs to 98lbs


11/01/13 9:24am

I'm back! tnx for another awesome workout!


10/18/13 2:15pm

Hi, I from Venezuela and I love this workout programs CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!


08/07/13 10:40am

Another fabulous work out! I admit I had to pause it a few times in between the different exercises just to catch my breath! I love how I feel after doing your videos, major boost in energy and relieved of stress, totally refreshed! Every once in a while I'm tired and I have to push myself to work out. If that's the case I always end up doing one of your videos, mainly because I know that I'll feel like a million bucks afterwards! Thanks guys!!!


07/05/13 7:32pm

We LOVE this site and your "no frills" workouts. It's perfect for our busy (parents of 4 small kids!) lifestyle and we've never been more fit! Our kids have noticed our commitment to our health - I'm down 20 pounds and 3 sizes, simply by adding your workouts to my daily calorie counting. Was able to wear a size 6 "little black dress" that's been hanging in my closet since our 2nd child was a year old! Thank you and please keep it up!

Ana Rica

05/31/13 5:51pm

I love this workout! I've been mixing up a couple of the workouts on this site to equal at least 30 mins 4x a week. I've recently gained weight intentionally to get some curves and your workouts help it go to the right places, boosts up my mood too. I do want to slim my arms a bit more though but I build muscle easily, what would you recommend for that? Thanks a lot! You guys are awesome!


03/27/13 4:06pm

I chose this today, as yesterday I did an Upper Body Tabata.
Wow ;D
Thanks SO much, I am on Cloud Nine since finding all your great videos. I blog about them on our motorcycle forum's exercise room, and on a well-known weight loss forum, and of course on FaceBook. Doing my best to promote you guys so I can reap the benefits!


02/03/13 4:02pm

That was intense! I wasn't sure I was going to make it through round 2, but I did. :-) Keep the excellent workouts coming. Love you guys!

fitness blender

08/12/12 11:19am

@ aprilntrace Thank you for watching and thank you for telling others about us, word of mouth is the best advertisement we could ever ask for.


08/10/12 5:59pm

I've been using your site to workout with and I'm hooked!!! I will definitely pass this site to all!! Thank you for having variety!

fitness blender

06/29/12 9:39am

@Puppet Not too good to be true, in fact it's about to get a lot better! Thanks for following & supporting us with your viewership :)


06/29/12 1:58am

This is so amazing!! I actually thought that this is "too good to be true"
You guys have the best videos and workout ideas in the entire planet!

fitness blender

06/15/12 9:30am

@3sisters & mother on a mission - Thank you guys. We are just getting started!

mother on a mission

06/14/12 8:46pm

I APPLAUD you both for your commiment to keeping fit and sharing your expertise with the world. It is amazing to get such a well rounded workout using your own body weight. Thank you for all you do.


06/12/12 9:26pm

Super awesome workout!!! I was still sweating like nuts during the cool down. THANK YOU Kelli and Daniel for you commitment to keeping your fans fit and challenged!

fitness blender

06/12/12 8:32am

@Brook.alexa- With you being an RN, it's very important that you are healthy & able to keep up with your demanding (and important!) job. Kudos to you for setting a healthy example for your patients!


06/09/12 11:04am

This workout is awesome! I love all of the videos that Fitness Blender makes. Its so convenient to be able to do them in my living room whenever I want. I work odd shifts as an RN so these videos are perfect for helping me keep in shape :)

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