Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout


Calorie burn:

90 to 160





Equipment Needed:

Mat, No Equipment

Workout type:

Low Impact, Pilates, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

This Pilates workout video for the butt and thighs is very effective at toning the lower body. It consists of only thigh slimming exercises that add definition without adding any size to the legs. What all of the moves have in common is that they engage the muscles without any significant weight or resistance.

For an example of the difference between exercises that slim legs and those that might build mass, consider lunges. Lunges require you to tax one leg at a time with the majority of your bodyweight. Even for the slightest person, bodyweight is a significant amount of weight for one leg, which can overtime build (strong, athletic, attractive) leg muscle. If that doesn’t happen to be one of your goals, these Pilates butt and thigh exercises are a great low resistance way to tone legs and build lean muscle because none of them have you maneuvering any significant amount of bodyweight. Do keep in mind that lean muscle mass is what gives you the advantage of a faster resting metabolism - don't avoid building muscle.

This routine is fantastic because of how comprehensively the exercises work your lower body. By the time you’ve finished the workout video, you will have used multiple approaches to target your glutes, inside and outside thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves.

Another benefit to this Pilates workout video is that the moves engage much more than just the obvious muscle groups. In addition to toning the lower body, you’ll also be using your abdominals, obliques, hip flexors and lower back. Aside from the toning benefits, Pilates also offers the advantage of increasing flexibility and overall body awareness.

Do this lower body workout routine up to three or four times a week, taking more time off in between if muscles are still sore.

Do at least 5 minutes of warm up cardio before starting the routine in order to warm up muscles and increase range of motion.

Once you are familiar with the video, feel free to turn down the volume of our narration & turn on your own music.



02/13/15 10:42pm

Another great workout


07/17/14 12:14am

I love Pilates-moves. It looks so easy, but your body is working so hard! Thanks for another great day of your 8 week program!


10/27/13 10:54am

Will this get me thinner thighs or just tone them?


08/17/13 2:52am

amazing! i could see the difference in two weaks!! please prepare some more for us :P


07/17/13 2:27pm

Now understanding how Kelli has a washboard stomach. You make this look so easy Kelli, but I really struggled (tight hammys)!


06/25/13 7:36am

5th-good one easily modified to greater difficulty :)


04/04/13 9:10pm

I love this video so much!! Please do longer video for leg slimming pilates.


03/26/13 6:04pm

i really like this only i had difficulty with the heel taps i couldn't really keep my thighs of the ground, but I'm guessing the more i do it the easier it will become :)


03/19/13 8:27am

Did this workout today for the first time. I could not do the heel taps :( but I tried my best on everything else. Thanks for another great video!


03/12/13 7:39am

I'm doing your 8-week, round 1 program....and apparently my glutes and hammies are seriously out of shape...I am incredibly sore the day after doing this vid! Debating on whether to give my legs a rest today or power through day #6. Thanks for your videos - I can't wait to see the results!


02/09/13 9:55am

I love your pilates workouts!


01/04/13 10:38am

I have a pear shape body. A petite top with very heavy bottom, esp the thighs and side hips. I have very bad cellulite problem around my butt, hips and thighs. I try to do this exercise once a day. Can I ask is there any other exercises I can do together with this?


12/21/12 8:04pm

I have one question. i don't know if it's just I'm so out of shape or what but on the last workout, the heel taps, I couldn't really figure out how to do it with my thighs off the ground. Like my thighs just slid on the ground and I couldn't get a workout. I figure I must be doing my form wrong...

Also, on things like the flutter kicks and the scissor kicks, for a guy, is it normal not to be able to put your legs out very straight. Like just physically at all there is a noticeable bend between the thigh and the calf and I physically can't go any further.


11/16/12 7:09am

I seriously do love your videos too. They're just too great. Just too great.
I have no words. I mean, you're just awesome.

Anyway, I do have a query. Does this also help the belly to get less?


10/20/12 6:55pm

Harder than it looks. Day 5 almost complete


08/22/12 4:18am

hi! i love these workout video! its amazing! but i have a question...i am 5' and 125 lbs. I take about 1200 calories per day..... i am pear shaped.....does this workout target on my lower body......n how many times should i do these per day to get effective result....beacuse this workout is easy to do .... i am 31 years old.....plz. suggest me......thanks in advance...


07/11/12 5:07pm

hi! i love these workouts! they're amazing! i have a question...i am 5'6 and 120 lbs. my stomach is flat but i have strong abs under a thin layer of fat. also my thighs are a bit big...alot of muscle under some fat. i am working to tone by stomach and thighs and butt by the middle of august for the beach. currently, i eat 1200 calories a day and do this routine, the HIIT workout for abs and obliques, and the calorie blasting cardio boot camp workout everyday. will i see a noticeable toned difference? thanks!


05/08/12 1:42pm

Appreciate all the help, and thanks for clearing that up :)

fitness blender

05/07/12 12:48pm

Charia24 - to answer both question at once; both workouts are similar in that they are primarily for toning and will only build muscle for the first month or two that you do them (that is if you don't already have strong legs in which case it will only tone) so you don't have to worry about adding any bulk (even if you were using ankle weights, you would have to use a significant amount of weight to see a large increase in size) so once you are used to dong both routines you could easily do them two days in a row. Just be sure to switch up your routines often. I would suggest using this routines every other day with a upper body or core routine in between.


05/05/12 7:22pm

Hi, first I'd like to say I LOVE your videos. I've used to have a hard time sticking to my workout because it lack of variety. I can't buy another workout DVD every time I get bored AND it eventually gets less challenging, so thank you for the videos.

Now I'm trying to figure out my routine schedule. This workout sounds great, but this other workout I like too, 33 Minute Butt Lift Workout. They both uses some of the same muscles, so my 1ST question is would I be over doing those muscle groups by doing BOTH workout... and which would you suggest, doing both on the same day or consecutive days??

2ND question, the Butt Lift Workout consist of using own body weight, so would that add bulk to the legs overtime??

fitness blender

03/12/12 1:53pm

Yes Puppet, a lot of the exercises in this routine also address the glutes and upper hip region.


03/12/12 3:04am

Does that work for hips? I really love this workout, simple yet effective
thanks guys, you're perfect


11/06/11 5:27am

Thanks for creating a great and challenging workout.



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