Full Length KettleBell Workout Video - High Intensity Total Body Routine


Calorie burn:

468 to 624





Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell, Kettlebell

Workout type:

Kettlebell, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Kettlebells as they are known today originated in Russia and date back to the mid 1600’s where they were first used as counterweights for weighing goods for trade and sale. It was not long before people started to use them for demonstrations of personal strength and later tools for strength training. Kettlebells are currently used by the Russian Military, United States Secret Service, and the FBI Counter Assault Team, to name a few, to train in ballistic style high endurance movements for strength and conditioning.

Though they have been a popular training tool in Russia for centuries, it has only been recently that they have become a more accepted and desirable strength training tool for the general population in the United States. The main draw of the Kettlebell is not necessarily the Kettlebell itself but rather the style of training typically done with it.

The majority of movements done with a Kettlebell are high intensity ballistic style movements, meaning they are quick and jerky motions designed to challenge both maximum strength and endurance at the same time. The exercises often focus on multiple large muscle groups at the same time, giving them the ability to challenge aerobic or anaerobic endurance, as well as strength and coordination, all while burning very high amounts of calories in a small amount of time.

This Full Length Kettlebell Workout Video goes through a few intermediate and advanced movements that will burn maximum calories in a minimum amount of time. If you are new to these types of motions be sure to take your time and make sure you have the exercise form correct before you progress in weight and speed.

There are three rounds to this routine but we suggest starting with one and building up from there. This routine can easily burn 12 to 16 calories a minute depending on the size of the person and the amount of weight used so be ready to feel out of breath with some of these motions. The following goes into more detail on each exercise.

WARNING: Start with very light weight and master the form for each motion before progressing to a heaver Kettlebell, as these motions are generally more dangerous than typical exercises. The weights given below are just examples and not a suggestion of what should be used by you or anyone else doing this routine.

Figure 8 Curl: (40lb-18.1kg) This more advanced version of a Figure 8 incorporates a curl and hold for extra work through the legs (for momentum) and the arms to get even more calorie burn and cardiovascular effort.

Halo: (25lb-11.3kg) This motion hits the core, biceps, and triceps for stability but primarily focuses on the shoulder complex and its range of motion.

Single Arm Swing: (30lb-13.6kg) This ballistic swing targets the legs, butt, lower and upper back, and the shoulders. This is a high calorie burner and great for toning when done with high repetitions.

Cross Crunch: (20lb-9.1kg) Though not one of the heavy hitters as far as calorie burn, this exercise does a good job in strengthening and toning the abdominals and obliques.

Single Arm Snatch and Press: (40lb-18.1kg) This is a great example of a ballistic styles move that incorporates almost the entire body and burns maximum calories.

Turkish Get Up: (25lb-11.3kg) This advanced exercise is not only another heavy hitter when it comes to calorie burn but it is also an amazing challenge for combining coordination and strength.

Squat Jerk: (40lb-18kg) This move utilizes the legs, butt, shoulders, and traps, for a great easy Kettlebell move.

Full Swing: (30lb-13.6kg) This motion is easily the “poster child” for Kettlebell training, integrating almost the entire body and burning massive amount of calories. Just be careful as this motion, if not done properly, can easily injure your lower back and shoulders.

In this video we are actually not using a traditional Kettlebell but instead we use an adjustable Kettleblock. We use this piece of equipment to save space and money (it takes the place of 8 individual Kettlebells).


clover 94

03/19/15 12:31pm

So painful!
I had to have a break after the first round, but I was pleased to make it to the end. I subbed the Turkish get ups for something completely different, because I'm never sure exactly how my form should be. But pushed myself really hard through the rest of it. It's such a different feeling to regular cardio/HIIT or strength training. I've done some kettlebell workouts here before but not for a while. Think I'm getting slowly addicted again. :) x


01/03/15 12:38pm

How much weight is he using I the video?


11/21/14 7:46am

I always do the new workouts, because i like the new format, they are updated with calorie burn tools and overall just updated, however I have been doing some of the older workouts lately. This one was amazing!! I am female, nearly 30 and i used 20-25 lbs for everything except the get-ups, i used 10 lbs. This workout is amazing


08/25/14 12:25am

Excellent work out! Really gets my heart rate up - Thank you!!


08/14/14 8:55am

I do this workout every week. I try to vary my workouts and I LOVE this one. Its challenging and a high calorie burner. I started with a 10 lb kb and now I am up to 20 lb the whole way through. I use dumbbells also since I only have one 10 lb kettlebell. I love this one though! I can't wait to work up to heavier weight... :)


07/12/14 5:20am

I was searching for a total body kettlebell workout when I "stumbled" upon your site. I immediatly liked the concept you two put in place, I've been working out mainly at home since my daughter was born (before that I went to the gym) and I just purchased a kettlebell to include in my weekly strength workout routine... Browsing through the other videos I was surprised to see the amount of videos for different types of excercises... I can fairly say that for my other excercises I'm going to refer to your videos and explanations which I find very well explained... Keep up the good work...
Gust 38 years from Belgium


05/26/14 2:53pm

After I completed this workout I realized I never did a warm up. Should I run a mile or do some other cardio before I do this workout? I am new to kettlebell workouts.


05/23/14 10:20am

Daniel, Great Workout I took some breaks but made it to round three.
I'm very proud of myself 40 minutes well spent.


03/09/14 3:53pm

we want more :)


03/05/14 9:30pm

I love the calorie burning + strength building aspect of kettle bell workouts! Keep 'em coming!


03/01/14 10:54am

That was awesome. Thanks


01/04/14 2:51pm

This is definitely a great workout. Can this be done safely on consecutive days?
Your website is amazing!


12/06/13 5:15am

This is one of the workouts i will do several times, because it is so awesome. Thank you guys! :)


12/03/13 6:40am

This is a great workout, but there were FIVE commercials! Seems like an awful lot!


11/18/13 1:40am

This is one of the most great workouts. Thanks


10/18/13 2:45am

Awesome. It's unfortunate that I just barely found this site, real cool. I bought my first KB today (43 lbs.) which wasn't too fun on this one. I definitely didn't do 100% of the reps. It took many tries to get the TGU down, it wasn't a pretty site. I almost went flying across the garage. Awesome vid! Thanks a lot!


08/22/13 3:14pm

WOW this was an amazing workout I am covered in sweat. It would be really great if you guys could make more kettlebell routines like this one! Keep up the good work :)


08/10/13 11:13am

Wow great workout! Im a 190lb woman looking to shed fat and build muscle. I just did the entire workout with my 20lb bell, except the TGU -I had to use a 8lb dumbbell. I am SWEATY!! Love your workouts, and I am so glad I found this amazing website! Thank you Kellie and Daniel!


07/18/13 7:23pm

I thought I was the only one who hated the Turkish get ups. I ran out of time while doing this workout so I had to pick one exercise to skip- and I chose the Turkish get ups. I'm not very proud of it. Lol. I'm glad to know there is a modified version. But I will try my best next time to do them. I used a really light weight when I tried it.


06/17/13 8:00am

I prefer to do turkish get-ups slow & steady because I always want to opt for the heaviest bell I've got (24 kg). I tend to view them as more a pure strength and coordination exercise than a big calorie burner. Then again, the first time I tried to do one with a 17-lb adjustable kb 2 years ago it was a miserable, horrible failure so I'd say it's the kb exercise for which I have the most respect.


04/24/13 9:25pm

In response to if there's anything to do in lieu of the Turkish Get-Ups, you can do half get-ups. I was taught a different technique than used here. Lie flat on your back with the weight in your right hand over your right shoulder. Have your right leg out straight, and your left knee up. Without using your left hand to push up, roll up, pushing the weight across your body to the left (ever keeping the weight above your shoulder) while rolling your left knee out to the side so your left outer thigh and calf rest on the ground. Pause at the top, then slowly make a controlled roll back down. That's a Turkish half get-up. To stand up from the rolled up position, you need to slide your left foot just under your right leg (preferably while rolling up). Use your left hand to help push yourself onto your left knee, stand the rest of the way up, go back down to your left knee (keeping your right foot in the same place the whole time), and make sure your left foot is tucked under your right butt cheek. Then roll your left butt cheek down first so you're in the sitting position again; finally roll the rest of the way down. And feel free to do this exercise with no or 1lb weight until you are very comfortable with the motion. If you're not used to it, a regular T get-up will make you sore :) Hope this helps.


03/18/13 6:50pm

I love the kettlebell workouts but really hate the Turkish Get Up - it's super difficult to keep the right form (or even really know what it is), so I'm scared that I'm going to injure myself/drop the weight on my face. Is there an alternative exercise you recommend doing in lieu of the Turkish Get-Ups? I've tried doing shoulder presses during these segments instead.


01/09/13 5:14pm

LOVING THIS>I can even listen to music to pump me up now that I've done this video for a week.
Feel it in EVERY muscle.
Must admit, I can't do the TGU yet though!!
thanks all


08/16/12 1:57pm

i love this kettlebell routine far more than any of the DVDs I have purchased - it burns more calories and I have noticed a big difference in my body - What I love most about Fitness Blender is that is all business - none of this chatty chat. I can play my own background music and the form instruction is top notch! I'm a 5.4 female and have been using a 15lb KB for all the exercises except 10lb for the Turkish Get Up - today I introduced a 25lb for the Snatch N Press, Full Swing and Squat Jerk - wowzers - I feel awesome! I'm off to order a 20lb for the other exercises. Except TGU - that's going to be 10lb for awhile. I wish there were more low impact KB videos like these - I'm not very good with high impact so this particular one is perfect for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

fitness blender

07/02/12 9:57am

@jav - It's in the article above "This routine can easily burn 12 to 16 calories a minute depending on the size of the person and the amount of weight used "


07/01/12 8:41pm

the video say you can find the calorie count by visting the website, anyone know where i can find a range?


06/12/12 1:38pm

i did this today and i am still feeling the effects of it. by the time i finished the 3rd round i was whooped. i used 8KG, 10KG kettlebell's. very good workout routine. keep up the excellent work.


05/28/12 11:40am

I did this one the first time today all the way through alternating 15lb to 25lb. I am female and it totally kicked my butt. Thank you!


05/01/12 9:37am

I just started this routine. I used a 10 lb kettlebell for all the exercises and it whipped me QUICK! What a workout for sure. Looking forward to more of this with increasing weight to what the routine calls for!

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