Fitness Blender 100 Rep Workout - Fat Burning Total Body Routine


Calorie burn:

500 to 700





Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell, Mat

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

This routine consists of ten exercises, done 25 repetitions at a time, in four rounds. Altogether, this is a roughly 500-700 calorie workout (if you do it twice) that takes about an hour total to complete, though your exact calorie burn & completion time will depend on how fit you are and how quickly you complete all of the reps.

Some of these exercises are not overly difficult, but after 25 repetitions (especially after 4 rounds of 25), your muscles are going to start protesting a bit. Push through it and you will be increasing your cardio threshold, as well as toning your entire body.

There are a number of ways that you can break up this 100 Rep Workout; we recommend that you do half of it (50 reps) at a time, twice daily. The video is roughly half an hour long and only goes through half of the repetitions of the entire routine; if you want to do the full 100 repetitions in one fell swoop, all you need to do is start the video over again.

When you break your exercising regimes up into two separate segments, you are going to end up burning more calories than you would if you did the same amount of activity in one single session.

Another reason why this 100 repetition routine burns so many calories is because of all of the large muscle groups involved.

This routine is easily adaptable to suit any fitness level; do the easiest versions of the exercises if you’re a beginner, and add extra weight if you’re at a more advanced fitness level.

If you can’t quite do 25 of each exercise every round, push yourself to do as many reps as you can. After doing this routine on a regular basis, it shouldn’t be long before you gain strength and cardiovascular endurance and it will become a bit easier.

Make sure that you warm up with at least 5 to 10 minutes of cardio before jumping into these rigorous exercises in order to prevent injury and muscle strains.



03/13/15 1:51pm

Congrats to Fenja for the push-ups :) I have been working out for over a year now and I still can't do more than 20 girly ones at a time (but it's still a progress, I started with less than 5 :))

I have another question though, for Kelli and Daniel if you see this, or anyone else if you noticed the same - that exercise towards the end, bridge plus 'skull crushers' - what could be the reason that I feel pain in the back while doing it?? Did anyone else have the same problem? Maybe I use wrong form but I can't figure out how, it seems pretty easy. Maybe I should focus more exercises on strengthening the back...

I do them separately because of this, one round I do just ordinary bridges and the other I do the thing with the hands without lifting the hips, this way there is no pain.


02/16/15 5:28pm

I was breathing and sweating, but I'm not entirely sure it averages to a calorie a minute? That's like....running at 6mph. If it is burning that much, then that's swell! Otherwise, it seems like a basic toning video


01/19/15 10:57am

I'm dead


01/02/15 4:14pm

I'm 20yrs old, weigh 58kg/ 127 pounds. 165cm tall, and my BMI is 21. Do you know how many calories I would burn during this video? Sorry I do not see the calculator. Thank you.


10/24/14 1:16pm

This was definitely hard, but I didn't find myself sweating as much as I would have liked that an indicator that I didn't burn a lot of calories?


10/14/14 1:01pm

Thank you for all your wonderful videos. I have seen the best results from using your routines than with other workout videos! I'm a mom of 2, and with fitness blender, I have managed to go back to pre baby weight in just 8 months. Thank you once again!


06/04/14 8:20am

Hi everyone! I'm a 32 year old mom of 3 girls and I go to college as well, so I am ALWAYS busy! When I was younger, I never had to workout consistently to stay in shape. Boy, those were the days! However, when I had my youngest daughter at age 30, I had gained more baby weight than I ever did with my first two and it didn't come right off as it had before. I got serious about my food and exercise and dropped the extra weight in a couple months. I was so proud of myself! Fast-forward a bit to starting college and having 3 kids to care for and as you can probably imagine, I totally slacked off on my health and fitness. I didn't gain a ton of weight, about 10 lbs or so, but I didn't like it at all and I didn't feel great like I did when being health-conscious. Now that my summer break is here, I've gotten back into working out and logging my food and exercise on myfitnesspal (which I LOVE, it's so helpful!) and I'm already looking and feeling so much better after just a couple weeks! Which leads me to fitness blender...I discovered this site while snooping around the web for new and varied routines--I love this site!!! I have been telling my friends about it and I'm on here every day, either doing the different routines or just checking out which ones I plan to do in the future. I have also been choosing new recipes to try, and I really enjoy reading others' posts as well. I just can't tell you guys how happy I am to have found this site, it is and will continue to be my go-to place for everything I need to keep going on my path to my best personal self. And when my crazy fall semester comes up in a couple months, I'm going to stick with my plan of working out 4 days a week and eating well, it will help me feel amazing and keep up with my girls, my schoolwork, housework, you name it! I know this is a long post but I just had to tell everyone how much I love fitness blender. You're tops, baby!


03/26/14 5:04am

Did I mention that I love you?
It feels so good to be able to do all four rounds of 25 push-ups from my toes and all the side hip raises with my legs stretched out ... I could not have dreamt of that a year ago. I was just one of those women who couldn't do proper push-ups – women aren't supposed to, you know. ;-) At least not more than three or four. And then it was ten ... and then, oops, it was twenty-five, four times through.
Usually I do the second half later in the day, as recommended, but today I have some other physical activity in the evening, so I got done with this one in the morning. What a great way to start a day.


02/28/14 6:25pm

can I do a hiit workout or go jogging for 20 minutes before this workout?


12/21/14 6:04pm

I think this workout twice a day is enough without any extras


02/26/14 11:39pm

Im curious. If I sdd weight to these moves will I simply come in on the higher end of the calorie burn for this routein or is it possible to burn 500-600 calories with weights and pushing hard once through?


02/26/14 11:33pm

I must try this!!!


02/13/14 10:42am

Thank you!
I love this type of video- I have been using your videos for 1+ years now and lovin it. I would love to see more cardo combo videos. I really don't like cardo but when you guys switch it up with core exercises or Pilates or .... I love it. Plus more kick boxing please!! And my last request is more 25 min videos. I have two young kiddos and 25 mins plus one of your warm up and cool downs is all the time I have. Thank you so much for your time invested in these videos!!!!


01/07/14 9:27am

Love this workout, do you have any more like this? if not please make some more, I"m so loving this workout.


10/18/13 7:23am

I'm on the 19th day of your 8 week fat lost program and I was suprised how much my core has improved while doing the program, and the mountain climbers were actually easy this time around. Thank you guys, you are the best!!!


10/17/13 4:19pm

What are the 10 exercises used for this video?


12/21/14 6:02pm

push ups
reverse fly
dumbbell raises
crisscross crunches
back bows
squat + side leg raise
side hip raises
bridge + skull crusher
mountain climbers


07/31/13 3:14am

Hey guys. I am a year 12 student and i weigh 75 kg. my height is 168cm and i have a pear shaped body. Its utterly horrible since i am always conscious about how i look and i can't even wear my favourite clothes as my waist and butt area look obviously big in it. i really really want to get down to 60kg in the next 1 year before i start university. Please help. I tried doing a combination of your workouts and lost 2kg for a start and then once i stopped working out since my year 12 exams have started, i gained 3kg to 75 now. i was in diet and when i switched to eating regularly i gain weight. i usually have just fruits or salads for dinner but once when i had some tortillas i put on 1kg the next day. what should i do? would you recommend me some specific workouts from your websites? where am i making the mistakes? Thanks guys.


02/19/14 8:24pm

That's the same height and weight as me. I'm doing the 8 week program and it's awesome. I'm halfway through and my waist is slimmer and I've definitely firmed up a lot. I've not changed my diet, but still seen results. I recommend it. Do you really want to lose a full 15 kg? That's a lot. For someone your height 10kg sounds more sensible. Good luck!


06/26/13 1:22am

Your videos are great. Just one question: I've been doing really light weight training for the past 3 weeks, then I moved on to this routine. I'm trying to gradually gain strength and tone up rather than lose weight as I am already a bit underweight. After two days, I feel quite sore and stiff. Should I keep doing this routine or go for something lighter? (I'm a girl btw) Cheers!

fitness blender

06/26/13 11:30am

qwo - you should never do the same workout day after day especially with strength training. Take at least a full day break between muscle groups when strength training and don't do a strength training workout on already sore muscles, give them time to recover.


05/22/13 4:51am

I love this! I wasn't super over weight- about 15 pounds- and have been doing this for a few weeks. I've lost five pounds! And I can tell I've built muscle. Is there any way to download this video so I can watch it offline? Thanks so much


05/16/13 9:34am

so if i do this only once rather than twice a day do i burn 250-350 calories???


09/29/13 6:09pm

In the description is says.... "Altogether, this is a roughly 500-700 calorie workout (if you do it twice)". To me it means that if you do the video once, it's 250-350 calories.

I've been Fitness Blender for a few months now and I've never felt better!

Thank you very, very much. This world needs more people like you :-)


06/07/13 9:10am

Im wondering this as well!!


04/28/13 3:41pm

I am a 41 yr old female. Approximatley how many calories can I lose doing this workout? Boy do I sweat by the time I am done this workout!! Awesome!!!


12/21/14 5:58pm

Its 500-700 calories


04/02/13 8:21am

Did this workout this morning, I chose to do it 2X because I just can't seem to work out once I get home for the day. But this was a goodie :D At first it seems pretty innocent but by the time you're at the end, whoa. Thanks for another interesting workout!


10/01/12 7:48am

I absolutely love this work-out!! I'm trying to lose 30lbs so I'm on this site everyday. I do this one twice a day, 2 times a week along with more of your great videos on other days. So doing just the 25 minutes you have here equals to half of your calorie burn estimate right? I get the full estimate when I repeat it later, correct? Also I can't find the link to purchase the 8week plan, so how do I get that?

fitness blender

07/18/12 11:41pm

@oli_5072 - There is a calorie estimation @ the beginning of the article, being 50kg you would be at the lower end of the quoted range above.


07/14/12 4:49am

how many calories does this workout burn for a 50 kg woman?

fitness blender

07/03/12 3:47pm

@tmally_ma3ak That's just fine, it sounds like a good modification for you - try to depend less & less on the sofa so that your balance will improve as you go.

@Yanie - Don't do the same workout over & over again. You can workout 5-6 days a week if you like but use a combo of our workout videos, not just one.


07/02/12 9:59pm

i want to burn my body fat fast, so how many times per week recommended?


12/21/14 5:58pm

Since it's a recommended 2 times per day, including your rest day you should do this about 12 times per week

05/25/12 11:49am

when i do that alternating lunges i use the sofa for support ( i hold the sofa with one hand to help me balance ) i was wondering if i do that will it still be effective ?

fitness blender

04/10/12 10:43am

Chilifritos - Congrats on losing 10 lbs and toning up. Now just keep it up, stay consistent and keep mixing and matching our routines and you will just feel better and stronger all the time.


04/09/12 1:37pm

I'm 51 yrs old and on feb 28th I weigh 245 now on april 8th I weigh 235 and my belly and sides have gone down quite a bit ..just finished the first half of this routine and boy i'm sweating but I fill good ...I have done some of your cardio routines geared for the beginner and they have been awesome and I'm really motivated to do them when I get home from work thank you so much Fitness Blender for all you routines


12/26/11 12:17am

I am so excited to have found this site! I am 50 and just lost 60 lbs. I NEVER exercise but after loosing so much weight I really need to exercise. I'm going to try this routine tomorrow morning. I can't wait.


11/28/11 5:46am

I did this video this morning 2x straight and it was not easy, wow. My muscles were burning and my heart was just pumping seriously. I loved it.
Thank you fitness Blender group for your good work.

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