Fat Burning Cardio Workout for Butt and Thighs with Yoga Cool Down


Calorie burn:

196 to 312





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Plyometric, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Our AB AB interval workout structure is back by popular demand, brought to you with the intention of burning off a great deal of calories and making your muscles burn like crazy.

All of the bodyweight exercises in this cardio workout are ones that call heavily upon the butt and thigh muscles - many of them are plyometric, which makes them great for shaping the lower body; lifting and rounding out the butt and defining the thighs and calves. Push every ounce of your strength and energy into these intervals and you're going to end up swimming in sweat and earning the satisfaction of some sore glute and thigh muscles the next day. I was definitely sore after this workout!  

Workout Structure
12 Exercises
40 Seconds Active, 15 Seconds Active Rest
AB AB Format
Yoga Cool Down & Stretch
Independent Warm Up
No equipment necessary; dumbbells optional

Fat Burning Cardio Workout - Exercises in this Routine

A: Side Lunge Jacks
B: Walkdown Plank + Jump Squats or Thigh Slap Jumps

A: Surfer Burpees
B: 3 Shuffles + Floor Touch

A: High Plank Row + Side Star
B: 5 Pulse Jump Squats

A: Runner Singles
B: Lateral Jumps + Knees

A: 4 Uppercuts + 2 Hooks + 2 Ducks
B: Scissor Jacks

A: Push Ups
B: Long Jumps + 2 Jacks

There are many ways to make this workout more or less difficult to make it meet your needs. We show several different variations throughout the video of simple modifications that can help make an interval more challenging, and you can also hold onto weights while doing many of these moves to help bump up both the burn and the body shaping benefits. Instead of doing a half push up, switch to a full push up for as long as you can; keep your butt low to the ground during the side shuffles, etc. You can also make the routine easier by doing the reps more slowly, taking out the plyometric jumps (for example, doing a regular squat at the top of the walkdown plank instead of a jump squat or thigh slap jump). Do what you need to to make it work for you; just keep the focus on proper form.

We haven't included a warm up so make sure that you do one on your own, or pick one from our many different warm up cardio videos. Once you're finished with the relatively brutal lower body and cardio workout, you'll be rewarded with a yoga cool down and stretch.

You can do this workout 3-4 times a week, making sure to give muscles extra time to heal if they are sore from your last workout.



02/18/15 9:11pm

workout done it feels great


11/30/14 5:12pm

This is perfect after a long strength session to really kill your legs. After 45 mins of heavy lifting, even the jumping jacks burn like crazy! Still one of my favorite workouts, thanks D&K!


10/27/14 5:48pm

Well, this workout has been saved to my favorites since like -- forever --- and I finally got down with it this morning. I loved it! Been doing a lot of the recent added blends and other tabata and HIIT. I like this format. Definitely not waiting forever to do it again!


10/08/14 9:08pm

hi i need to ask you if this workout really slim thighs? thanks :)


05/25/14 3:19pm



10/08/14 9:18pm

does your thighs get slimmer too?


04/22/14 10:46am

Hey fitnessblender! First of all, I gotta tell u! U both are absolutely awesome! I just love your workouts. I just have one doubt for you. I really want to decrease my butt and thigh size. So these exercises stating 'butt and thigh workouts' decrease it? Or increase it? Pls help me out! I really don't want to increase even a cm circumference!


03/25/14 5:51pm

Hello I have a question, is this a good workout for losing weight without gaining muscle? If it's not can you tell me what workout videos I should follow?


02/08/14 12:10pm

loved this AB AB is my favourite :D


01/30/14 1:51pm

how do i add to my favorites? i dont see the button for that


01/11/14 11:05am

Great workout. Did after a lower body weights session and had a sugar crash midway through so make sure you're prepared! Loved the cool down too.


01/03/14 9:22pm

Wonderful workout! A lot of sweat packed into a half an hour! Thanks so much!


12/30/13 4:40pm

Sweated like a rockstar. Loooved the Yoga Cool Down.


11/27/13 1:13am

Hi I am about to travel to a remote area for 3 weeks and am wondering if I can download this and other workouts onto my laptop since I won't have internet. Can anyone advise how to do this? thanks

fitness blender

12/02/13 11:04am

Hello Jessie,

Currently the new YouTube app allows you to save videos so you can play them for up to 48 hours without an internet connection. I know this does not help you with the rest of your time away from a connection but this is the best option we have currently as down loading our videos using a 3rd party program is not only technically illegal but it also takes money out of our pocket to keep this site free, and upgrade site services, film new videos etc.

I under stand your desire to use our videos off line and we are looking into options but for now I can only ask that you please don't down load our content as some suggest. Thank you.


12/01/13 6:47pm

try youtube downloader...


11/12/13 11:33am

Yet another great workout! I was wondering if this is could be part of a cross training regiment for runners? I had runners knee and want to get back on track to train for a half marathon, perhaps you can develop a program like your fat loss programs for such an endeavor? Thanks!


10/29/13 3:40pm

The coaching on these videos is really great! It helps me push so much harder than if I was doing the same list of exercises on my own.


10/29/13 1:40pm



10/11/13 12:57am

Hey Fitness blender ! :) I really love your workouts and stuff. But after I do this workout, my calves and ankles hurt a lot and I have trouble walking. It remains that way for a WEEK or so. Can you please help? :O


11/08/13 9:16pm

Thanks Becky :) I'm 15 and I've been doing these for quite some time. Maybe it is because my body isnt used to this I guess. Comfrey helped a lot.


10/29/13 3:42pm

I had the same problem when I first started! I've been massaging my muscles with a comfrey or arnica based salve at night, and that has helped some. I've also found working out again, even if you're still sore helps flush out the soreness.


10/04/13 2:35am

will dis exercise reduce the fat from butt and thigh


10/03/13 9:10am

Just did this workout! Awesome, will do again! Thank you!


09/24/13 4:28am

I tried your few videos and they are simply awesome..my problem area is my lower half.Can you suggest me appropriate workout for it.


09/24/13 4:25am

How to choose correct workout. My problem area is my lower part.


09/15/13 2:42pm

this one seriously hurt in the best possible way. thanks fitness blender for making sure my legs stay in shape, haha!


09/11/13 12:16pm

just done a work out on youtube! All i can say is Awesome! I went straight to your website to sign up. :) I work out 3x week at the gym, sometimes I don't want to drive to the gym. Now I got this! I cannot wait to do Fat Burning Cardio Workout for Butt and Thighs with Yoga Cool Down tomorrow! Great work :)


09/07/13 2:55pm

Thank you for another great workout..god I hate burpees..even 80 seconds of them! lol! I did Daniel's 37 min kickboxing routine 2 days ago and am still feeling it, but I made it through this and am so glad! ;)


09/04/13 3:52pm

I love your routines for lower body and abs, I usually combine them with weightlifting but after seeing how Kelly's body have change, I'm wondering if I could do the program without losing weight. She looks awesome. Does she do weights too? Or just the program? And good nutrition of course :D


09/04/13 9:14am

Great workout! Thanks!


09/04/13 6:31am

Loved it! Another awesome workout guys! Thanks so much!


09/03/13 11:33pm

Hello kelli & daniel..i have a question..what can i subsitute for the pushups? I cant do a full pushup or girl pushups..im pretty bad at both


09/07/13 2:53pm

Keep trying the modified one..even if you can only do a few at a time you WILL get better I promise!!


09/03/13 6:47pm

It's not working for me. I'm hoping it is because a lot of people are currently playing it? I've tried about 6 times and it won't play but all of your other videos are playing :(


09/03/13 5:34pm

Awesome workout, again! I did it as a conclusion to my weight loss training session today ( more than necessary after the beerfest last weekend :p) and I sweat like I deserved it! Thanks for the variety and good ideas; you two are really inspiring :)


09/03/13 3:01pm

I've been doing your booty workout, can I do this one and the booty one right after one another? Or should be saved for separate days? Thanks!


09/03/13 1:53pm

Thank you guys, I love this one, I'm absolutely addicted to your workouts!!

fitness blender

09/03/13 1:58pm

Thank you! Great thing to be addicted to!


09/03/13 12:16pm

Can ya'll do more workouts for the lower and upper back! Please and I love all your workout keep up the good work!

fitness blender

09/03/13 1:58pm

Sure! Thank you :)

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