Challenging Exercise Ball Ab Workout


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85 to 122





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Workout Details

This challenging abs workout video falls just under 13 minutes in length and uses only an exercise ball or physioball. There are six different exercises, and you will be doing between 10 – 14 repetitions of each, and a total of two rounds through the entire routine.

This workout challenges muscles more than a regular abdominal routine because of the extra demand on the core muscles necessary to stabilize on the exercise ball.

A lot of the exercises in this abs video are really very challenging and should only be attempted by individuals who have a good amount of baseline strength (particularly in the core) and who are familiar with the unsteadiness of a physioball.

We estimate that this routine burns 85-122 calories.

About each of the exercises:
Physioball Pike – This requires both strength & flexibility, so don’t attempt this one if you are new to working out. This exercise ends up being a great total body exercise as all of the muscle groups have to pull together to complete the motion.

Ball Crunch – The basic crunch with a twist; the upward squeeze of the lower body in conjunction with the crunch helps to engage the lower abdominals, as well as the upper motion.

Ab Rollouts – The difficulty of this move can be manipulated by adjusting the placement of your upper body on the physioball. For example, if you want to make it harder, set the ball closer to your wrists; to make it easier, place it closer to the elbows (while in the starting position, before you begin to rollout). Make sure to keep a straight line in your back throughout this exercise.

Jackknife Crunch – This is the same motion of the traditional Jackknife Crunch, except for that you are passing the ball back and forth between hands and feet. If this is too difficult, you can do the motion without the ball. With the ball, this ends up being a good exercise for the inner thighs, as well.

Plank Rotation Kicks – This one targets the entire core, and also engages the thighs to complete the rotating kicks.

Hyperextension Crunch – A basic crunch with additional range of motion, it can be helpful to have something to place on your feet as an anchor while you complete this move. Focus on really squeezing at the top of the motion and never really letting your muscles relax until you are finished with all of the repetitions.

If you don’t have an exercise ball it is definitely something that you should consider adding to your home gym equipment. It is extremely versatile and can facilitate a large variety of exercises – for far more than just the abdominals. It allows for an increased range of motion, can be used to strengthen just about any muscle group, and is great for different back stretches, as well. Check out Fitness Blender’s Store in order to find a few physioball brands that we have found to be reliable & of high quality.

A toned, defined stomach is often at the top of the list of most people’s fitness wish list, however, it is frequently one of the hardest goals to reach.

A large part of the reason why people often fall short of their “six pack abs” aspirations is that they don’t realize how important a healthy diet is to reaching that end goal.

If you want defined abs, you’ve got to lower your body fat percentage through ample cardio, strength training, and clean eating. That means fresh, non-processed foods make up the bulk of your diet. Check out Fitness Blender's recipes for ideas on clean eating recipes.



03/30/15 9:42am

man! this one is hard. more of these type exercise for me then


10/18/14 12:21pm

Paired this with your Total Body Barre Workout for a nice low-impact recovery day! Thank you for all you do!


06/09/14 11:00pm

Yeow! This is the first workout that I could not do properly. Is there a way to practice better balance with a ball before attempting those pikes and rotating planks? Maybe static planks? Because I couldn't move out of plank position with that ball when it came to those moves, haha.


02/07/14 6:38am

Ummm, ouch! For now those roll outs are from my knees, and by the time we got to the plank rotation kicks, feet on the floor was burning badly enough. I'll try elevated from a bench next time until I can master them on a ball. Bootcamp instructor here, and this workout is definitely a keeper. Loved the intensity; great finisher!


12/23/13 8:05pm

I read the description and how difficult this workout is and how no one should attempt it unless they already have a strong core. I thought to myself "my core is strong. I have abs. I got this." and boy how wrong was I! I most certainly do NOT got this! I got about halfway (barely being able to pull off perfect form for any set) before I had to throw in the towel. but I have to say, this makes me excited for the day I actually do got this. I know what I'll be striving for!


10/26/13 5:00pm

Hi. I love all your workouts, you guys are amazing! I just bought a physioball and tried doing some of your videos. However, when using it I often fell like I have vertigo and nausea. I think the reason is I found it hard to keep the balance. Is this something that gets better with time?


08/20/13 3:15pm

I love this workout. Its a great balance between stable/unstable movements, full range of core motion, balance, and even a small amount of arm strength. For a full workout, this routine twice in a row is excellent + a few miles outside is fantastic.


12/23/12 4:46am

Good core challenge do you still do sport specific workouts I.e. golf


12/05/12 12:01am

can i substitute physioball with chair/bench for plank rotation kick? this is the only one that i can't do at all. truly difficult !


01/31/14 11:17pm

For me it's the rollouts- Right now I have to keep the ball on my elbows and stiill can't roll out all the way! :/ Oh well, I've only done this 3 or 4 times.


11/17/12 1:35pm

This is the first ab workout I've ever attempted that I was literally unable to do. Those pikes!


10/09/14 10:24am

keep on keeping on, i couldnt when i first started..........


08/25/12 2:25pm

I'm always searching for more and more intense ab workouts- don't think any video has made me swear so much before! Thank you for this very innovative and interesting routine!!!

fitness blender

08/12/12 11:30am

@ han It is always a good idea to start easy and work up if you are not used to the exercises or intensity. If you push to hard to soon you can actually cause damage which will end up slowing you down. So take your time a do less if you need to.


08/11/12 3:47pm

challenging being a sight understatement...! Is the best way to get stronger abs to do less challenging workouts and progress up or to keep at this? thanks

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