Butt and Thigh Workout for a Bigger Butt - Workout for a Round Butt and Toned Legs


Calorie burn:

110 to 220





Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell, No Equipment

Workout type:

Strength Training, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

The last time we put the phrase “for a bigger butt” into the title of one of our workouts, it caused a serious uproar; “why would I want a bigger butt?”, and “Are you kidding me, I am trying to shrink this thing!” being two of the most popular lines we heard.

We hear you, but here’s the real deal; the glutes (there are three muscles that make up the bum) are muscles – heavy ones. If you don’t go out of your way to work them, they are muscles that tend to happily respond to the call of gravity, sagging down the back of your legs and becoming soft and shapeless with inactivity.

A workout for a bigger butt, like this one, doesn’t necessarily mean that your booty is going to expand in size exponentially and uncontrollably; it means that it’s going to become better shaped – lifted, rounder, more firm. It won’t take up more space width wise, though you may notice that your butt starts to become more shapely, that your profile becomes more curvy looking, or, to be brief, that you start to get more of a “bubble butt”, if you do this routine regularly.

Workout Structure
5 Groups of Exercises
2 Exercises per Group done in an AB, AB format
10 Reps per Exercise
No Warm Up; Cool Down & Stretch is included

We are using weights in this video to bump up the calorie burn of the routine, and to get the most benefit in building muscle and shaping the lower body. Even if you don’t have any kind of equipment available to use, you can do this butt lifting workout without weights and still get in a good workout.

Exercises in this routine
Dead Lifts
Squats (More advanced: Single Leg Drops or Single Leg Squats)

Reverse Long Lunges
Ski Squats

Sumo Squats
Cross Over Lunges

Squat Jumps
(20) Power Skips

Prone Bent Leg Raise Pulses
Bridges (More Advanced: Single Leg Bridges)

Because we’re both in this workout video, it gives us the advantage of being able to show you easy/beginner and more difficult/advanced variations on some of the exercises. Make sure and choose the version that you can do without sacrificing form. Remember that at any point, if your form starts to suffer it is completely okay to drop the amount of weight that you are lifting (or drop it altogether if you need to).

We estimate that this lower body strength training workout video burns anywhere from 5-10 calories per minute, with the wide window of variance being due to the fluctuation that will occur when variables are considered such as amount of weight being lifted, and body weight.

How often can I do this butt and thigh workout?
We recommend that you do this routine with enough weight that you will be sore the next day. With leg muscles sore the following day, they will need rest; at least 24-48 hours. Remember, even if you love this particular workout video, you’re going to want to mix it up; we have over 100 free workout videos (well over 200 total) that focus on this specific body part and new ones are added almost every day of the week. Keep your training fresh and maximally effective by mixing your routine up often.

Both genders take note: this is a butt workout for women and men, as you can tell by both Daniel and Kelli appearing in this video. In all reality, there is no such thing as a male or female workout.



04/16/15 2:47pm

Another awesome workout! Tho the gym and a bike ride this eve after doing this workout this morning killed my glutes lol. It certainly does what it says on the tin haha.


03/07/15 1:58pm

my knees start to hurt after doing this type of exercise specially when i do lunges and i'm only using water bottles ,,,,,, is this normal ???????? plz respond


02/01/15 2:51pm

I did it. I'm sweating like crazy - these workouts really work. I've noticed a diffrence in my body and I feel much stronger. My butt has gotten more shapely and my arms are'nt very flabby. Thanks for all these awesome workout videos.


01/19/15 6:58pm

Man that was tough. I could only do the first half so I should probably work on my legs a bit more. I didnt feel it initially but when I took a smal break all the pain just set in. No pain no gain though, I'll get it next time.


09/26/14 8:17am

I WANT a bigger butt...lol


08/20/14 11:24am

I agree that giving "bigger butt" workouts a chance is a good thing. I needed to loose pounds and inches and found that even the "bigger butt" routines are extremely beneficial. I've seen a major change in the tone of my glutes after weight training with FB. I mean, would you rather have a puffy butt or a muscular round butt? There's a big difference. Also, I love their advice about doubling up the reps and keeping the weight a little lower to achieve tone rather han mass. Lots of good advice on here. As always, thank you Kelli and Daniel!


08/02/14 8:19am

It's the day after and oh boy are my quads and glutes sore! I love love love this workout! I did it with one of your pilates workouts for glutes and your cardio calf workout and I am SOOOORRRREEE. Thank you guys so much for all you do!


07/18/14 3:03pm


*I have been exercising this summer and noticed that while I have been exercising to obtain a smaller waist and flat stomach and increase the size of my legs and butt, my right leg is bigger than my left leg (in size). How do I make both of my legs the same size?


07/18/14 3:02pm

I have been exercising this summer and noticed that while I have been exercising to obtain a smaller waist and flat stomach and increase the size of my legs and butt, my right leg is bigger than my left leg (in size). How do I make both of my legs the same size.


06/22/14 11:30pm

Group 4 and those prone bent leg raise pulses killed me. It's been 2 weeks since I did this workout for the first time but I'm so glad I pushed myself harder today.


03/22/14 3:52am

I love having a big butt So please make a lot of new videos this year. another one like this, a new build a booty, round 2 of kelli.s booty workout, bootyworkout with kettlebell, a new pilates butt and thigh video and more squat challenges.


03/03/14 12:22pm

Hey! I definitely want a bigger butt. Upon reading your description, I'm curious which workouts are the best?


11/26/13 3:14am

Loved this one!


10/18/13 12:36pm

Love bigger but workous ;)


08/17/13 7:57am

i would like to hova a bigger but as to add more curvy shape to my body, thank you guys for your amazing videos !


07/31/13 9:31pm

This workout is amazing! Keep up the good work.


07/17/13 12:26am

Hi guys! I am 168cm and weigh 74kg and have a pear shaped body. I really want to get down to 60kg by the end of this year.Are there any specific workouts that you can suggest for me? plsss reply. Thank you.


07/16/13 12:26pm

I think fitness blender should have a full strength training PROGRAM :)

I love this video, my legs are sore for days afterwards, I've been doing it for a couple weeks now and my legs are already getting stronger!


01/29/14 11:09pm

Agreed!!! :D


01/08/14 6:42pm

I FULLY agree with you! Fitness blender should so do a strength training program for those who dont really want to lose weight but want to build lean muscle and tone and strengthen the muscles :)


03/24/13 1:33pm

which workout will target building muscle on your butt area more, this workout or the 35 minute Brazilian butt workout


03/21/13 4:01pm

Is it wrong that when I do the squats/lunges, there is a lot of pressure on my knees? I don't think this is supposed to be the case. What am I doing wrong? Hope you can reply! Thanks!


07/02/13 5:21pm

Try pushing more of your weight into your heels instead of you toes. Also, you can practice doing squats with a chair while keeping your toes lifted to see if this helps. That way your aren't going to far down and you can get a feel for the weight distribution.


03/20/13 4:01pm

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know I love the Brazilian butt and "bigger butt" workouts. Not everyone wants a small butt. Being fit and curvy is where it's at!


03/17/13 2:39pm

Thank you so much or this workout, big, shapely butts are the in thing in the Caribbean


03/15/13 12:59am

Hi! I had some questions:
What type of workouts do you think would be the best for weight loss and toning? I currently use your cardio videos (a different one everyday) once a day coupled with different workouts. I can get really skinny from cardio, but still be flabby without any definition- especially my arms. I did an arm workout two days ago and it still hurts to go all the way down when attempting a pushup. Would you say that I should do cardio until I get to my ideal weight and then do toning workouts for definition since it would be easier because of less fat? Thank-you!


02/23/14 9:53am

It's actually really important that you do stregth training when trying to lose weight, as muscles burn more fat. If you find the toning and strength training workout too challenging either lower your weight (if you are using dumbbells) or try modifications until you get there :)


05/30/13 9:58am

It´s said under a few videos that you should combine Cardio and stregth workouts. And if you are sore, look for "recovery" workouts. And if you can´t do an exercise because you are too heavy for your arms, like planking exercises (I can´t do them either...) skip them or do another easier one. But keep on trying. You will get there.


03/14/13 3:35pm

Hello guys, I'm a huge fan of your videos, that made me love doing exercises, so thank you very much!
I would like to ask, with what videos must I combine this video? I'm very thin girl (56kg x 170cm), I don't want to lose weight, but I want to give shape to my legs and glutes, and I want to have Kelli's abs!

Hoping for ypur reply !

Dounia B

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