Body Firming HIIT Workout for Beginners - Beginner HIIT Home Workout Routine


Calorie burn:

152 to 252





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

HIIT workouts are known for being wildly intense and wildly effective, but they aren’t notorious for catering to many fitness levels outside of that of the elite.

Fitness Blender’s Beginner HIIT Workout is by no means easy, but it does strive to accommodate those who are not quite ready to tackle those high intensity interval training routines that require full blown, 110%, total body exertion.

For those that are well accustomed to regular cardio, this HIIT video will serve as a great routine to get the heart rate up and the muscles toned. On the other hand, if you are not an avid exerciser, this workout will be a great way to challenge yourself and take your fitness to the next level. This is a great routine for fat burning and muscle toning – an ideal way for a beginner to intermediate level exerciser to get the benefits of a HIIT plan without as much of the jarring impact or extreme, full out exertion periods.

How to do this workout
After a 4-minute cardio warm up, your muscles will be warmed and ready to work. That’s when we jump into the HIIT portion of our routine that engages the upper body, lower body, and core.

Warm Up Exercises
• Crossover Toe Touch Stretch
• Standing Crisscross Crunches
• Torso Rotations
• High Kicks
• Leg Swings, Front to Back

HIIT Exercises
• Jumping Jacks
• Ski Squats + Kicks
• Traveling Push Ups
• Crossover Crunches
• Fingertip to Toe Jacks

Workout Structure:
For the exercises in the highest intensity part of the routine, you will do 20 seconds on, and 10 seconds off, three times through. Then you will move onto the next exercise. After you have gone through all five exercises in the plan, you will get two minutes of active rest.

For the active rest interval, make sure that you keep moving. You can march in place, do jumping jacks, or just pace around the room – just make sure that you don’t sit or lie down.

Once your active rest period is over, you are going to repeat the HIIT exercises once more.

How many calories does this Fitness Blender HIIT workout burn?
One of the biggest factors in how many calories any given program burns is the fitness level of the individual who is doing it – it’s all relative. For example, if you are out of shape, this routine may have you gasping for breath and sweating up a storm (actually it might even do that if you are in fairly good shape!). If you do this workout and find that that is the case for you, you are likely burning a higher number of calories per minute than the avid exerciser who just breezes right through the routine without feeling much of a challenge.

With that said, we estimate that this video burns between 7-12 calories a minute, or 152-252 calories. This number will vary depending on your weight (if you weigh more than 190 pounds you will likely burn more than is given in the estimate above), your gender (men burn up energy at a higher rate), and lean muscle mass.

How often should I do this workout?
This is technically a HIIT routine because of the way that it is structured, but because it is for beginners, the exercises are not remarkably high impact. Because of that, you could do this workout video more often than you would a more typical high intensity interval training routine (three to four times a week, max for traditional versions).

You could use this routine 5-6 days a week, though we do recommend that you choose a combination of other Fitness Blender videos in order to keep your muscles guessing and the workouts maximally effective.



03/17/15 3:10pm



01/21/15 7:38am

OMG tose crisscross crunches are a killer
Love this workout, I'm going to feel it in the morning


10/16/14 6:37pm

I'm a beginner and I couldn't do a second set! Is this normal? Should I be able to complete both sets on the first try?


07/31/14 8:18am

could u guys do more in this style. maybe a level 3. I sweated a lot and i loved the fact i did not need to do burpees or moutainclimbers.


07/22/14 12:29pm

Hi, I'm looking for pretty rapid weight loss. How many times a week should I do this? And will I be able to see a difference in as little as two weeks along with a healthy diet?


07/22/14 12:30pm

I'm 126 lb and looking to lose about 8lb


07/15/14 12:55am

The floorwork gives this workout a great balance in activity! Thank you!


07/07/14 8:16pm

I have just recently started working out again after a ten year break, I love this work out. Kicks my butt, cant wait until I can move on to harder HIIT workouts. :)


07/07/14 12:45pm

I'm so proud of myself! This is the first HIIT exercise I have EVER completed in it's entirety. It's true that this is for beginners, even though I'm about to pass out..... I think I'll be back tomorrow lol.


07/04/14 8:58pm

I bought the 8 weeks round 1 program and did this routine and two days later my calves are so stiff and sore I can barely walk. I am fine when I lay down or sit but once I put any weight on them they get really sore and I cant stand up straight. I tried massaging them and taking muscle relaxers but it doesn't seem to be helping. do you think I did something wrong when I was working out?


07/14/14 1:01pm

Hi, congrats, you just found your weak spot :-) In this case you should warm up more AND stretch more than they say. Like... at least triple it. Find their videos specifically for warm up and stretch or just search youtube for calf warm up and calf stretching. Same for any other body part. I noticed that their warm up and stretching is never enough for me at all, and especially so in terms of back/shoulders/deltoids so I put more attention in that direction.
Note that FB's videos - all of warm-up, exercise and cool-down - are generic and assume general non-issueness. I you have a condition it is your job to educate yourself what to do to alleviate it and what not to do to hurt yourself. I have carpal tunnel so I really take it easy with push ups. I also have weak knees and cracking pelvis so I take the time for a serious warm up for these.
fyi I am a user and a fan of FB, not part of their team. But this is all common sense.


05/19/14 12:08pm


I just finished watching this video and will be doing it this week. However, I need some advices.

I currently weigh 85kg and my height is 155cm. As you can see I'm really overweight and wants to change my lifestyle.

Other than doing the exercises in the video, do I need to combine with other exercise.

Please advice. Thank you!


02/01/14 8:28pm

This was amazing! Just what I needed not feeling that great today but I needed to workout and this wasn't too hard but still challenging enough to make my muscles work and break a good sweat


01/30/14 11:12am

Hi This is my first time in this site . I am a beginner i wanna reduce total body weight and belly fat? how often should i do it
? can u suggest what other workouts i can combine !!! The work out looks great


01/07/14 9:59pm



12/21/13 1:04pm

For the crossover crunches, whenever I put my left leg out and bring in my right leg, there's a popping noise in my left hip. Should I be worried?


01/26/14 1:35pm

You should only be worried if there's pain associated with the popping. You're going to pop occasionally, especially if you're moving joints in a way they're not accustomed to moving.


12/17/13 11:01am



12/12/13 1:45pm

Love the workout but can not figure out how to add to favorites. I saw other comments saying to hit the blue triangle in the video but there is none. I have created a member profile as well.


12/11/13 3:27pm

Okay, this is my first time going through the entire video (I didn't think I was quite there yet the first time I did it) and it is a great workout and well, there's definite room for improvement. I'm on WW so tracking this will take some time, but what matters is how much I burn not so much the points (although it does convert to more food!) Thanks Daniel and Kelli for these workouts!


11/07/13 7:57am

Started with this workout a few weeks ago and now mix it with other level 4 and 5 HIIT routines. I also like this one so much that I modified it to replace the last exercise (fingertip to toe jacks) with pushup burpees and replaced the 2 min rest with jackknife crunches, which I also added to the end of the routine. With those small modifications, and no rest between sets, it feels like more like a level 4. Great workout, leaves me sweating!! Thanks Fitness Blender!


10/07/13 10:57am

I can't get the video off of mute! I need the sound as I am blind! Maybe it is my computer program, but do you have any suggestions? I like this site because most of the workouts have great verbal descriptions which I need since I am blind! Thanks!


09/14/13 9:12am

getting back into working out after a lazy few months. it kicked my butt without killing me. this is my first time using this site after a friend recommended it. i'm officially giving up my gym membership. you guys are amazing!


08/26/13 4:48am

Hi. It's my first time to try out your program. I do not own a bench nor a physioball. Can I just lay on the floor instead? Thanks!


07/21/13 1:04pm

The only issue I had was the second time around traveling push-ups but good workout.


07/18/13 5:00am

This is one great website. Thank you for your effort.


05/30/13 6:10am

Hi. Great workout! Unfortunately, it seems I can't find the 'add to favourites' button :) Help would be appreciated.


07/08/13 8:55am

once you make a free account, you can add any video to your favorites by clicking on the third blue rectangle on the right. it is in the workout graphic under each video.


05/17/13 12:32am

[2013-05-17] Can I add to the pleas for a suggested alternative to push-ups, please? My wrists and shoulders won't support me even for knee/half push-ups due to limited range of motion in my wrists (Rheumatoid Arthritis). I have tried standing push-ups against the wall, but since they don't take any effort, must be doing them wrong, in order to protect my wrists.
Would lying on my back and doing "bench presses" with dumbells be appropriate?
Thanks for all the videos and exercise programmes - I love them and am already noticing differences. I keep spreading the news.


04/10/13 9:08am

I am not able to hold out to do some of these exercises. What should I do? For example ...I can only do about 3 push ups. should I do what I can then rest or switch to counter push ups?


03/27/13 10:31am

Hi! I am a recent user of your site and already like it.
I exercise regularly doing activities that I enjoy without aiming at any specific fitness objectives. At the moment I dance salsa and kizomba 3 times per week and, although I love it and feel really good, it's not as demanding for the muscles as other dance styles or exercises I have done before. I am very satisfied with my body shape and size but gained a few kilos (around 5 kg = 11 pounds) and some very ugly cellulite on the belly that I would really like to loose. A friend of mine got very good results with HIIT routines and therefore I searched for HIIT workouts on the internet and came across your site, among others. After going through some of these sites, I decided to give a shot at yours.
I started using your videos yesterday with the beginner's routine followed by the quick cool down stretch. Its is pretty demanding but accomplishable. Today my body aches all over! I will go on doing it 3-4 times per week and include other routines when I feel more comfortable.
I am confident that I will get the results I want with your help. I already passed the link to others and will continue doing so.
Thank you very much for putting together all these very clean and clear videos and for sharing them for free!


03/23/13 7:00am

hi i'm 57 years old -female
i have difficulty doing burpees and push ups what do you suggest i do instead while this is shown on the routines
? i found your site this week and thanks for providing these wonderful videos!


03/09/13 1:59pm

Beginners?! I nearly died. It took me two attempts, three days apart to make it through it in one go! Wow! I felt all accomplished until the end announced, "You've completed the body toning HIIT workout......for beginners." Haha. Well then, I know I have a long way to go!
I found this wonderful site this week, and I know I'll be using it for a long time to come! Thank you for providing these wonderful videos! Expensive group fitness classes? Who needs 'em? =)


02/19/13 7:11am

This is the first workout I've tried from your site and I love it! I am good and sore this morning; I can tell that it works just from that! Love the easy-to-follow layout and overall setup. Thanks!


12/29/12 3:04pm

Love this workout for beginners! Didn't look too hard, but holy hell it was. I just finished and I'm sweating really hard! I love how she makes it look so graceful and pretty and I just look like a flopping fish on land. Ha ha! Keep 'em coming!


12/20/12 6:17am

Hi! This is the very first time that I tried a HIIT workout. This hit the mark. I have been doing yoga for about three years now and was worried I might not be getting enough cardio. Will this workout, 3x a week, combined with yoga other days of the week be a good, complete workout? Or should I introduce other types of workouts? Thanks so much. Wonderful site.


10/17/12 5:09am

I have not done jumping jacks since Jr High!! But made it through doing something like jumping jacks!

fitness blender

08/10/12 9:35am

@kmc Thank you for you praise, We put a lot of time into providing as much info as we can so I am glad that you have found it useful and appreciate it. Thank you again.


08/10/12 5:48am

Thank you! I love trying the HIIT! Your websites format is great - good instruction and to be able to read what the work out is, is such a huge advantage over other ones.


07/13/12 3:03pm

i do this 3X a day along with your leg and butt pilates. this is great! i can see my upper abs already! after 3 days! soooo in love!


05/07/12 2:26pm

Hi . I'm a beginner, I only want to have abs and a good core. Should I try this first? Or what can I do?

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