At Home HIIT Workout Program for Fat Loss


Calorie burn:

168 to 315





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

This workout video enables you to burn a very high number of calories in minimal time – just twenty minutes.

The best part about this at home HIIT workout is that the benefits extend far beyond that third of an hour where you are actually exercising. High intensity interval training is popular because it actually ends up revving up your metabolism so that you burn calories at an elevated rate for hours after your sweat session is finished.

HIIT exercises are those that require merciless, full-blown effort. They are exercises that are so demanding on your cardiovascular system that just a few rounds of twenty second intervals make you feel like you’ve been running for the last hour.

A HIIT workout is extremely effective for fat and/or weight loss, because of the metabolic disturbance that it causes. When you rattle your body’s systems with such an intense output of exertion, it takes time for it to reregulate itself and return to it’s normal rate of energy expenditure. What this means is that even though you only busted your butt for a short time, your body will keep burning fuel as though you are still working out.

Workout Structure

5 Minute Cardio Warm Up
• 60 Seconds Butt Kickers
• 60 Seconds Stutter Steps
• 60 Seconds Lateral Jumps
• 30 Seconds Arm Crossover Swings
• 30 Seconds Torso Twists
• 60 Seconds Up & Out Jacks

10 Minute HIIT Workout
There are only two exercises to this portion of the HIIT program; Sidewinder Mountain Climbers, and Toe Touch Jacks.

In each round, you will be doing twenty seconds “On”, and 10 seconds “Off”, twice, for each exercise. There are two groups of each exercise per round. Make sense? It sounds a lot more complicated than it is; just follow along with the HIIT video and you will come out just fine.

You will do two four-minute rounds of butt busting high intensity exercise, with a full two minutes Active Rest in between. The Active Rest is just that – active. Don’t let yourself sit down, and don’t lie down. Instead, do whatever kind of movement your energy stores allow. For example, if you are feeling beat, just pace around the room or march in place slowly. If on the other hand you feel as though you have plenty of energy left, do jumping jacks, lateral jumps, or even jumping lunges, if you really want to push yourself and kick up the fat burn.

5 Minutes Cool Down & Stretch; 60 Seconds of each
• Butt Kickers
• Slow Butt Kickers with Arm Swings in Front
• Crossover Toe Touch Stretches
• Standing Quad Stretches
• Wall Chest Stretches

How many calories does this high intensity interval workout burn?
Depending on your intensity (actual exertion of effort), weight, height, and gender, you can expect to burn between 8 and 15 calories a minute doing this Fitness Blender routine. That’s a whooping 168 – 315 calories for just twenty minutes of effort.

That estimation doesn’t even take into account the elevated calorie burn that you will have for the next 24-48 hours.

High intensity interval training is a great option for when you are too busy for a full workout. The best way to use HIIT is in combination with regular endurance cardio. For example, on the days of the week when you don’t have a full hour to exercise, do a quick routine like this one. When you have a little extra space in your schedule, do 30-60 minutes of lower impact, sustained cardio such as light jogging, the elliptical, swimming, or even walking.

Make sure that you drink plenty of water after this workout so that you don’t end up dehydrated. Also remember to be kind to your body nutritionally after a workout like this one – the last thing you want to do after making your body work so hard is to eat junk food!



04/02/15 3:23pm

This left me beat but feeling good! Great workout, Fitness Blender.


12/25/14 7:12am

hey fitness blender im a 14 year old kid And wanted to lose some weight , i thought of doing this workout For 6 days a week ? Is that enough to lose 30 pounds in 10 weeks ? or i have to do something else please reply
My weight is 136 pounds so what is ideal weigth For A 14 year old teen with height 5ft2inch


08/04/14 6:52am

Hey I'm 19, 5 '10 169 lbs , new to this site. I do a 5 day split routine with one day 25 min cardio .I was just thinking doing hiit training 2 days a week for fat loss concentrating mid section and obliques .I'm pretty muscular but my biggest problem is love handles and lower abs fat so could u please recommend me some training to loss fat around these region.


08/01/14 6:13am

i liked the 2 minute active rest to catch my breath. It would be cool to bring it back to some new hitt workouts for the future. I doesnt have to be the same rounds but the rest in between makes me push harder for a new round. 1 love


07/16/14 12:01pm

Hey FitnessBlender!

I would like to know what kinds of workouts you can recommend me to do I'm 5'6 and I'm 200lb I really wanna reach my goal of 180 by the end of summer or by the end of 2013 please help me


06/28/14 7:08am


I came across this program and your video recently and started doing this workout program at home. What I want to achieve is to lose some belly fat (and only belly fat) but I'm a bit worried that it can affect the shape of my but and possibly lead to the weight loss in my breast as well? I'm very happy with my shape apart from a bit of belly fat - and that's the only fat layer I want to get rid of. Is this program still ok for me? As I certainly wouldn't want to become flatter at other parts.

I'm new to workout as well, so don't know much about it at all. Your advice would be really appreciated.

Thank you.


06/07/14 10:15am

Hi FitnessBlender!
First of all, I'm so happy I found you guys on YouTube! Just moved to the states and I haven't been able to continue my old routines or make new ones to continue my weight loss (35lbs last year and counting but these american portions are killing me!). So yes, thank you!
My question - I'm still very heavy (249lbs, 5ft 10) so doing the sidewinders are almost impossible for me. Are there alternatives I can try that are of similar impact?


04/08/14 5:04am

hi fitness blemder, you mentioned doing strength training 3-5 times a week but i do not have access to a gym (poor student) what other alternatives do you recommend?


03/27/14 9:09am

Hi Fitness blender,i really want to lose my belly fat,is this workout good for me ?
can you recomend somework out rutines?? sorry for my bad english


03/24/14 8:11am

Hi, I lost 77lbs 2 years ago and have so far managed to keep it off. 12 weeks ago I started doing this workout Mon, Weds,Thurs and Fri and then doing a 60 minute fast paced dog walk on Sat and Sun, 30 minute dog walk on the days I do the HIIT routine and a 20 minute run on Tuesdays. I have been doing it for 4 months and have started to put a few pounds on. I haven't changed what I'm eating, could this be muscle or is it fat? How do I determine it? I also have a lot of excess skin on my stomach so it's really hard to tell and stressing me out!! Would really appreciate your help :) Thanks


03/22/14 10:48am

Hi guys !! I love this workout, this is one of the first HIIT workouts i`ve done and i feel strooooong ! :D The only thing with this one ( which is my favourite so far ) is that i cant do those mountain climbers for too long , so i replaced them with burpees. Is that going to reduce the benefits of this workout ,or burpees are just as good ??
Thank you for what you`re doing, you are the best i`ve found online ( and trust me , i have been searching aaaaaall over ! )!! Thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!!!!


03/06/14 1:26am

Hi Fitness blender,

I have started doing your HIIT workouts. I did this one first time this morning, and managed all the way through, go me!

I was wondering if you could look at my excersie week and see this is ok to do?

Monday and Tuesday - Weight training for 30 minutes
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - This HIIT workout for 21 minutes
Saturday and Sunday - Lower cardio impact workout for 30 minutes

Is this ok? Or should I allow one day off a week for resting?


02/25/14 5:38am

so I completed it! great intense workout, now it's time for another shower!!


02/01/14 5:35am

hey. my age is 16 years old nd my wor out include
[(1-Side winder mountain climber 2-toe touch jacks)- (30sec on 30sec off *4)]

[(1-squat pops 2-lateral jumps 3-Touch+high kick 4-broad jumps+2jumping jacks 5-High knees) 20sec on nd 20-30 sec off*4)]

[(1-jumping jacks 2-high knees 3-jumping oblique twists 4-Lateral jumps) 1min on nd 1 min off*2)]

[(1-Crunches 2-walking planks 3-russian twists 4-high knees) 4o sec on 20 sec off]

along with warm up. so can anybody tell how much calorie i burn in this work out.

Weight-146lbs height-5ft 8inches.


01/22/14 8:33pm

I bought the 8week fat loss program and I have been following it to the letter. I also started eating healthier although I think I eat healthy before I started as I don't drink anything except water, I eat only complex carbs, no white starchy carbs pastas, I eat only fish and chicken and I cook with only olive oil. I am now in week6. I feel sore all over my body all the time but I usually console myself that if I lose weight then the sore is worth it. I understand that Kelli and Daniel can't reply Becos it's just two of them running this whole thing but I need an answer from anyone who can help. Note: I eat btw 1200-1300 calorie per day and I eat 1,500calories once a week as a cheat day.
I eat this much and I'm always feel hungry especially at night. My husband feels the exercises are too much for me and my body probably need more calories that's why I'm always hungry. I'm so sad Becos I do the exercises very well and I believe I'm stronger Becos I usually push harder and harder.
I'm only 31 and I'm already feeling like I can't ever lose weight. Anyone 's comment that could help will be appreciated.


04/08/14 5:06am

hey there, i think you might be eating too little! you should read up on BMR and why your net calories should never go below that figure if not your weight loss might be stalled as your body might be going into starvation mode!


01/19/14 10:51pm

Wow!! I put on weight during my pregnancy, and nearly 14 months after my son was born, today I decided to do this workout to finally kickstart me into losing the baby fat. I probably should have read some of these comments first, THAT WAS TOUGH! I am absolutely drenched in sweat!!!
I'm pretty happy though, I could easily do this short workout while my son has his nap. Fitness Blender can you recommend other short but effective workout videos from your list to mix it up? Thanks


01/14/14 6:46pm

Hi, I'm a guy and I'm 15 years old if I do this workout 3 to 4 times a week how much will I lose? I'm 179 pounds and I'm 5'6


01/06/14 5:09am

Hi, just wondered, if I am currently doing a Zumba class 2-3 times a week, how many times a week should I do the above workout? Thanks :)


01/05/14 12:13pm

Hey guys, so i was doing this exercise and when it came time to do the Sidewinder Mountain Climbers and i hopped over to my left side and then back to plank i felt a sharp pain in my left lower abdomen… I'm fairly positive its a muscle tear but I'm just not quite sure if its even possible to TEAR and ab, it definitely feels like i tore a muscle but I'm just worried it could be something else..

i have a torn groin muscle from high school cheerleading years and it still hurts till this day, now I'm worried this will hurt forever too :( and that would really suck because i tried doing just a simple crunch, just to make sure it was a muscle and not anything else, and it definitely is…

Let me know what i can do


10/18/13 1:07pm

Hi fitness blender, I have been doing your workouts for a whole now,doing difficulty of 3&4 along with HITT workluts,and been eating very clean,but not making too much progress any ideas why?


07/18/13 7:25pm

Oh boy what a workout. I don't like mountain climbers! But I got through it. And now I have so much energy.


07/04/13 4:22pm

Hi. I am 17yrs old, i am not good at pounds and feet since i am european, so i will remain with kg and cm, i hope it's not a problem. So my height is 155cm and weight is 49.3kg. I am quite slim (pear shaped) but my biggest problem is fat on ribs area. I lost 6kg and most of unnecessary fat has gone but this one quite big (comparing to the rest of my tummy) fold stayed unchanged. What should I do? I feel really uncomfortable with it and it makes me cry heavily cause it looks awful. Please help... :(


07/01/13 8:11am

10) Mondays total body, good hiit :) I'm melting


06/25/13 10:35pm

first day doing this workout and boy did those workouts kill me


06/01/13 12:53pm

so i wanna lose 15 to 20 pounds (i'm 5 ft 2 in height) i'm pear shaped so i wanna do this hiit exercise but i don't know with which exercise to combined i


05/15/13 11:37pm

I want to be skinny and lose all the extra fat in my body.... and doing this workout 3 times a day,i have lost much of a bulk but can u recommend the no of times i should do tis in a week cuz i m in 10th grade and have to dedicate tie for study a lot,...... I am 16 years old and my height is 5 feet 4 inches........


03/21/13 7:35am

Hi, I've just discovered your website - it looks great and very motivating! I need to loose 2 stones (post pregnancy) and haven't excersised in a while - would this be a good video to start with or would you recomend something else? Many tahnks


03/03/13 3:50am

Hi! I've just started doing your videos, and wanted some advice. My fitness goal is to get leaner and toned, especially my glutes, but have read that immediately toning will lead to muscle gain and so I'll still seem as wide, i.e. wont get any leaner. So ya I'm afraid of all these love handles converting to muscle and staying as wide.
Can you suggest a sequence or weekly routine to get lean and then toned?


02/26/13 12:19pm

Perfect workout to do when the baby is napping! Love it.


01/30/13 4:14pm

The mountain climbers were too tough for my quads and I could not keep up the pace. Is there another substitute exercise that would work?


01/27/13 4:07am

I've been living in another country for the past five months, and your videos have been a godsend! I like to use a variety of your videos for my daily routines (cardio and toning), so if I focus on a specific muscle group for toning but use different videos, I'll still get results, right? Thanks so much for posting and providing really great insight! Keep it up!


01/20/13 8:17am

Hi! I have been doing this workout since 20th of November almost everyday. I have missed only 5-6 days in total period. It makes me sweat alot. But I do not see much difference with my body weight. I am not fat I was 53 kilos now 52. I was expecting more fat loss, particularly from my lower body because my upper body does not have fat. I also fallowed to different work outs one is for butt & thigh and the other one is for inner thigh. ok, I have shaped my thighs and butts but there is still too much fat under my butts at upper part of the back thighs. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong?


01/12/13 12:56pm

hi! i used to have an active lifestyle but with work and all, i let my body go. last june 2012 i decided to be healthier. i watched what i ate and started going to the gym - which took a lot of willpower due to my schedule. i didn't really weigh myself but people can see the difference. and i felt the difference coz some of my clothes can fit me now!

i saw your videos in youtube and this would be perfect for my very busy work schedule.


12/27/12 11:27am

I was wondering how many times a week I can do this exercise I would like to do this like mon wed and fri and tues I do a zumba class and Thurs maybe just strenght training. Do I have to do strenght training everyday?I need to lose 25 pounds. I do workout a lot but I cant workout on certain days due to work.


10/25/12 1:00pm

Hi :) After I tried and succeeded in your Toning/strength building exercises, I have started doing HIIT since 3 weeks now. I started with the short 5 min versions and today I tried this. First of all, I am really in love with your HIIt workouts :) But I have a question: today I had to stop a lot of times at the ten second rests, so my rests were always 5 secs or so longer than in the video. Does that have any negative influences on the metabolic boost of the HIIT workout? Of course, I try NOT to stop and want to get better ;)
thanks for all your great workouts, when I'm doing one of them I forget all about my worries and just feel happy :)


10/18/12 7:29am

Definitely gonna try this!! Need it!
I got some questions though:
Which of your videos would help me lose stomach fat the fastest without getting a six pack? (I think six packs look too manly, not feminine. Toned is good though!)

What about love handles and lower back fat? I wanna get more defined hips and waist, but I don't want a flat line down the side of my body. :)

I guess u could say I'm going for a hourglass, bikini ready, sexy body.

Which videos?


08/14/12 5:18pm

(sorry if my english is bad, this isn't my mother tongue)


08/14/12 5:16pm

Thank you for your website, it is just great !
I actually plan to start on a weight-loss plan in september (impossible to stick to it on vacation !) and I have a question for you :
which workouts should I choose? I cannot do jumps (I leave in an appartment and I am not sure my neighbourgh below would appreciate the noise). Maybe just to tone up my body and to give up cardio is ok since I walk about one hour everyday? What do you think?

fitness blender

08/09/12 1:59pm

@kmc - Yep, that's fine!


08/08/12 5:52am

Is it ok, if your feet don't go as far as hers on the sidewinders?


08/08/12 5:29am

Its a killer, but I love this as an option for my mornings when I don't have time! I know I actually did something that works! Thank you!

fitness blender

08/06/12 8:33pm

@smileyk01 Congrats on your new baby! Unfortunately Daniel & I do not have the resources to build custom plans - there are really just 2 of us that do everything you see at Fitness Blender. We do have our super cheap, very effective 8 Week Fat Loss Program that lists a detailed day by day plan of when to do which workouts -check that out!


08/03/12 10:33am

Hi there! I'm brand new to not only your website, but also exercising. I haven't exercised in probably 6 years. I had my 3rd baby just 6 weeks ago and am ready to get into a routine. I gained a lot of unnecessary weight (60 lbs total) and now I need to get rid of it. I have the diet part down, now I need some help with a routine that will produce fast results. I am 5'3 and in an ideal world I would get back to my 110 lbs asap. The main areas I need to target are 1. Saddle Bags, 2. Thighs and Hammies, 3. Butt, 4. Stomach. Could you please recommend something that would work for a new mom getting back into the swing of things? Thanks!!

fitness blender

07/18/12 11:51pm

@ecb - This will definitely help you drop any extra lbs. Remember to eat healthy, too. This workout goes well with a combo of our strength training routines.


07/17/12 9:15pm

hey! first of all thanks for your great workouts! :D I did this today, do I have to do any other exercise or with this one is enough? I usually work out for an hour 5 times a week, but idk if it would be too much for my body. idk if I could do this like 2-3 times a week and the rest of the days do my normal 1 hour routine. I'm not fat, I just need to lose some fat I gained during my last exam period (i wa so bussy I couldn't workout) no more than 5 lbs. Will this help? Thanks again you are the best! ;) and excuse my english!

fitness blender

07/03/12 3:43pm

@Pebbles I would recommend our 8 Week Fat Loss Program for fastest results!


07/02/12 10:39am

Thanks! What do you recommend I do for a lean and toned body by the beginning of August? And how many times a week should I do these videos for the best results?

fitness blender

07/02/12 9:58am

@pebbles_is_so_cute 6x/Week with the same routine is too much and is going to be less effective than doing a random assortment of our videos. You can make a pretty big difference in one month, just make sure that you don't crash diet or else you can mess up your metabolism.


07/02/12 8:54am

Hi! I am wondering if it's possible to get toned in one month? I am eighteen years old and I have been eating healthy. I really want to get a toned body by the beginning of August. I am doing your Carrie Underwood workout routine for six days a week. I am pushing myself really hard. Do you think I can get toned up August? Thanks!

fitness blender

06/29/12 9:35am

@Tina - No estoy seguro de cómo se haría eso. Tal vez podríamos mirar que en el futuro.


06/28/12 4:44am

! hola!
Me comunico con ustedes desde España, aunque sigo sus vídeos sin problemas, me gustaría comprar su e-book, pero mí inglés no es muy bueno así que mí pregunta es : ¿ tienen una versión en Pdf para adelgazar en 8 semanas en español ?.
Me encantan sus vídeos y los recomiendo a mis amigos, muchísimas gracias por su trabajo.

fitness blender

06/15/12 9:29am

@Hall - Thank you, & we will! @got2bskinnyy - Glad you like it; calorie burn info is in the article above. @chilifritos- That sounds like a pretty good plan for losing belly fat. I would recommend throwing in some of our other cardio or HIIT workouts, too, just to keep your body guessing. @mom of 2 - Congrats on your 8 kilos lost! To lose belly fat, do a combo of HIIT workouts like this one and regular (lower impact) endurance cardio (walking, light jog, swimming, etc). You will want to get a doctor's clearance before trying any workouts but maybe you should try our standing abs workouts as they tend to be a bit easier on the back & neck.

mom of 2

06/13/12 4:25am

Hi Fitness Blender ..i really love this workout ..i am looking forward of doing it as my daily work out..i would like to ask you if what work out i could blend with this work out in order to loose my belly fat.i never work out since i gave birth to my 2 is 9 and the other one is 3.both by C-section.and every time i do some abs workout, my lower back and lower ab really sore..could you recommend me a good abs work out for C-section moms..thanks and more power..
been 3 weeks since i started my healthy diet and exercise and i lost 3 kilos so far...


05/15/12 7:08pm

Hi Fitness Blender I was thinking of doing this workout for 6 weeks fri- monday ,rest on tuesday and weds-thurs do some of your other cardio hiit workouts there are 5 of them that are really a good workout for me ...also I would be doing your 34 minute standing ab workout after all the workouts as this is what im doing now ,I have now lost 15 lb and I can see that im getting toned but my belly is my problem area Im 51 yr old male ...just wanted to know if this is a good plan for losing the around the waist ...Thanks for all your good workout I really do enjoy them ....


04/30/12 4:43pm

I absolutely loved this workout! How many calories can you burn doing this workout?


04/21/12 12:41am

I totally LOVE this workout. You guys have to do more workouts for fat loss :)

fitness blender

04/18/12 2:39pm

Fitislandgirl - I am so glad that we can be a part of your fitness goals and help you on your way to getting more toned. Your workout plan sounds great we would love to hear about your progress later on down the line. And thank you for your kind complements, we do our best to make a professional product that people will enjoy.


04/18/12 10:42am

This workout had me huffing, puffing and sweating, especially the HIT workout. I have been doing your videos for 2 weeks now, and I lost 1lb so far. My goal is to get tone (abs, butt & thighs). After I had my baby I was 120 lbs, then 117lbs, 110lbs (for 3 months) and now 109lbs. My pre-pregnancy weight was 107lbs, if I dont get to back to that I'm ok, I just want to be toned again. So, my workout plan is: Sun-rest, Mon, Wed. Fri. Cardio (30 mins) Strength (10 nins). Tue. Th. Sat. Strength (30 mins) cardio (10mins). I am using ur videos to accomplish my goal! Thank you so much for sharing your videos. Love it!!! By the way I did the butt and thighs boot camp video, my thighs were on fire ;-)!! even the following day. I love your videos because they are challenging and there are no distractions in the background (so professional).


04/05/12 9:33am

Thanks so much. This is going to be fun!

fitness blender

04/04/12 8:02pm

Mjay - I would say that your program sounds pretty good, but you might want to sub out a couple of the HIIT routines for some lower impact cardio. HIIT tends to be pretty high impact and your body needs a rest & chance to heal from it. Check out our low impact Beginner Cardio Routine (not all that easy at all) or Beginner HIIT routine (much lower impact) for some good options. Keep up the good work though, kudos to you for being so consistent!


04/04/12 9:47am

Hey guys! I absolutely enjoy your full length workout videos. I do this HIIT workout plus 10 min butt and thigh workout one day and next day I do the 17 min cardio HIIT workout plus 10 min ab workout. This alternating routine I do for 6 days a week and 1 day I just rest. I feel good but just wanted your opinion on whether I am overdoing it or is it just fine?

fitness blender

03/31/12 1:23pm

Hey Brophymk this one is rough isn't it? Glad we can help you out while you are overseas.


03/31/12 5:59am

I've been integrating some of the Fitness Blender workout videos into my routine, in addition to running, while I am overseas and without access to a gym. Today I tried to kick it up with the HIIT for Fat Loss. Wow, what a workout! It definitely takes commitment to get through it, and I had to push myself to get to the end, but I feel great.
I'm really enjoying your site, and have shared it with friends. Thanks!

fitness blender

03/26/12 10:09am

Hi Juliana. We recommend doing HIIT no more than 3-4 times per week. On the rest of the days, do sustained, lower impact cardio (walking, jogging, swimming, biking, elliptical, etc). Do strength training 3-5 times per week. The above is an aggressive weight loss/fitness plan that will help you stay lean and toned.


06/01/14 9:25am

When is strength training come into play exactly? I know that it is usually first before doing HIIT but I also read somewhere that you have to separate HIIT and strength training, is that true? I am really confused, because I am scared of doing both in one session if it is going to damage me more than it should help. So, can both be done if you have extra time? Thanks


03/24/12 9:51pm

Hi Fitness Blender, I want to tone and firm up my entire body with the results of muscle contour. Especially my arms and abs, considering I have an hourglass body type. What is the recommended routine to do this HITT workout, cardio and strength/weight training per week?

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