5x5x5 Pulse Workout for Butt and Thighs


Calorie burn:

147 to 252





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

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Body focus:


Workout Details

Fitness Blender’s 5x5x5 Pulse Workout is a wonderfully cruel and effective way to mix up your lower body workouts.

There are five exercises in this routine. All of them are fairly basic in nature, but we’ve added a twist in order to bump up the intensity and caloric burn.

For each exercise you will do five repetitions, followed by five pulses, and you will repeat this sequence a total of 5 times. This means that all together you are doing 50 repetitions of each exercise; 25 regular ones, and 25 pulse ones.

The pulsing repetitions take place in the most taxing range of motion for each of the exercises – the place where it will burn the most.

This is an awesome routine for the glutes and thighs. The movements target the glutes in multiple ranges of motion and these are very much butt lifting exercises – add this routine to your regimen a few times a week and you will without a doubt see a difference in your body in as little as 2 weeks.

Routine Structure
We start off with a very short, 2 minute cardio warm up. Because these exercises are going to thoroughly work over your muscles, it would not be a bad idea to do a bit of extra warm up cardio, prior to starting this video.

Once you’ve got your blood moving, we move right into the thigh toning, butt lifting 5x5x5 workout. There is a short cool down & stretch at the end.

The 5 Exercises
• Kneeling Rear Leg Raises – Both the regular reps and the pulses really zone right in on that gluteus maximus. This move also targets the hamstrings, and lower back. Be very conscious of squeezing the glutes at the top of that lifting motion. If you are brave, you can step up the challenge even more by doing this with ankle weights on.

• Squats – Quite possibly the best butt exercise around, we increased the effectiveness and the ouch factor by adding in those 5 pulses at the end of each round of 5 regular repetitions. To get the most from this exercise, remember to stick your butt out, keep your weight in your heels, and keep your back flat.

• Lunges – Glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, ankle & knee complexes, inner & outer thigh, lower back and abs all have to work together for a lunge. Make sure to maintain proper form while you do the pulsing motions and do not bounce; instead use very smooth movements. These will have your legs shaking like crazy.

• Bridge – Each time you push your hips upward focus on squeezing that butt. As you go up for the pulses, stay right at the top of the bridge and keep squeezing. This will burn most intensely in your glutes and your hamstrings.

• Downward Dog + Leg Raises – Keep your back straight and your hips as level as possible as you do a reverse leg raise on each side of your body. Don’t let yourself use momentum at any point as it will only make the exercise easier (aka less effective).

• Standing Hamstring Stretch
• Toe Touch Stretch
• Hip Flexor Stretch
Feel free to do a longer stretch and cool down session than is shown; only the most predominately used muscles are stretched in the video.

How many calories does this routine burn?
We estimate that this Fitness Blender workout burns between 7-12 calories a minute, or roughly 147-252 in 21 minutes. The wide range between top and bottom of these estimates is due to the many different variables that influence expenditure, for example if you weigh more than 190 or less than 130, you may end up with a higher or lower expenditure.

Is it okay to stop & take a rest?
If you need to stop and shake your legs out at any point during any set of this 5x5x5 workout, do so. Just get right back into it ASAP & aim to make it further without a rest the next time you do this routine.

How long until I see results?
Your body can start to firm up in as little as 2 weeks, but give it up to 4 weeks before you expect to see very significant changes. You will get the best results if you combine your exercise with healthy eating and regular cardio.

How many times a week should I do this workout?
3-4 Times a week would be sufficient, but we recommend that you choose other Fitness Blender lower body workouts in order to keep your muscles guessing – take advantage of all of our variety and mix it up!

Heads up! You will very likely be a bit sore for a couple of days after you do this workout.

Have you tried this workout? What did you think of it? Sign in & speak up below.



03/23/15 6:15am

I had a feeling this would be a lot harder than it sounds and it definitely was! Those lunges destroyed my legs! These 5x5x5 workouts are such a fun way to switch things up. Thanks for another great workout.


03/20/15 12:18pm

burned 186 calories, and I only did about half of each move


03/17/15 4:05am

oh sweet torture


10/22/14 8:21am

I was afraid from this one and now i know why!!!! its hurts!!!! my butt and legs are on fire!!! Thank you guys i've been working out with you for almost a year and it have change my life!!!


07/28/14 12:56am

I really felt my glutes with this one. Modified reps 4+5 of downward dog leg lifts by doing them on my elbows and knees, leg still extended.


07/25/14 2:50am

Needed something short today and this did the trick!


07/15/14 1:42pm

You guys are the best. After losing 70lbs I found this awesome webiste. Really wish I had found it sooner. Your workouts are seriously challenging and once completed I always feel fantastic. Thank you so much for making them free.!


07/06/14 10:28pm

Downward dog leg lifts don't work with me either, maybe cos I'm only 5'1... Not sure. For the 1st set I did wide squats on my toes and the 2nd set did calf raises


07/03/14 11:00am

Downward dog leglifts...They just don't function on my body, I think my legs are too heavy, I can't lift them that way. Mine get to I guess a table top height and then they start to fall. I can do the kneeling leg raises just fine though.


04/27/14 2:11pm

Did this after your Hiit the Ground Running video and the combination was awesome. I'm shaking right now, but I feel great. Those kneeling rear leg raises set the bar for the rest of the workout and made the otherwise easy bridges so very brutal! I usually love the downward dog stretch, but the leg raises made me hate it, lol... well, maybe temporarily. Thank you for helping me change my lifestyle!


03/17/14 6:46pm

All I have to say is...oh my!!!!


03/09/14 8:06pm

Pretty sure my neighbor heard me scream obscenities (in a good way!) by the last few minutes of this workout. BRUTAL but really fun workout structure. Can't wait to feel this one in the morning :)


03/05/14 7:15am

This is a great workout. This is my go to website when I need inspiration. Keep up the great work.


02/18/14 8:13pm

LOVE this workout. The structure makes it motivating to complete, while definitely making you feel the burn! 5x5x5 is definitely my favorite workout structure right now!

pancake bum

01/06/14 2:17pm

So i just finished this workout and i thought i was doing ok until the lunge pulses!! those were really tough, i had to stop a few times as my leg was going nuts. The downward dog move looks like its not going to be difficult but again i really struggled on this one and also my 3 year old kept crawling all over me so that didn't help. I have not finished for today, later i am going to do the squat challenge and a short ab workout. Thank you for all your amazing workouts, they are all i need to get myself motivated and in shape...My build a bum mission is just getting started ;-)


11/14/13 1:10pm

I was literarily screaming when starting this workout, but it's the kind of pain it's worth going through. Doing these 3 times a week and results are great. Thanks guys!😀


10/20/13 11:42am

I was wondering, if I wanted to gain muscle mass in my flutes and thighs, is it enough if I hold on to weights while doing this exercise or do I have to take protein supplements?
I really hope you answer me :)


09/23/13 10:28pm

I basically did all of it except for the last few repititions, I am sooo tired now and hot and sweaty and soar and did I mention tired?
this is one of the most challenging workouts that I have tried so far. Keep up the great workouts Kelly!


04/22/13 12:40pm

Did this one for the first time today, I HATE to work my legs, would rather work anything else!! so I am being grown-up about deliberately chosing this, haha. It was tough, I made the mistake of wearing ankle weights and I see I need to develop stronger form before I attempt extra weight.


04/13/13 11:01am

Hi, guys. I have one question for you. I am a model and I do have skinny figure, but, what my problem is,are legs. To be more precise,thighs.My skin is a little bit loose there. I workout, eat healthy food and I go running. I don`t have to build up my muscles, only to tone them in that area. What I am worried about is that I still do not see the effects, and peope from fashion industry are really strict when it comes to that. Are these kind of excercises good for me and could the results be vidsible in, let`s say, 2 weeks, because I have a casting then?

P.S. You are the best. Greetings


12/26/12 11:09pm

Greetings from Argentina! Your videos are fantastic! Thank so much!


10/27/12 8:09pm

Hi, I have been doing the 8 week program to get in shape. I only need to lose about 5-8 pounds, and am concerned that all these squats are making my thighs bigger than when I started out!! Do squats add bulk if done nearly every day on a average sized person?


10/12/12 8:58am

Did this workout for the 1st time yesterday & it had me in paaaiiiiinnnnnn!!!!! Good pain that is but man was it tough......... :)


10/10/12 10:16am

I have had high hamstring strain in both legs from tennis/running with dog. This is a GREAT workout to target my weak butt and get it to fire vs just hams! Worked better than my PT work. Thanks!


07/28/12 11:15am

I understand. thank you very much for that

fitness blender

07/26/12 1:54pm

@3sisters - Thank you so much. You are so motivating & your sharing our website & workouts with friends is so helpful to us!

@ming - We don't have the resources to do personalized plans but we did make our super cheap, super effective 8 Week Fat Loss Program that people are seeing great results with. Definitely worth considering as you would be hard pressed to do the entire program & not see big changes.


07/26/12 2:30am

Help...about to lose hope :(
I need your consultant guys I just dont know what to do anymore
I've been practicing my body for so long already, Its been months that I do walks on steep roads, do various kinds of butt and thighs workouts, legs workouts and what not but...nothing really nothing
I can see changes in my abs or upper body but as long as its the lower body im working on nothing literally nothing helps and I just cant get rid of the thighs fats. its not even in the stage of toning yet although I've been doing toning ex too but its still on the stage of removing the fats...is there any advice you can give me to help this frustrating situation pls? thank you.
p.s I eat healthy, this is not the issue at all.


05/08/12 7:19pm

Did this video again this morning... ;;( PAIN!!! I've sent your website to lots of friends and promised that they won't be dissappointed. Thank you for being my virtual personal trainer, and for FREE! I need to make a donation, which doesn't at all reflect how much I appreciate your dedication.

fitness blender

04/18/12 9:35am

This kind of workout will burn calories (which can help you lose overall fat & body weight), and tone you up. It wont necessarily build "mass" in a woman, unless you are taking supplements, or you could possibly make it work for that if you held onto weights while you did the exercises - but it will definitely tone your legs up.


04/18/12 1:03am

hello, just a question, would this workout make me lose weight in my legs or would it increase my muscle mass?

fitness blender

04/12/12 4:43pm

Sammy - We are going to do a 5x5x5 Upper Body Workout soon. 321 & 3 Sisters - yep this one burns!


04/10/12 6:51pm

OMG this hurt so bad!!! I had to take breaks during the lunges and the downward dog! I hope you do an upper body 5x5x5.


04/08/12 7:37pm

Double Ouch!!!!!!! I thought I was in decent shape...my goal is complete this short videos WITHOUT breaks!


04/07/12 11:11pm

Ouch!!! No pain no gain! I love it! First time doing it and honestly I had to take a break! Thx!:-)

fitness blender

04/05/12 7:34pm

Zebnanna - It is a lot more painful than it looks, isn't it. Way to mix things up, keep up the good work, you and the whole family ;) Kelli


04/05/12 10:02am

Seriously!! This seemed deceptively easy, but it is a screamin' workout, and I have been doing your Booty Boot Camp for several weeks already!!
But thanks again, for a challeging new workout.

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