15 Minute Total Body Boot Camp


Calorie burn:

140 to 180





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

This 15 minute home workout video uses a tabata structure to make a seemingly easy task (just 20 seconds of each move) extremely challenging. The result is that by the end of all three rounds of any of the exercises, both your lungs and your muscles are screaming and begging for a rest.

This Total Body Boot Camp require only your bodyweight; you won’t need any equipment. Each exercise burns a high number of calories due to the large muscle groups used. Because of the intense, full-on exertion that come with each 20 second burst of the Tabata rounds, you’ll get a serious metabolic bump from this workout; you will likely have an hour or two of elevated calorie burn, long after you’ve finished up with this short routine.

This routine specifically tones and targets your upper and lower abdominals, glutes, hamstrings & quadriceps, pectorals, triceps, obliques, rhomboids, lower back, shoulders, and inner and outer thigh. As you can see by this lengthy and nearly inclusive list of muscles used, this truly is a total body workout.

Make sure that you have really done a thorough job of warming up your muscles before you jump into strenuous activity.

When you are at rest, your blood vessels are constricted and not giving your body a proper opportunity to warm up before working out intensely can cause a short jump up in your blood pressure. It also increases the chances of pulling muscles, which can sideline you and thwart your fitness progess.

Every individual will vary widely in how many calories this workout burns, but for estimation purposes, we approximate that a 130 pound woman might burn 140 calories doing this routine, and a 180 pound man might burn around 180.

The benefit about workouts with this kind of structure (where you do a high intensity exercise for a short period of time followed by a brief rest) is that the elevated caloric burn lasts longer than your workout does; even once you are finished exercising, it will take a while for your metabolism to slow down to its resting rate, meaning that you are burning energy at a higher rate for longer than just the 15 minutes that it takes to do this routine.



12/27/14 4:53pm

I'm 5"0 and weigh 117 lbs and only burned 40 calories doing this workout. Why is that? Am I doing something wrong?


09/24/14 9:46am

I've been trying to go back and do some old ones that I haven't bothered with. While this one gave me a quick hiit workout, it was totally lacking in flair! I LOVE your new format with you guys talking (live) or in the background. It makes the time so much more enjoyable! Thanks guys! Here's to more great videos!


08/12/14 2:28pm

I'm 200 pounds how many calories will I burn?


02/05/14 1:06pm

@Fitness Blender...Thanks a lot for the reply.


02/04/14 8:48pm

HI Fitness Blender, Thanks a lot for your videos.
Just wanted to ask, whenever I finish your 15 mins. total body bootcamp workout, I have to VOMIT.

P.S. I do the workout empty stomach.

Please suggest.

fitness blender

02/05/14 11:37am

Read this article http://www.fitnessblender.com/v/article-detail/Exercise-Making-You-Sick-to-Your-Stomach-Beating-Exercise-Nausea/3v/


07/15/13 5:34am

Just found out about your site and can't wait to get started.


06/18/13 8:07am

2nd workout with fitness blender I'm hooked! Great total body workout :)


04/27/13 8:48am

so reading the calories burned part here, is it safe to assume that a 230 pound woman would burn approx. 230 calories?


04/18/13 10:37pm

At first, was difficult for me to keep up with you guys, your videos are so intense and it really makes you work, burn and build and now I am so happy of the results I am getting and this is just the best for me! I will never stop working out with you guys!


04/15/13 8:42am

relatively quick in 15 minutes but boy oh boy it is work!! thanks for another heart-pumper :D


04/12/13 11:37am

I just want to ask. I'm 13yr old boy and i want to get rid of some belly and upper leg fat. Do this exercise fits me? Or should I try some other? Please response. Klaudijus.


04/04/13 2:20am

Great workout FB!


03/28/13 9:54am

How many reps of each workout would you recommend for a beginner?


03/25/13 2:43pm

Hi! I'm so glad I found yall! I love to workout at home and have gotten tired of the same ole videos, so thanks for the awesome varity! Just wondering one thing, should I continue my regular workouts if I am sick with a cold or flu? And, I hurt my ankle about 2 years ago and my knee recently, are there any modifications I can do instead of lunges? Thanks so much!


02/15/13 12:53pm

How is the supine push up supposed to be performed? Pushing up with elbows?


01/24/13 11:51am

Can you help with the best exercises for a bigger but - that does NOT make my thighs any bigger!? When i do ex. squats, it seems like my thighs do all the work - am I doing somethig wrong?


01/07/13 1:11pm

Thank you fitness blender so much from the bottom of my heart!


10/23/12 6:38am

Hi, i want to know whether you think this is a good routine idea: I want to do alternating weeks of weight training and HIIT such as this 15 minute exercise. Currently i do weight training every monday, wednesday and friday but i want to do more cardio and hopefully become more toned. What i was thinking of doing was one week of weight training monday wednesday friday and the next week i do monday wednesday friday of some HIIT cadio then just keep alternating weeks like that. Would greatly appreciate if you'd let me know whether this is worthwhile doing!


07/24/12 10:50am

Hi: I reciently discovered your Youtube Channel and website and I can see that you always bring great ideas to challenge our muscles with new moves and exercises.

This one, the advanced total body plank routine and some ab workouts are my favorite for this season.

Thank you. I appreciate what you're doing.

fitness blender

07/18/12 11:46pm

@mellisa - We have lots of new short routines coming out. Make sure you have followed us on facebook to find out when the newest workout videos come out.


07/16/12 6:39pm

I'm generally very busy so I do 15 minutes in the morning and fifteen minute before dinner. I'm just sick of doing the same workout. Can you please make more 15 minute routines?

fitness blender

07/02/12 9:53am

@fitness83 Glad you found us! It's funny because working out at home with no equipment can actually be more effective than going to the gym.

@jujubeans Keep mixing and matching your workouts and you should be able to avoid the "plateau". Push yourself a bit harder occasionally and keep your muscles guessing and you can avoid any slowing of progress.


06/29/12 1:11pm

I have been working out for about a month and a half, and Im really seeing a difference. Im worried about hitting that dreaded plateau. Any suggestions on how I should mix up my workout schedule to avoid this? Right now, Im doing cardio 30-45 mins a day for 6 days a week, and alternating strength training for lower and upper body 30-45 mins 6 days a week. Absolutely love Fitness Blender!!! You have helped me sooo much!


06/25/12 12:56pm

...I wanted to fit in cardio with my normal three times a week exercise and I was fed up of using treadmills so I came across ffitness blender on youtube..so many exercises to choose from and can do it in my own living room.its great.Just did a HIIT 30 minutes workout today..feeling great.Thanks a lot mate..hopefuly I will be as fit as the bloke in the demontrations.

fitness blender

05/28/12 11:07am

lovepink3113 - We generally put up 10-15 new videos every month and we are hoping to increase that number to 20 or more per month after July 2012.


05/27/12 7:42pm

how often do you guys put up a new exercise routine?:)

fitness blender

04/02/12 8:29am

3Reeves, it takes a combo of cardio (30-60 mins 5-7 days a week) and strength training/toning (3-5 days a week). Any one of our workouts will help - just start doing a variety of them on a regular basis, alternating upper and lower body focus.


03/31/12 8:54pm

Im just starting so my question is what do i need to do to begin first...im wanting to work out my waist , my belly pooch , my thighs and butt... thanks :-)


02/24/12 4:11pm

many thanks fitness blender.

fitness blender

02/24/12 8:15am

That would be just fine. I would however suggest increasing the amount of time that you do each round of three exercises. Though a Tabata style routine is more intense than traditional workouts, only 4 minutes total or even 4 minutes of each of the three exercises will be a very slow way to gain results in tone, strength, or weight loss, if at all. Just increase the time or do multiple rounds of the three exercises each day (one in the morning and one in the early evening or something like that).


02/23/12 8:40pm

thank you for the response. I just have 1 more concern hope you don't mind. I have read some articles about the tabata it only takes 4 minutes. Your video has 9 exercise is it ok to divide this 9 exercises into 3 exercises that i will do everyday. In this way i can do now a everyday different routine.

thanks in advance.

fitness blender

02/23/12 5:58pm

I can not begin to give you suggestions as I do not know anything about your personal abilities, current/past medical conditions, access to equipment or specific fitness goals. Due to the time, and effort (and money) involved for me to make proper program suggestions for you, you would be better off going through our video library and picking routines for yourself that reflect your personal goals.


02/23/12 2:45pm

thanks for the quick response. do you have suggestion what exercise i can swap for my daily exercises?

fitness blender

02/23/12 8:47am

It is never a good idea to do the same routine over and over. Find another routine or two that you like so you can swap between them.

Some people can handle food in their stomach during a workout and some can't. If having food in your stomach is a problem then avoid eating two hours before a workout and only take in fluids with caloric content such as fruit juice or Gatorade just before working out.

You can exercise any time of day that you like but be aware that your physical ability may change depending on the time of day.


02/22/12 11:25pm

Can i do this everyday morning? should i take light breakfast first of my stomach should empty? is it ok to do this at dawn?

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