10 Minute At Home Butt and Thigh Workout Video


Calorie burn:

90 to 135





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

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Body focus:


Workout Details

I don’t care how busy you are – everyone has ten spare minutes in his or her day for routines like the one above. If you honestly believe that you don’t have time for ten minutes of exercising each day, then you need to reprioritize and hollow out that sixth of an hour from your schedule, just for yourself and your health. You’ll be a better person for it.

This particular 10 minute home workout video is ideal for sandwiching between 2 short bouts of cardio; one to get the muscles nice and warm and ready to work, and another to cool down just before you stretch.

Because of the dynamic movements and the large muscle groups used, this short routine even burns a fair amount of calories. We estimate that this routine will burn roughly 90 - 135 calories (specific figures depending on gender, bodyweight, muscle mass, how much effort is put into each exercise, etc)

How this routine is structured:

There are nine different exercises (counting the instances where you must repeat a movement on both sides of the body) that target the glutes, thighs, and calves. The core is also challenged, particularly during exercises that place demand on your balance skills. You will do each exercise for roughly 45 seconds. There is a demonstration of each of the exercises just before the 45 second active interval begins; this 10 second period will also serve as your resting phase before you jump back into the next exercise.

If any of the moves is too hard for you to do with proper form for a full 45 seconds, you can always take a very quick break.

Exercises in this routine:

Side Lunges + Reach – You will feel this one in your quadriceps and glutes. If you focus on reaching to the opposite foot on each side lunge, you will also engage your obliques.

Swinging Bridge – Really concentrate on a nice full range of motion on this movement and make sure that you get a good upward squeeze of the glutes on each side of the “bridge”.

Squats + Alternating Lifts – If you have coordination or balance issues that need working on, it’s going to be evident when you start doing this exercise. If you need to, you can hold onto a wall or chair to help steady yourself, but only do so lightly so that you can see improvements in both categories.

Pulse Lunges – These hurt! Make sure that your pulsing is slow and controlled and that you are not bouncing without any attempt to exert control over your own body. Try to keep your bodyweight so that it is dropping right between your feet, rather than forward over your toes or too far backward.

Shoulder Bridge – Pilates exercises like this one make for toned legs that have that always sought after “long and lean” look. You may find that your hamstrings limit your range of motion for this one; stretch if you need to and know that with practice your flexibility will increase.

Side Plank Leg Lifts – Good for the entire core, and the outer thighs, this one is a multi-tasker that works great for toning you up quickly.

What other routines should I use with this one?

This 10 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout is great for squeezing in with short bouts of cardio, but you could also significantly increase your caloric burn and the toning benefit of this video by doing 2-3 rounds through the entire thing (if you’ve got the time and the endurance).

How often should you do this butt and thigh workout?

Every other day is fine – you can do it more often if you are only doing one round and your muscles are not sore from the last time you’ve done it.



01/15/15 7:22pm

I completed the '5 day work out challenge to lose fat and build muscle', the day before yesterday. I didn't exercise at all yesterday, and today I've eaten croissants and biscuits, and feel pretty bad/terrible about the whole thing. At the time I knew it was bad for me, but I was hungry and felt a little overwhelmed and upset that my inner thigh fat isn't shedding. So today, I just completed day 5 again, the 100 rep, and this one. I'm going to do at least a couple of hours, because tonight we are going out for dinner and I need to exercise to eat.
Without your vour's and Daniels voice, I seriously dought I could have made it this far.... I've lost 17kg to date.... Thank you.


05/24/14 1:37am

Kicked my Glutes! Thanks for that!


12/23/13 2:23am

Are these workouts really can make me to have a slim thigh?

shruthi reddy

09/29/13 5:45am

Useful.., but can we do these after eating


09/26/13 3:21am

This is AWESOME!!!!! i am really getting into shape early... Also, the voice over during the workout session is GOOD!!!!!


04/26/13 1:00am

Hi, how much times a week do you need to carry out this exercise? And how long until results will start to appear?



04/23/13 12:14am

Thanks, that was killer!


03/19/13 4:31pm

I did this workout after doing the "Can You HIIT like a Girl?" routine for that extra burn. WOH, talk about extra. The side-plank leg lifts made my glutes cry (like a girl, haha)!


03/15/13 2:02am

Hello. I'm fairly new to this site. I weight 93 pounds and I'm 5'00". I've been trying to gain weight but apparently I have a fast metabolism because everything I eat goes away. I really want to make my legs thicker. They are so tiny! But I don't want to burn too many calories because my goal is not to lose weight. Is there any videos or workouts you recommend?


03/03/13 9:46pm

I'm 111-112 pounds at my lightest. I'm 5 ft. 5 and i workout usually 4-7 times a week depending if I'm not lazy that day. How many calories does this burn for me?


03/03/13 3:25pm

Nice workout. Many thanks fitnessblender!


02/20/13 5:22am

Can I do this workout when I am planning to conceive or during 1st month of pregnancy. I am not sure about my being pregnant. I want to reduce fat from my stomach, thigh and butt. Please guide me


01/05/13 10:42am

This workout is one of my new favorites. Also, want to say that I so appreciate you both and I refer this website to anyone who will listen.


12/04/12 3:19pm

thank you!!!!


10/05/12 9:24am

I am a huge fan, have really changed my body with the help of this website - i tell everyone about it! Is there a way to list workouts by difficulty? That would be awesome.


09/27/12 6:57am

Hey ..i weigh about 133 pounds and have a height of about 5 feet 5 inches........i have a lot of flab on my tummy and my butt and thigh! I was also operated around 3 months ago.......I wanted to know whether this exercise will help me reduce weight and also help me tone down my thigh and butt along with a flatter tummy! I also have a healthy diet comprising of fruits like oranges, musk melons and water melons... I have no refined food and eat only whole grain food. i also eat a lot of fish and eggs!


09/25/12 8:36pm

I did this workout after doing your HIIT like a girl workout and MAN I REALLY got a workout! Thank you thank you! Val


09/18/12 1:29pm

does this make your butt bigger?


09/07/12 1:32am

how many calories do you burn???? :(

fitness blender

08/06/12 8:23pm

@ mjay - Yep, as long as it doesn't cause you any extra discomfort - exercise can even help with cramps a lot of times.


07/30/12 7:50am

All the workouts in this website, is it alright to do them when you have your monthly periods?
Thanks for the amazing bunch of videos guys.

fitness blender

07/11/12 10:44pm

@zuhanis You definitely want to talk to your doctor about that one. I would recommend talking to them before doing any more strenuous lower body workouts just to be safe.


07/11/12 7:41am

thanks for your videos, am new to your site and find it really superb as to how you give info about each exercise so am able to decide which ones to do especially as am a hostel dweller with no equipments and really a beginner.
i had a quick question, as i began exercisin 4-5 months back i unknowingly injured my left knee. it gives no problem except when i'm supposed to put weight on it as in lunges, and so am unable to go down much. would it affect my workout intensity? do i stand to do more damage?


07/11/12 1:00am

I just found you guys on Youtube, and decided to actually join the website because I absolutely love the videos I've seen so far, I'm really excited about trying them out an getting into the best shape I can possibly be in!


05/23/12 10:56am

can i just say that this website is amazing?? these videos are so perfect. the best i have found online. and for free? thank you so much!!!!


04/24/12 3:09am

thanks for the free video


04/19/12 8:57pm

Really liked this one! Next time I think I'll do 2 or 3 rounds to get a full workout in! Today I did it with your 10 Min Abs Workout.


02/10/12 6:28pm

This is an awesome routine!. I have to say I was kind of glad when the phone rang and I had to stop..... it was burning a little! Enjoyed hearing a sweet female voice coaching me along. Keep up the great work , cant wait too see what you have coming up next!

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