Total Body Boot Camp – Bodyweight Workout to Tone Up Fast

Workout Details

This routine started off as one that was intended to really target those glute and thigh muscles. However, as it developed it became a workout that was very dynamic in that not many muscle groups were spared with the exercises that we used.

The 26 minutes of this routine will definitely get your heart rate up, almost as if you were doing a full blown cardio workout. The best part is that while you are burning calories as if you were doing cardio, you are doing movements that require functional strength and agility, so you are toning up at the same time.

We recommend that you do 5 minutes of warm up cardio before jumping into this workout.

Workout Breakdown:
• 8 Bodyweight Exercises
• 50 Seconds per Exercise
• 3 Rounds through

Burpees with Side Leg Raises – Start in a standing position and shoot your feet backwards to go down into a full plank, then bring your feet back up to your hands, stand back up (as you would with a burpee), but instead of jumping upwards do a side leg raise with each leg. Balance, core strength, control over your own body, and a decent cardio threshold are all “must haves” for this move. We could list the muscle groups that it targets but there really aren’t many that it doesn’t engage.

• Ski Squats + Windmill Steps – Hold onto weights to make this one more challenging for your upper body (water bottles would work – you do not need much extra weight for this). This motion is similar to a slow-mo jumping jack, except that you have a Ski Squat (feet planted close together) in the center, and steps out to each side instead of simultaneous hopping of the feet apart. This is a great move for the glutes, inner and outer thighs, and upper body.

• Boxer Squats + Flutterkicks – Squat down and transfer your weight from one leg to the other as if you were ducking down to go underneath something. Once you get to the other side, stand up straight and do four hops of a “flutterkick” (jumping, switching which foot is in front of the other each time) before going back down into a low Boxer Squat.

• Twisted Mountain Climber + Leg Lifts – From a full plank position, hop and bring both feet up to either side of the body. Hop back into a full plank, then bring your feet up to the other side of your body. Return to a full plank, and then do a reverse leg lift on each leg before repeating the whole sequence over again. There are really no muscles that wont be crying out by the end of these 50 seconds.

• Bridge with Kicks – Lying on your back with your knees bent and feet on the ground, press upward through your heels to raise into a Bridge position. As soon as you reach the top of the motion, kick one leg out straight. Drop back down to hover over the floor before going back up into a Bridge and kicking with the opposite foot. You will feel this in your glutes, hamstrings, quads, abdominals and lower back.

• Double Jack Squats – Do 2 Jumping Jacks, and then jump forward into a squat. This is a very effective combo of a great bodyweight cardio exercise and one of the most effective lower body exercises out there.

• Crossover Toe Tap Leg Lifts – From a full push up position, do two leg lifts; one that is straight up, and the other that comes back down to tap the ground on the outside of the opposite foot. Once you have done both of the leg lifts, switch to repeat the same thing on the other leg. Focus on squeezing at the top of both of the leg lift positions.

• Reverse Lunge Skips – Step backwards to drop down into a Reverse Lunge. Push back up from the lunge and drive that knee upwards into a high skip. This one is great for the lower body and for bringing up the caloric burn of this routine.

How many calories does this burn?
In 26 minutes, this bodyweight cardio and toning blend burns roughly 8-13 calories a minute. That is 208-338 calories in under half an hour. These numbers have been estimated for a woman weighing 130 and a man weighing 180. Keep in mind that if you are heavier than the numbers used for calculating this range, you may expend energy at a higher rate than we have listed here.

Make sure that you cool down and stretch thoroughly after doing this workout.


puppet83 Blender Account

Thank you for this workout!! I love it, you can feel it working for the rest of the day!
I wanted to ask if you are planning to make another pilates video for legs? (like the one you already have)

fitness blender Blender Account

Puppet - We will make another Pilates leg workout. Watch for it soon!

zebnanna64 Blender Account

Yikes!! This workout rocks! I can't believe how quickly and effectively each exercise gets my heart rate into a fat burning less than one minute, wow.
Great workout, guys.

jurate Blender Account

Dear Daniel and Kelli, just wanted to thank you for this amazing website. I discovered it only recently but it is already becoming my new favorite! And this workout is amazing. I thought I was quite fit but had to really push myself hard to finish. I am afraid now to try difficulty 5! :D
Thank you once again!

fitness blender Blender Account

Jurate - Thank you & we are so thrilled to hear that our website is your new favorite. We only have plans to put out more workouts so stick around & you'll never run out of new & challenging routines. Thank you for choosing us out of all of the other options out there! -Kelli & Daniel

archu.b Blender Account

Dear Daniel and Kelli, you guyz are doing an amazing job. I recently had a baby and ofcourse during the course my weight has reached 90 kilos. I started with the 8 weeks Fat Loss Program to Lose weight, it's a week now and I am already noticing changes. I have 2 questions

1) I had epidural, so will these exercises in this program affect my lower back?
2) My knees are hurting especially when i am doing jumping jacks and twisted mountain climbers, is there any alternative exercise for me?

Thank you

fitness blender Blender Account

@archu.b - Talk to your doctor about the first one. If your knees are bothering you, try our lower impact workouts for a while, we have many!

Ilsa Google Account

is this a HIIT workout?

skinny Blender Account

Wow!!! This is a great training! It was so hard and it really pushed my limits.
Thank you!

rose-c Blender Account

[2013-03-26] I'm enjoying working through the 8 Week Programme and I have a question: Do you have alternatives for the burbie and twisted mountain extercises, please? My hands and wrists won't allow me to put my hand on the floor even with any weight bearing involved (the wall stretches are difficult but I can modify those).
The windmill steps are what I use instead of jumping jacks :o)
Thanks for the great routines - Day 5 completed and looking forward to these tomorrow.

chantied86 Blender Account

I love your workouts :D but I can't do the twisted mountain climber yet, too difficult. Any recommendations on what I can do as an alternate or replacementt for it?

erika.warner1 Facebook Account

Thoroughly hated this video but I finished it even when I wanted to quit after the first round.

ogo.okafor.7 Facebook Account

I'm on day 6 of my 8 week programme. I don't feel this went that well for me. Still very sore from previous day and surfing (if you know what I mean). Not giving up though!

shanklin4 Blender Account

How many times a week should I do total body toning

starface22 Blender Account

I'm on day 6 and I weighed myself and haven't even loss one pound why

daenerys Blender Account

I haven't loss any pound as well, although I've eating healty..But I'm feeling good so far, let's continue and see..:)

starface22 Blender Account

well all i can say is keep going and don't get discourage i wrote that comment 3 months ago and i lost 12 pounds and im still going

starface22 Blender Account

And I have been counting calories and eating way healthier than ever

tonyawells Blender Account

Great workout, really worked up a sweat. The Windex ads are still getting really old though. Why doesn't it at least rotate ads?

ammarque Blender Account

This is a great workout routine, I love how it forces your entire body to be engaged and keeps the movement going! Thanks so much for the fantastic free videos, you guys seriously rock! keep it up!

sophie.kohut Blender Account

brutal! but its surprising how far you can push your self... im doing program 1 and its weird how flutter kicks on day 5 were beyond hard but in this video they were the easiest! the human body is an amazing thing! thanks guys looking forward to what is yet to come!

1peterlight Blender Account

you guys are awesome. I have never been able to stick to routines because I am a hound for variety. The only joy I ever got from working out was watching the scale move. I love your workouts, I love being surprised everyday by something new and never imagined I would be able to carve out an hour for exercise, but I soooo enjoy it now!!!!! Because there is so much XOXOvarietyXOXO everyday I know I have gotten a FULL body workout and it is never routine! What I love and appreciate even more though is your empathy. It is always clear in these videos that you two relate to the rest of us, and have a real desire to see us get fit. Thanks for the awesome videos and helping me get healthy :-)

1peterlight Blender Account

Also today was my first way in, roughly 2 weeks in and the scale moved up 4 lbs. Normally this would defeat me. But I was shockingly unalarmed. I just knew I have been working too hard and this was probably from DOMS, and that it WILL change. So I am really guessing it is all these endorphins from your workouts keeping me cool and rational :-) Which makes for a happier home all the way around. God bless you.

1peterlight Blender Account

*weigh in

Consciously Google Account

Muscle tissue is heavier than fat. The fact that scale moves up a bit means absolutely nothing. The scale weighs total body weight, but it is the fat proportion that counts and that we try to lower with exercise. As you exercise more, you will probably get more (heavy) muscle. What you could do is measure your waist and see if there hopefully are any changes over time. Or ignore it all together. :) (My expert approach, lol.)

Consciously Google Account

I do not consider myself completely out of shape, but this exercise gave me soreness for two days (cannot really walk up or down the stairs much)... I was obviously very thorough ...

1peterlight Blender Account

I appreciate your response. I am on day 23, it has not been straight, weekends I do some other forms of exercise, but I am more discouraged than ever. My legs have gotten bigger! I've posted on Facebook hoping for some advice. I don't know if I'm getting too much strength in or what. I am not giving up, just was expecting something by now :( I have restricted my diet as well.

costewart Blender Account

They were definitely not joking about sweating bullets during this workout! I felt like I needed to be putting deodorant all over my body. I can say I was sweating in areas I didn't even know could sweat!

RomyAithne Google Account

The twisted mountain climbers killed me! I'm on day 8 (workout 6) of the 8 week program and feeling great!!!

mizzshyganstagrrl177 Google Account

This workout was intense!! I am super soaked in sweat, but glad I did this workout despite the struggle. Feeling fabulous!

joyce444 Blender Account

Daniel & Kelli first of all thank you for creating this website and the programs you do. I just signed up with your 8 week program and i'm just finishing day 5 and really enjoy all the videos so far. .

I have a few questions, i'm new to working out, is it bad to do workout if were really sore from the previous day?

also how long should the optional cardio day be? i wasn't sure?

ka.vanh.7 Facebook Account

Great workout. Lots of sweat and the exercises were fun to do and very varied. Thanks for putting up this program.

clara.quan.9 Facebook Account

Will I lose less weight if I took longer breaks?

Jordan Google Account

I only did up to round 2 and am sweating bullets, I'm doing what I can and listening to my body. This program is intense. Now time for the home abdominal workout!!

half_pint Blender Account

I am on day 6 of the first 8 week program. This was the sweatiest I have gotten so far! Thanks for the videos!

natalier62707 Blender Account

I have done almost all of your workouts and found this one by accident today. Wow!!!! Kicked my butt!!! Love these quick ones!

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