Lower Body HIIT For Strong Legs - Fitness Blender HIIT Man Workout

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This HIIT routine, designed to increase strength and endurance in the legs, is quick and easy to follow but anything but easy to complete. You will find that no matter how much endurance you have this workout will push you to your limits and then some. Keep in mind however that like any workout routine you ultimately control the overall difficulty level. So, if you are new to HIIT then take the easy way out and rest when you need to as many times as you need to. If you are a HIIT veteran on the other hand, then be sure to push yourself to the max every second and don’t stop unless your legs are giving out on you.

To make sure you are always pushing yourself more and more try running through this routine once a week improving upon the last time you did it by making it through each exercise just a few more seconds before you have to take a break. If you can make it all the way through with me then do your best to move more quickly than I do, with cleaner form and more range of motion. As you get more and more tired your body will find every way it can to cheat and make the exercise you are doing easier. Try to focus on form first and time in between rest breaks second. For example, you will get more out of the total routine if you have close to perfect form and have to take multiple rest breaks rather than force yourself through the whole time with bad form. Good form with full range of motion is always best.

I should warn all of those how do this routine that if you push yourself through this routine you will be very sore the next day or two ...or four. To keep that soreness to a minimum be sure to stretch, drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after, and be sure to refuel with small portions of carbohydrates every 20-30 minutes for the next hour to two hours after you are done.

Because of the nature of this routine you can expect to burn a very high amount of calories as well as benefit from an elevated calorie burn for the next 24 to 48 hours. The calorie burn you can expect from just the routine itself (not its residual burn) is anywhere from 13 to 18 calories a minute averaged out over the entire routine (including the warm up) so total for this routine you can expect to burn 364-504 calories just in the 28 minutes it takes you to complete this routine not including the residual burn that can easily tally up to 1000 extra calories over the next two days.

Lower Body HIIT For Strong Legs Structure:
2.5 Min Warm up
17 Min HIIT intervals
9 Min Burn out

Warm Up:
20 sec - Deep Squat (body weight only)
20 sec - Standing Toe Touch Kick Alternating
20 sec - Up and Out Knees (Slow)
20 sec - High Knees (Slow)
60 sec - Jumping Jacks

HIIT Workout Structure: (2x per group)
45 High Intensity
45 Medium Intensity
30 Sec Active Rest

Group 1
High Knees
Jumping Jacks
Jog in Place

Group 2
Pulse Squat Jump
Jumping Jacks
Jog in Place

Group 3
Lateral Jumps
Jumping Jacks
Jog in Place

Group 4
Jumping Lunges
Jumping Jacks
Jog in Place

Burn Out Structure: 2 Minutes of Each Exercise Straight with 10 Seconds rest between exercises.
Wall Jump
Alternating Lunge and Squat
Shoulder Bridges
Straight Leg Dead Lift (Body Weight)


rachelconrardy Blender Account


kylosius Blender Account

I am in the military and I need to be in relatively decent shape for my job. This made me reconsider how in shape I really am (as have many of your videos). Thanks for the videos!

yasmine1016 Blender Account

Oh my! I've been doing your workouts consistently for some time, and I must say this one was a crazy challenge! I got a side stitch in the beginning that wouldn't quit, so that didn't help. I loved it! As stay at home mom who loves working out but can't get out much, your workouts are a godsend. Thank you!!!

dilbretta Blender Account

I feel stupid to ask, but better ask than remain in dark. What does HIIT stand for? My guess....High Intensity...?

tmk Blender Account

High Intensity Interval Training! Good guess :)

sfscott Blender Account

Those jump lunges burn me every time. Great resource here.

maggiemclennan Blender Account

I literally was almost crying near the end of this

suzie25 Blender Account

High intensity interval training@ dilbretta

iscah727 Blender Account

That was crazy! In a good way. My legs are screaming!

dmartinson Blender Account

Wow! This is an intense workout! I made it through the whole workout but not without a few curse words lol. :) Your HIIT workouts are just what I've been looking for to take my fitness to the next level. Thank you!

wgorman Blender Account

Day 4 of workout plan, what a great workout!

hollyrae Blender Account

OMG this was hard for me, lol but I trudged through. Appreciate the voice-over so much, for encouragement in keeping going; for stating where my focus should be, and what form I should be striving for.

amomoh Blender Account

I finished! :)

jeanettes Blender Account

Love this one! And you weren't kidding about feeling sore. Great HIIT workout!

klt2690 Blender Account

I finished! I think this is the hardest workout I've done on here! Feelin good :)

Ilsa Google Account


lauren.elizabeth.9047506 Facebook Account

I do this once a week and feel sore for 3 days after every time I do it! Awesome, thanks!

siouxzan Blender Account

wow, could not do this one as you did. I had to modify alot. Will keep trying! Anyone else having difficulty lately with the videos? Every time I try to do them (I am on day 4 of the Round two 8week program) they start, stop then restart on (backtracking about 3-4seconds) off and on during the video. It is very frustrtating! Ideas? thanks

greybro Blender Account

I had the exact same problem. I thought it was my old android tablet, and the video buffering. I puased it near the start to about 10 scondw, and that seemed to help.

linimae Blender Account

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, for those who asked. (:

Gabriela Google Account

Wow, I just did this as my "cardio" day, after a heavy leg and back day yesterday. Makes me question my sanity….I loved this in that sick and twisted way as Kelly mentions in a few videos haha :D

fitgamergirl Blender Account

Fantastic HIIT workout this morning. This has to be in my top 3 favorite workouts. This had me sweating like mad and my legs were definitely screaming. Love all your level 5 workouts, ESPECIALLY this one. What a killer. Just switched lateral jumps to double butt kicks and took a little bit less rest. Workout has me ready for the day ahead, and probably sore for the day ahead. I'm already feeling it! Great job Kelly and Daniel! You guys rock! Now time for a cool down.

fitgamergirl Blender Account


chantal7777 Blender Account

I'm 49 and I did the whole thing, including the burn out rounds, no cheating, I'm so proud, now on to the next two videos to finish workout #31 in the 8 week program part 2!

jagkeyes Blender Account

This is one of my favorite workouts. It's one of the first FB workouts I ever did. When I first attempted it I couldn't finish the intervals without taking breaks but now I am strong enough that I add weights into some of the burnout round exercises. One of my favorite aspects of this workout is how much it challenges my cardio endurance. The back to back 45 second rounds right into a 30 second active rest is fantastic. Thanks Daniel and Kelli for all the workouts, fitness tips, motivation and positive attitude. You guys rock!

virruzz75 Blender Account

this was super the Pulse Squat Jumps were a killer. My legs are still screaming.

arfangs Blender Account

oh...my...god I cursed at both of you so much during this crazy thing xD I usually do level 3, and get killed on level 4 but do them anyway but this one...got a stitch at the beginning but it went away, once I used 40 sec of active rest instead of 20 and couldn't quite well finish the shoulder bridge burnout (lacked 10 sec because I had a huge cram in my butt lol!) but...I DID IT...only crazy people do that...crazy people I tell you! xD I actually like when my muscles hurt and burn but not when my lungs burn, I hate that feeling! Well done guys! You are the definite masters of sadomasochism xD Love your website!!

tayna611 Blender Account

I have worked out with you guys regularly for over a year now and it has come the time that I rarely get my butt and thighs sore though I always try to push myself.. That is until I did this workout along with your "Build a Booty Workout" two days ago! Right after I finished it was just ok, but a few hours in and I was really tired! The day afterwards (yesterday) my butt has never been more sore!!! I mean it hurts to sit down! And today? I am still sore! That's how great this workout is!... Giving it another shot next week, definitely!

Gaby Google Account

This one is saved under my favorites! It gets me every time, I love it. Thanks Daniel and Kelli.

sophie.marion2 Facebook Account

I'm not a man but I loved this workout!

apples'n'endorphins Blender Account

I'm a 16 year old girl and this was absolutely brutal. Was nearly crying by the end of those jumping lunges, nearly crying but I did it!! Kind of proud of myself :) Thanks Kelli and Daniel for always keeping us (and probably yourself by creating and filming these workouts) challenged ! xx

greybro Blender Account

39 Year old bloke trying to get into reasonable shape - those jumping lunges..... pure painl

erika.warner1 Facebook Account


connybpositive Blender Account

Great workout! And I would say: great for Girls as well :-)

xluvando Blender Account

Why is it called "man workout" ? I'm a lady and I finished it! Anyway, those jumping lunges are crazy! Great workout :)

xluvando Blender Account

I have very muscular legs, will this workout make my legs more bulky if I do it twice a week?

jonnyrun Blender Account

Im a 13 year old and i have to say im proud to have finished that with only a 30 sec unincluded additional break. It's all about mental toughness! Where your mind goes your body follows, where your body leads, your mind chases.

Andrea Google Account

It says that this is a "man workout", and men usually like to mass build... would this also be a good workout for women who want to slim down? Anyways, it looks very challenging, and I'm about to accept that challenge in a minute. :-)

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