Comprehensive Total Body HIIT Cardio and Core Workout

Workout Details

We always suggest that you do a warm up before your workout and a cool down afterward but we usually leave you to pick and choose each component for yourself. With this routine however we have taken the guess work out of the equation for you by providing a complete exercise program with every component you need for a safe and effective bout of physical activity. In this 40 minute routine we will take you through a warm up, a HIIT workout, a short core workout, and then a relaxing stretch & cool down to cover every aspect of a comprehensive workout.

We have also included a calorie burn bar to show you not only how far along you are in the workout in general but also how many calories you burn on average throughout the entire program. We know that everyone is different as far as how many calories they burn with any give workout so we have set a range of calorie expenditure from high to low. Though some people will fall outside of this range, over 90% of you will fall somewhere between the high and low calorie burn. So what is the actually calorie burn? With this entire routine you can average anywhere from 8.1 to 11.6 calories per minute giving you a total burn of 325 to 465 total calories burnt over the course of this 40 minute workout.

The Following is a transcript from the video above outlining what exercises were used and in what order. Each section has a brief description of how the exercises were combined, and time limits or repetitions used. Feel free to print and use this written program when you do not have access to our videos online.

Warm Up:
Do each motion for 30 seconds except for the last which should be done for 60 seconds.

High Knee March
Standing Crisscross Crunches
Torso Circles
Up and Out Hops
Fly Jacks
Lateral Jumps

HIIT Tabata Workout:
Do each group of two exercises in an AA BB pattern twice through for a total of 4 minutes. Each individual set is 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off and will be done a total of 4 times per exercise.

High Knees
Quick Feet

Traveling Mt. Climbers
Plyometric Push Ups

Star Jumps
Butt Kickers

Static Runners
Hillbilly Squats

Jumping Lunges
Plank Walks

Core Workout:
Do 20 repetitions of each exercise. All are a single count except for the Russian twist which is counted only on one side of the twist (or double count each side 1, 1, 2, 2,... etc.)

Jackknife Crunches
Back Bows
Side Hip Raises (Left & Right)
Russian Twists

Cool Down:
Do each stretch for 30 seconds each on both sides (if it has a left and right). Hold the stretch static keeping a constant stretch by trying to gently push further throughout the allotted time. Do not pulse or bounce and do not do a second workout after this stretch as it will temporarily loosen your joints and increase chase of injury. Wait for at least 3 hours before doing another workout or do your next workout first then come back to do this stretch component.

Crossover Hamstring Stretch (Left & Right)
Quadriceps Stretch (Left & Right)
Center Hamstring Stretch
Inside Thigh Stretch (Left & Right)
Seated Hamstring and Torso Stretch (Left & Right)
Seated Butterfly
Deep Glute Stretch (Left & Right)
Torso Rotation Stretch (Left & Right)


zebnanna64 Blender Account

I did it!! This was super challenging, but you offer some great modifications, thanks so much.

d_town Blender Account

This is CRAZY. I don't know how you get through it so smoothly.

josa_herrera Blender Account

Lol. I think that might have been harder than giving birth. I went through the whole thing, but I had to cheat more often than I'd like to admit. Maybe not the best choice for my first workout here. Think I'll backtrack with some easier routines and work my way up. Thanks, though!

kdipiet10 Blender Account

This workout truly worked me really really hard. Pretty much kicked my ass. But it was exactly what I needed over winter break when I don't have access to a gym! Thanks for these awesome workouts!

renuka Blender Account

This latest workout is awesome! I can always count on you guys to kick my butt and provide a good workout! Your workouts are so thorough, fun (if you consider sweating from head to toe fun). Keep up the good work...look forward to more butt kicking workouts!

rilithil Blender Account

Me encantan los vídeos con una rutina completa. Perfecto

markodonoghue Blender Account

Great's killer. Amazing free service, love the HIIT and Kettlebell workouts. Keep up the great work.

steph555 Blender Account

This is my favorite workout so far. I love it! I've done it dozens of times. I swear it's responsible for getting back to my pre pregnancy weight. So thankful for it! I love the structure of it and since I do it probably once or twice a week, sometimes I modify the exercises a little to spice it up.

steph555 Blender Account

It would be awesome if you made an "advanced" version of this where the intervals are 30 seconds and maybe 30 reps for the abs. Sometimes this one kills me and sometimes I have more time and energy left over.

terezita Google Account

i thought after doing this workout i could still do another workout......sadly im wrong. :D

luckyramu Blender Account

Nice workout. I was whipped by the end. Thanks for the cooldown at the end too.

omarehab Blender Account

How many times per week can/should I do this routine?

chantal7777 Blender Account

I love the format, the count down timer on the bottom right and calorie burn bar are fantastic. I chose this one as my optional cardio on day 20 of the original 8 week program. I like the short bursts of high intensity. Thanks for the great workout and the very professional video quality.

mariac Blender Account


František Google Account

Hello Daniel, really nice workout, many thanks.
When I was doing this workout for the first time I found myself struggling with breath and heart rate during this workout more than with strength. Is it OK, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

klydro Blender Account

Struggling with your breath and a pounding heart rate is normal for a HIIT workout. That is because you are working in an anaerobic threshold instead of aerobic which essentially means moving without oxygen! Just remember to fill up on carbs before you do this workout as well as hydrate really well. Then the same after, simple carbs to fill up your glycogen levels. Good luck!

mary_momi Blender Account


yeti Blender Account

I love this one as an all-around workout. It is a killer too!

rey Blender Account

That glute stretch......ahhhhhhhhhhhh 😌awesome workout! Love you fitnessblender ❤

holly.wilkins.330 Facebook Account brutal :D in the good way! I need someone to force me. If I don't like doing a particular workout, then I know it was good for me. I must be the only 53 yr old in my small town doing (trying to do) Star Jumps this morning, I'm glad no one was watching me...thanks for another thorough workout!

kma lana Blender Account

thanx for another sweat buster, did side plank hip dips with legs extended. Plyo push ups were a B****, especially after did back and chest strength workout yesterday. Love you guys:-))))))

mags.turner84 Facebook Account

Starting week 7 off with a bang! AWESOME...

orourkesullivan Facebook Account

I found this today and said, YAY! I am still thrilled with myself for having finished and gotten through it ALL. And I figured I might be sore tomorrow but -- it didn't wait that long! I am sore today! LOL. I think this is the hardest workout I have done to date. And I loved it!

rosanna.bonaccurso.5 Facebook Account

Dripping with sweat! Brilliant!

dordons Blender Account

Came back to this yesterday.... Oldie but goodie. That AABB x2 format is a killer, in a good way. Glutes wanted to stay in bed this morning hahahaha ! Today upper body for sure

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