Booty Shaper Workout - Exercises for a Bigger Butt

Workout Details

Our 26 minute lower body workout targets the thighs and 3 different glute muscles (minimus, maximus, and medius) comprehensively to whip the glutes into a rounder, firmer shape quickly.

Fitness Blender’s Workout for a Bigger Butt works, and you can get even more dramatic results, faster, if you hold onto weights while you do these exercises (where applicable). For example, on the static squats or ski squat marches, holding weights just above your shoulders will increase the demand on the glutes, which can help make them more round and shapely.

Workout Structure & Exercises:
We have eight different exercises in this video, and we do three rounds of the entire routine. Before each exercise interval starts, you will see a slow motion, black and white demo version of the next exercise.

Stutter Step Pulls – Holding a half squat through all of the repetitions will have your glutes and thighs burning by the end. Adding the arm motions in bumps up the cardiovascular benefit and calorie burn a bit.

Squats + Front Kicks – Focus on doing a deep squat before coming back up to kick one leg out in front of your body. Hold weights over your shoulders to make this an especially effective exercise to get a rounder butt.

Static Ski Squat + Alternating lifts – This is another exercise where the challenge and glute toning benefit is increased by the static hold of a squat throughout the movement. Carefully lifting that leg behind your body lifts the butt and helps reform the large glute muscles.

Butterfly Bridges – Kick your knees out so that the soles of your feet are pressed together – this more effective targets the glutes (as opposed to a traditional bridge). You will also feel this in your inner and outer thighs. Make the exercise harder by not actually letting yourself rest on the ground during repetitions.

Static Ski Squat March – Hold weights right above your shoulders while you march in that squat in order to make the exercise harder and increase the size of your butt.

Static Squat + Alternating Step Backs – If your butt and thighs were not already weeping, they might be after this one. Use slow and controlled motions to kick just one leg back behind your body as you stay in a squat the entire time.

Squat Pulses – Stay low and pulse 4-6 inches at the bottom of the squat motion. Hold onto those weights and you will get a bigger butt faster. If you have to take a break & shake your legs out, do so, but go right back into the exercises asap.

Standing Outside Thigh Raises – You will feel this in the outside thigh of the leg that is being lifted, and in the glute of the leg that is maintaining your balance. Make sure that you don’t use wild kicks to complete this motion, you want smooth lifts that you are in complete control over (no momentum!).

How many calories does this workout burn?
This routine will burn between 208 and 312 calories, depending on your weight, gender, muscle mass, how hard you work, whether or not you hold onto weight while you do these exercises, and more.

How often should I do this routine?
Doing this routine between 3-4 times a week is a good start to getting a rounder butt and burning a lot of extra calories while you’re at it. We also recommend that you mix up the training that you do – examples of good routines that target the same muscle groups in different ways are our Booty Boot Camp, Fitness Blender’s Butt Lifting Workouts, and our Curvy Body Workout (to name just a few).

Remember, if your muscles are sore, give them a rest by doing just cardio or a routine that targets the upper body.


monette Blender Account

This workout is brutal. I've done most of your thigh and butt workouts but this is the hardest. I would rate it a 4. I'm sweating like a pig. Thank you for your amazing videos!

fitness blender Blender Account

Thanks for the feedback, I just might have to change it to a 4/5 difficulty level :)

alesha89 Blender Account

Hey there Im a small gal all I want is a bigger butt and gain muscle. I don't want to lose weight though while doing this I cant afford to. What can I do?

penelope Blender Account

Hiya, I have just come across you on Youtube and I am really excited!! I can not wait to start some of your workouts. Quick Question, I want to build bigger butt like Kim Kardashian but I really dont know where to start... You have a few butt workouts like the brazilian butt lift, booty camp and booty shaper but which one exactly will give me a nice big plump rear??? I am so confused, I will be starting on the butt shaper today anyway and I'll keep you posted..again, thank-you for this wonderful site!!! :):):)

fitness blender Blender Account

Hi Penelope! The combo of routines that you just mentioned would be ideal for getting a butt that is rounder and better shaped. Do one of them 3-4 times a week, along with regular cardio (and don't neglect the upper body!) and you will start to see results in as little as 2 weeks. -Kelli

penelope Blender Account

hi done this workout on friday, it is INTENSE my rear looks more plump already, the squat pulses r soooo hard but i love it i can really feel it workin in my butt and quads, thank-you sooo much fitnessblender, will be integrating this workout into my routine!!

fitness blender Blender Account

Hey Penelope that's awesome, so glad you like it! It definitely works!

ada2907 Blender Account

Hi, i love your videos. I just have a question, will this workout really make my booty bigger? i already have a big booty but i want it bigger, also do the brazilian buttlift workout and want to add this video to my workout routine. I just want to know if this will make it bigger.

lala Blender Account

I've done this routine a few times...but I'm not sure if I might be doing something wrong because I do not feel the "burn." Only one that makes me feel the burn is the squat pulses...could I be doing something wrong?

fitness blender Blender Account

Lala -How is your form? It may be that your squats are not deep enough or slow enough. Even a pretty fit person should feel the "burn" of this workout, so I would suspect that your form is incorrect. If all else fails, you could always add extra weight, but I would suggest that you make sure your form is correct, first.

lala Blender Account

Thank you! I've focused on making sure my form is correct. I definitely have seen results!

fitness blender Blender Account

Lala - Glad to hear it. Form makes a huge difference!

adriana3 Blender Account

thanks for this amazing workout im already seeing results! But i have a question, can this workout be done with ankle wights?

fitness blender Blender Account

Adriana - Yes, you can definitely use ankle weights, it will just make it that much harder & effective.

liz16 Blender Account

Hello!How much do I have to wait to see results? how many weeks/months?

fitness blender Blender Account

Hi Liz - You can start to notice a difference in as little as 2-3 weeks when you start working out regular and eating healthy.

hstitham Blender Account

ive been doing this work out for about a liittle under a week and it only burns right above my knees im wondering if im doing it wrong?

fitness blender Blender Account

@hstitham It's likely that your form is wrong. Make sure that you are following the cues - you can always go use our individual exercise videos (for the most basic moves) to make sure that you are doing the exercises right.

queena.razana Blender Account

I'd like to thank you for these amazing workouts you post
Though I have a question!
I'd like to do 3 days a week of lower body training somehow intense, mixing 2 or 3 videos of yours
Should I repeat the same videos on my lower body days? or I can have 3 different workout routines for my lower body days that doesn't necessarily include the same exercises?
Bottom line, stick to one routine or always surprise my body to get better results? if sticking to one routine which one of your lower body routines do you recommend the most?
I'm 22 female 120 lbs 5'5, hour glass shape body, mesomorph with a hint of endomorph body type
I used to work out regularly for couple years and now its been 3 months of slacking off
Thank you

fitness blender Blender Account

@queena.razana - You can mix it up as often as you like. You wont do any harm by doing a different lower body workout each time - make sure you are doing upper body as well!

cupcake Blender Account

I tried this exercise last night and boy was it a mentioned for two of the workouts I
Can add weights but I'm not sure where to hold them at my side or on my shoulders??

fitness blender Blender Account

@cupcake Over your shoulders or at your sides are both okay, over your shoulders may be better in terms of making it easier to keep your weight in your heels.

jelena Blender Account

Hi,i mst say that you are a great inspiration,and i love yours workouts :) I just have a question for you,i want to gain weight,but not in fat,in muscles,and i would like to build up the butt,to be bigger. Can you give me some advice,about food and workouts? I'm doing this workout,and it's great,but is there some others that can help me to build up bigger glutes,and legs also? Thak you so much,greeting from Montenegro :)

bluebird4500 Blender Account

I want to make my whole lower body bigger. My hips, butt, thighs - it all. I have a tendency to get a little bit top heavy, although no greatly so. through exercise I am trying to re-balance my figure and it has been working so far - it little bit more of an hourglass!

My question is, to get bitter hips, butt, legs etc, should I be doing this whole routine for less reps? I am new to the whole exercise thing, but I thought I heard low reps = getting bigger muscles. Let me know if this routine is just what I need or whether I should modify it.

Thanks so much!

bluebird4500 Blender Account

*woops meant biGGer, not biTTer ;p

singerchick Blender Account

Definitely gonna try this!! Need it!
I got some questions though:
Which of your videos would help me lose stomach fat the fastest without getting a six pack? (I think six packs look too manly, not feminine. Toned is good though!)

What about love handles and lower back fat? I wanna get more defined hips and waist, but I don't want a flat line down the side of my body. :)

I guess u could say I'm going for a hourglass, bikini ready, sexy body.

Which videos?

sugguh Blender Account

Quick question. Im 129 lbs and just started exercising. I want to focus on my abs and butt. Does it matter how much food i eat or what i eat. I m pretty healthy and use alot of fresh foods but i do love my sweet tooth. I actually want to tone my mid and create a bigger bottom
half. I m not fat or have a horrible shape i just need to tone and lose a few inches any suggestions? I have a low waist and no butt

sheenaflannery Blender Account

Hi, I am new to this site and immediately found a programme that I was looking for. I have a question. Can you help me form a workout schedule (1 week) that would include, this workout and the Curvy Body Workout while mixing in Booty Boot Camp and Butt Lifting Workout? I know it is suggested to give your muscles a rest for a day or two. I would greatly appreciate it.

ash94 Blender Account

hi i was thinking about doing this workout but having an ankle weight on my left ankle because my right glute is bigger than my left. my right one always feels like its getting worked out though and when i sit down i can feel that it is bigger. im not sure if it muscle or bone. do you think doing this would help even things out ?

marlenelizabeth Blender Account

I see that you have multiple work out for the butt and thighs. I'm targeting those areas to gain weight (bigger, rounder butt and toned thighs). But which one is best? Thank you for your time and your astounding site!

laneyy Blender Account

Hi out of this video,Brazillian workout,Booty camp,and Booty Shaper whuch one would give you the plumpest butt?

flora_456 Blender Account

hey great work out! really had me panting! how long would it take to see results? and do these just lift the butt or make it bigger as well? (with out using weights lets say)

rosalind2 Blender Account

How often should you do this particular workout?

itskittykath Blender Account

So I'm gonna start doing these work outs this week! Is there any tips for me cause I always get exhausted when I do workouts :(

achmin Blender Account

Hi, really liked all ur workouts..... Very inspiring.iam 32 and I hav a flat butts and thighs.would like to hav bigger hips and thighs. My lower body is very thin as compare to the lower part,I don't feel confident when I wear jeans. I like to have a nice figure with great butts.So, I would really appreciate if you could suggest me some good exercises for gettingbig butts. Thanx. Mini.

joe marie Blender Account

hi! ive tried some of your workouts and they're all great. i also want to try this bigger butt workout but the problem is i have big thighs and i heard that squats are not good if you have big thighs . is there any other workout to have rounder and bigger butt without doing squats?

mmb10g Blender Account

Thank you so much!!! Awesome awesome awesome stuff!!

rose-c Blender Account

Yay! Great exercise :o) Thanks

catv Blender Account

I've read on some of your other workouts that it's harder for women to gain muscle. Since the butt is a muscle would you say it's fairly difficult for most women to gain more size in that area? I'd like to gain more muscle in my butt, but at the same time I'd like to be realistic about what kind of results I can expect to see. Thanks!

Stephanie Google Account

Hey , I came across your YouTube videos and I have a question . I want a big butt like Jennifer Lopez or like Kim Kardashian and I was wondering do I do a different butt work-out everyday or a different butt work-out every week ?
-Stephanie Cee

caabaa Blender Account

Wow this is great I made it to the end first time and i can feel all the muscles really burning in a good way hope it works :)

mustafa.pasha.148 Facebook Account

i want to inquire that if i want to reduce the size of butt and legs can i also do the same exercise shown above

ada2907 Blender Account

Will this really make my booty bigger? I would really like to mix it up with one of your brazilian buttlift workout which is the workout i do everyother day (along with kettlebell cardio), i have a big booty but i want it rounder, a more bigger. Please let me know if this will make it bigger so i can add it as routine workout.

rina471 Blender Account

For the brazillian buttlift is that, that expensive one you have to buy? and does it really work?

Kayla Google Account

I love this workout! It's hard on my glutes every time. It even worked out my shoulders (due to the ventral arm movements), as they were sore the next day, too!

rina471 Blender Account

so how long should I be doing this till I start seeing results? and what kinds of foods should I be eating on a daily bases? one more question.. would ankle weights work for anything? or just the dumb bells?

dtmindyours Blender Account

Please, please revisit this page and answer some questions; a lot of the unanswered ones here about getting bigger butt and thighs also is what I'd like to know too...just found site thru Redbook mag and really loving the videos, you guys attitude and advice...thanx!

dtmindyours Blender Account

*meant getting bigger butt and HIPS prob w/ thighs getting bigger

sovichana.vann Facebook Account

NICE! A lot of balancing into this workout, it really does work those glutes. :)

brookerbarnes Blender Account

This booty workout is amazing!!!! I feel it in every booty muscle and can already feel a difference!!!

Cynthia Google Account

I have worked out before and my body looked great, but my butt did go away with all the lower body workouts... Im naturally thin and wonder if that has somthing to do with my results. Should i just add weight?

ingeb Blender Account

Hi Fitnessblender! Awesome videos!
I'm doing these videos to get my butt rounder and lifted, but I'm a little afraid to add weights on my shoulders because of these very musculair, "thick" shaped thighs you see on the legs of these squattergirls in the gym, I'd like my thighs to stay soft and feminine! Yet I want them strong and lean, but I don't want them to look so musculair and wide, I'm doing these lower body workout videos specifically for my butt :) I like my legs the way they are now. What should I do?
Greetings and THANK YOU for the great workouts, I'm hooked! Inge

shortkakez1 Blender Account

I have done this workout for a couple of days now. All three sections and I have been doing the pulse squats throughout the day. I feel sore in my calves and knees, but not in my butt or thighs. What am I doing wrong?

fatgirlslim115 Blender Account

similar experience except I feel it in my thighs but not in my glutes?!?

caprovost204 Blender Account

I am really skinny and have a hard time gaining weight, will these exercises still tone my butt and make it bigger?

Shwetha Google Account

hi am actually in day 28 8 week program . my question is already am having big but want reduce the size of it . but how can this workout help me in that ? i am worried to do this workout because i dont want increase the size plss help ..

qurat Blender Account

Hi i loved ur videoes.....i just wanna ask ,....r u serious about these calories burn in this workout,....its amazing.....and approx how much wt would loose such calories?

qurat Blender Account

I mean to say is that on 150 lb person who will loose such calories or more/less?thx

qurat Blender Account

Hey one this workout for the big butt making small and round....?or to make small butt big?plz help

monicamkeo Blender Account

How many times do we do this a week?

mary1234 Blender Account

Does this actually work?

aprillinja Blender Account

no need to do exercise for make butt bigger just put the booty wow which is help you to make your butt bigger and strong without any exercise and surgery.

chalo.rurua Facebook Account

yeah I think I'm dying :D

scadeleon Blender Account

Yeah, definitely agree. This workout is a killer. My butt always feels sore the next day after doing this workout.

scadeleon Blender Account

I commented on one of your vids that it was the best vid to get a bigger booty but I find this vid better! I do this exercise 5 times a week and I've noticed that my thighs became more toned and my butt is getting bigger in as little as 2 weeks. For those of you who would want a bigger booty, I'd highly recommend this video. Every exercise in this vid is a killer! Especially the squat pulses. My butt and thighs are sore like everyday! Lol. Thank you for this video Kelli. You are an inspiration!

chioma Google Account

I really woul luv to ve d vid for dis exercise but I dnt knw hw to. Pls I need to see how I can get a bigger butt tru dis vid. Tnx

Clarissa Google Account

Hi!!! Im in love with this work out. But can i do these with ankle weights???

Brian Google Account

Doing the 8 week program and wondering....Does anyone have a suggestion for people who don't possibly have the time to work out twice in one day? I barely have time to work out once working full time with 3 kids. I tried doing all the work out at once in the evening, but i wears me out! Any ideas??

Lexie Google Account

I don't mean to sound dumb but could you PLEASE help me? I have like, no all, I'm not even exaggerating. Will this really help? I have been doing squats for a while and see no result so that's really discouraging but I will try this. I just started to give up hope that it was possible.
Do you guys have any suggestions?

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