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This 33 Minute Beginner Kettlebell Workout is a great option for those who are brand new to this unique kind of training.

Kettlebell routines are recognized for burning a very high number of calories, all while building lean muscles. This video is no exception as it burns a good deal of energy and is also very well balanced in terms of muscle groups engaged.

While this is a workout designed for beginners, make sure that you start out with slow motions and a light weight. This is important with Kettlebell training as injuries can easily occur. As you become stronger and more comfortable with the movements, you can make increases in both the amount of weight that you are lifting and the speed at which you complete your repetitions.

Here’s a breakdown of the Kettlebell video:

Warm Up – 3 Minutes
• 1 Minute Jogging in Place
• 1 Minute Slow Butt Kickers + Crossover Arm Swings
• 1 Minute Jogging in Place + Forward & Backward Arm Swings

Full Length Kettlebell Workout Routine – 30 Minutes
Around the World – 20 Repetitions in each direction: Stand nice and tall with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and swing the Kettlebell around your body, passing it from hand to hand in a wide circle around your body to make the rotation. Go as quickly or slowly as you need to.

Kettlebell Figure 8’s – 14 Reps in each direction: Just like it sounds, you’re going to make a figure 8 around your legs. Focus on throwing the Kettlebell from hand to hand with your fingers facing towards one another. It’s a catching motion more than it is a passing-off. Start slowly with this exercise and speed the motion up once you become more confident.

Two Handed Kettlebell Swing – 20 Repetitions: Hold onto the weight with both hands, palms facing in towards your body. Go into a deep squat and use the power of your legs to drive the weight up to about shoulder height. Your shoulders will also be working to control the movement of the weight. Make sure that your back stays flat during this exercise.

Kettlebell Cleans – 14 Reps on each Side: Keeping your back flat, use the force from your legs to drive the Kettlebell upwards so that it lands on the outside of your forearm & bicep. Let it rest there just briefly before you drop it right back down for another rep. This one is great for your glutes, biceps, and shoulders.

Kettlebell Halos – 10 in each Direction: Hold onto the outside of the handle and bring it from one shoulder, behind your head, back down to the front of the opposite shoulder (making a halo shape). As soon as you reach the opposite side of your body, go back the other direction to end up where you started. Keep an even pace and keep the “halo” circle relative small and tight around your body.

Straight Leg Dead Lifts – 20 Reps: Keep a perfectly flat back and your legs straight. Use a slow and controlled motion to tip forward, so that the weight hangs dead a few inches from the ground, and then squeeze your glutes to come back up to a standing position. You will feel this predominately in your glutes and your lower back.

Squat Curls – 14 Reps: Dip into a deep squat, curling the Kettlebell at the bottom of the motion. Come back up from the squat, and let the weight hang as you extend your arms again. This is great for the upper body (particularly the biceps), the glutes, and thighs.

Bent Over Rows – 14 Repetitions on each Side: Again, you need a straight back for this one, aiming to keep your upper body parallel to the ground.

Our intro warm up is relatively short; you may want to do a bit more cardio to prep your muscles for the workout.

How many calories does Fitness Blender’s Kettlebell Routine for Beginners burn?
We estimate that this workout burns between 8-12 calories a minute, or 264-429 total; a person could very well burn more than that if they are lifting a heavy weight.

Make sure that you cool down and stretch thoroughly after this workout.


spa Blender Account

I really enjoyed this workout! Thank you so much for the amazing vids =).

wild88 Blender Account

ok guys i love this workout both me and my wife enjoy it, it works and is easy to follow thank you so much, from the thompson family.

michellepotter Blender Account

Is there a formula I can use to figure out how many calories this would burn for me if I weigh more than the 130 pounds you based your estimate on?

fitness blender Blender Account

@Spa - Thank you! @Wild89 - That is great that you & your wife workout together. It helps to have someone you care about to stay healthy with/for. @Michelle - The calorie burn range is 264-429 total and those ranges are based off of 130-185 lbs so it would be a percentage of whatever weight you were.

ghgilbert1 Blender Account

What weight level of kettle bell do you recommend for first timers?

fitness blender Blender Account

@ghgilbert1 As with any type of resistance training you should always start light, you may not stay there long but it will greatly lower your chances for injury. This goes double for Kettlebell training as it is very easy to injure your back if not done properly. With that said I would suggest starting with a 5-10 pound Kettlebell. If you have a strong back/core then you can probably start more towards the 10 pound but if you are not confident about your core strength then around a 5 lb Kettlebell is where you will want to be.

cleansoap Blender Account

For someone who's really focused on building lean muscle and really avoidant on becoming bulky, would you recommend increasing the weight of the kettlebell or the number of repetitions for a more intense workout?

fitness blender Blender Account

@cleansoap - A combo would be great. Keep the body guessing. It takes work to "become bulky" & is really not something that can sneak up on you.

maculent Blender Account

Great video. How often would you recommend this workout be done? Would once every second day be ok?

jcbradshaw Blender Account

I am just getting back to working out. I received 4 months of personal training last spring, but have lost my mojo since. Did the beginning kettlebell last night. Is this something I could/should do daily, or give it a day's rest in between? If rest, what on the "off" days? I am about to turn 55, need to lose fat (a good bit of it), and want to participate in an alumni hockey game in December.

amina Blender Account

I weigh 136 lbs and did the workout wearing my heart rate monitor. The total calories burned amounted to only 160....why is there this big discrepancy between my value and the estimate noted on your page?

fitness blender Blender Account

@amina There are many factors that can change the total calories burned from a workout from amount of weight used, how hard you push yourself and how quickly you move from exercise to exercise just to name a few. Also don't put too much stock in what your Heart Rate Monitor tells you as it uses preset equations to calculate calorie burn that are based only on heart rate. For example running with a 160 BPM Heart Rate burns fewer calories then doing this routine with the same hear rate because of the change in intensity levels from working to resting.

joeramirez Blender Account

This exercise video changed my body and my self confidence. I can now wear skinny jeans and feel good about taking off my shirt at the beach.

bafriends Blender Account

i do not have this equipamente, the kettlebell...we dont have it here in Brazil, i think. What could replace it?

Andrew Google Account

My wife and I got kettlebells about two months ago, but hadn't used them (except as doorstops) until today. Great workout to get us going...we're both still sweating.

g.j.k Blender Account

Cool Video, however it would be even cooler if you could add info via how heavy a weight should be for a beginner e.g. gender, physical condition and experience with free-weights. I know this better than anyone, I bought a 16Kilo Kettlebell and its almost impossible to move it over shoulder level, I have ordered a smaller 8Kilo Kettlebell now to learn proper form before moving onto any of your more complicated and physically demanding videos.

Anyway awesome video, Keep up the good work!

fitdoug Blender Account

How often do we perform this routine? Three times a week, such as Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, or can this be performed daily?

willhopkins Blender Account

just bought a 20, 25, and 35# kettlebell. I did the 20# and this workout was awesome. I was breaking a good sweat by the third round. Can't wait for more. Thanks guys, i want to use this website to get back in shape. thaks.----Will

boleo Blender Account

Great workout. My first with kettlebells. How many times a week should this workout be performed?

ck93 Blender Account

How heavy should the kettlebell be at the beginning stages of starting this routine? Can I use this workout routine in place of cardio for weightloss??

miamiink89 Blender Account

I think this is my new favourite video!! It is the first time I have done a kettlebell workout (although I used dumbells) and I loved it! Thanks again for a great video :)

static0220 Blender Account

I just finished this workout two days ago and my quads are EXTREMELY sore. Of course soreness is a good thing- however- according to my research, a deep squat is not the proper form for the two handed swing. Don't get me wrong, I was sweating and was exhausted afterwards, and I'm not an expert like you guys but according to multiple kettlebell resources, you are supposed to be snapping your hip and pushing your bum back. Really, I should be feeling sore in my hamstrings, glutes and core- not my shoulders and quads. I feel as if the instructions (both in the video and the written instructions) suggest a deep squat and even Kelli's form looks like a squat to me. There is little emphasis on proper form- only emphasis on doing a deep squat. I love you guys and have been exercising with you two for awhile, and I love your kettlebell videos... but maybe you could make a beginner's video that puts more of an emphasis on form so I'm painfully sore in the other areas, haha. In all honesty, you guys have very brutal squat videos and if I wanted to be doing squats instead of kettlebell swings, I'd be doing those instead. Another thing, could you make more videos that include the sings and more of the cardio-style kettlebell exercises? For people at all levels? I must say, I'm finding more helpful resources out there for kettlebell training, but no one's style compares to yours and I would much rather remain loyal to you guys, haha. Please consider this constructive criticism and inquiry. You guys are great and all of your fans appreciate your hard work. Thanks.

zeldust Blender Account

if i weighs 101Lbs, 29y/o, 5'2 in height and using 8kg kb,, roughly how much calories do i burn with this exercise.. i really love these videos you have and they just keep me working out everyday.. ive been switching between the light and heavy to kinda rest the other muscle group while still keeping the exercise going.. today ive done the hiit kb workout, its tough but cool.. thanks for the videos..

kelly.kenselaar Facebook Account

I just bought a set of kettlebells and was discouraged by the dvd that came with it and was going to return them but after finding this workout I'm going to stick with it! Thanks for the workout!

sampsa.sten Facebook Account

I have been doing this workout now for 10months, at least 3 times a week. During that time the weight of kettlebell I use has gone from 8kg to 24kg and my bodyweight has dropped 20kg. You wouldn't believe how much this single workout has changed my life. I sincerely believe that without this particular workout I wouldn't have started to exercise with kettlebells at all. This is still my primary workout in addition to other fitness blender's kettle bell workouts & ultimate belly fat loss workout. Thanks so much Fitness Blender!

sslo Blender Account

Are there any more 'Beginner' kettlebell workouts being planned? I'd love to see more!

mierelier Blender Account

Thank you so much for this beginner workout! The DVD that came with my gymstick did not contain a beginners workout, so I was very happy to find yours, it is a pleasure to do this workout. Hope you will make a sequel, keep up the good work!

sentientglittercloud Blender Account

While not a beginning kettlebeller, I found this challenging and enjoyable. Exhausted by the end of the third rep. I did this in a hotel gym in Vegas, and had a few very fit people stop to ask me about it: two girls doing beautiful pistol squats, and a small group of very muscular men who actually needed some input on their swings. I was afraid they were going to hurt their backs! To make it a more intermediate workout for me, I did all the single arms moves with a 10# bell, double handed moved with a 20#, and the deadlifts with 25#.

fitmomof2 Blender Account

Doing this routine today. Excited to try something new! Thanks guys!

christensenpeter Facebook Account

This is a brilliant and well thought out workout, the best online workout I have found so far!

ilovefitnessblender Blender Account

i like this workout. I want to see more of these. i feel so good when im done doign this workout.

felizia Blender Account

I am new to this. But love it. How many times a week should I do the kettlebell workout? When should I advance to intermediate? And If I purchase your workouts is the PDF viewable on an iPad. Best routines for weight loss? I need to lose 20 pounds and have been stuck for a year, hoping this is sea change. So glad I found FB!

jessica.saliba.7737 Facebook Account

Were can I find the 'add' button to add this on my favorite workouts?

ilovefitnessblender Blender Account

in the blue section next to the orange body focus part

cmann Blender Account

I notice my lower back muscles burn for most of the exercises in this routine? Is that normal? I assume I am doing the motions correctly.....

I decided to stop the third round for today.... if I feel burn in my lower back, am I just being a weakling by not pushing on?


rekha.prashanth Facebook Account

I really liked this exercise...perfect for kettle bell beginners

ilovefitnessblender Blender Account

we want more

daisy.vazquez.12 Facebook Account

Wow this was an awesome workout Thanks!!!

rachael.goslan Facebook Account

Hi guys, just completed my first kettlebell session and wow what a workout, thanks great instructional video for a beginner :)

shannon.brown.56829446 Facebook Account

Is there a way I can download this video as don't get internet at home and need the video to remind me?

boris k Blender Account

I love this workout, its the best kettlebell exercise on Fitnessblender.
The other exercises are to short or to difficult because you need to focus too much on the coordination which can be pretty dangerous. I would love to see more level 3 workouts with a length of 35/45 minutes.
Thanx for this one!

mithra.kumar.5 Facebook Account

Hi, I'm new to kettlebell workouts and I used this video as my first workout with an 8kg kettlebell. definitely was a great workout. however I found that it took me about 50 minutes to complete this 33 minute workout. A little disappointed with that. So I'm just wondering if this is normal or if I should seriously start to up my game.


sarah.eunice.5 Facebook Account

After two days of not working out, I was almost too lazy to workout today. But I'm so glad I pushed myself to do this

sarah.eunice.5 Facebook Account

I don't know what's wrong with me. I just couldn't push myself

sarah.eunice.5 Facebook Account

Okay so I didn't really push myself yesterday even when I said I did. I woke up this morning and did this. Although I needed more breaks than intended but phew, what a workout. Quick question, how is this a lower body workout?

gust Blender Account

Just finished thé workout with my freshly acquired kettlebell, perfect workout to get the feeling with the kettlebell, thank you.....

coco885 Facebook Account

LOVE THIS WORKOUT! :) on my 2nd download of yours - this one being on the 8 week tone up - and I've never done any other workouts that I've keep committed to like your ones! So thanks! :)

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