Lose Weight with Fitness Blender’s Workout Videos – 8 Week Fat Loss Program

Lose Weight with Fitness Blender’s Workout Videos – 8 Week Fat Loss Program
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     Thanks to our encouraging & supportive viewers, we now have well over 140 free full length workout videos and have no plans of slowing down in churning out more creative & effective videos for our viewers.

Fitness Blender’s 8 Week Fat Loss Program to Lose Weight & Tone Up Fast
*Each of the Rounds of this program are standalone plans and can be completed in any order

     While having a large inventory of free workout videos to choose from is great, it can be a little intimidating to know where to start and how to effectively combine the routines for the fastest results, especially if you are brand new to exercising.

     With this in mind, we have methodically blended together the best fusion of our workout videos to facilitate weight loss and fat loss in this inexpensive eBook. Instead of randomly choosing a new routine to do each day, you will have a thoughtfully designed, definite plan to follow. Every penny of the proceeds go straight back into funding more gratis workout videos for our viewers.

     This program is challenging and built to bring about fat loss and quick changes in body composition. Our program is fantastic for both beginners who are looking to push themselves, and advanced/experienced individuals who want to challenge their own boundaries and move even further forward in their fitness levels.

     Each day you will get a calories burned estimate for the combination of workout videos that you are assigned, as well as a glimpse of the logic behind when & why you are doing each different kind of training. This program also includes a brief but advantageous Nutrition Tips for Faster Results section.

     If you follow this program diligently & commit to eating healthily, you can lose 16-24 lbs in just two months. A drop in scale weight is not the only reason to commit to this program.

Here are just a few of the changes that you can expect to see:
-A drop in body fat percentage
-An increase in body tone & definition
-An increase in lean muscle
-Increased metabolism
-Gains in endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance
-More energy
-Improved mood
-Better sleep

     We have included a few program bonuses to keep things interesting & your brain in the game & of a healthy mindset. Aside from the customized routines to follow, Each day of the 8 week program includes a Daily Health Challenge, a “Get Movin’ Motto”, and an Extra Credit Burn option to help you get results even faster.

     With an intense combo of cardio, HIIT, functional strength training, Pilates, plyometrics, and flexibility training, you would be hard pressed to go through this whole program without seeing dramatic differences in your body, weight, and overall health.

     People who have used our programs in the past have seen drastic body changes, including inches, pounds, and body fat percentages lost, & energy, strength, endurance, and flexibility gained.

As always, we recommend that you consult with your medical doctor before starting any new workout program.

Eight weeks from now you will be wishing that you started today. Take action & start NOW!

**Please note: Because there are only two of us that do everything that you see at Fitness Blender, we are not always able to get back to every single question. There is an extensive Q &A section in the eBook that should be very helpful, and we hope that you understand that because we do everything for free & we want to keep it that way for everyone, we are not able to hire more helping hands! We do the best we can but it's next to impossible for us to answer individual questions.

     In the event that you have any trouble seeing where to download the eBook from LuLu (at the link above), please contact their customer service or email your proof of purchase/receipt using the "Contact Us" link and we will get you a copy ASAP.

     We are considering developing an intensive, in-depth nutrition plan/program – watch for that in the future. What other programs would you like to see us develop? Sign in & speak up below.


puppet83 Blender Account

How can we pay for this? I use euro (I live in Europe)
sorry if it's a stupid question, but I haven't really done those kind of things from the internet
please answer!

fitness blender Blender Account

Puppet - Have you tried to buy it from the link above? I am not sure if they take Euro or not. Let me know if they don't & we will figure something else out for you.

manicx Blender Account

so where do you download the daily routines?

fitness blender Blender Account

@Manicx All of the workouts are online. It uses the same workouts from our library, in a detailed program.

puppet83 Blender Account

I did it at last, thanks!

jurate Blender Account

This was exactly the problem I was facing. I never knew which workout would be the best to do after a previous day workout. And it was always so hard to choose one! I ended up having my favorite ones. This is a perfect solution. Already bought and look forward to reading it! Thank you!

mr flubber Blender Account

I have the same problem like 'puppet83' I live in London and we use pounds not US dollars. How do I purchase this 8 week program exercise?
Please help!
(I prefer to workout at home than at the gym. I don't know what sequence of your videos to do to get results.)

fitness blender Blender Account

@Puppet Glad it worked for you. @Jurate We hope you will enjoy it, we are confident that you will! Keep us up to date on your progress. @ Mr Flubber - You can buy the book from the link above, it should let you even if you do live in London. All of these are workouts you can easily do at home.

puppet83 Blender Account

"mr flubber" you should definitely do this, you won't have any problems with pounds, I didn't (with euro).
I'm already starting my second week (day 8 today) and I love it! it's really great to know what to do each day, thank you fitness blender!!

mr flubber Blender Account

I'm having trouble processing my payment. After I type all my info and click submit, nothing happens. Tried it three times. Called Apple (my computer) to see if something was wrong with my system. They said it's the web site. Do you have another link?

mother goose Blender Account

Eureka! Finally, a great workout structure! Thanks for putting this together. I still can break a sweat even when the weather here in Washington state is not that great. Now, I don't need to pick and choose a workout. It's all organized for the next 8 weeks! Will be just in time for my vacation to Tahiti. Yellow - dot bikini here I come. I enjoy those extra credits and workout mottos!
@ mr flubber if you have not done so, reboot your computer and try it again. That's what I did. Worked just as fine.

elahood Blender Account

Fitness Blender.com's 8-week Fat Loss Program to Lose Weight and Tone Up Fast is pretty much what I've been waiting for all my life. I have been struggling with losing weight and find going to the gym and workout DVDs monotonous. I started the program at 188lbs on my 5'7" frame. I have about 35 pounds to lose, or more if I can. I am an athlete at heart, but have always had starts and stops based on my body's limitations or injuries. I was on the brink of hopelessness until I started researching HIIT and stumbled upon a Fitness Blender video on YouTube. I immediately went to their website, was very impressed and ordered the 8-week course the next day. I have completed 10 workouts in 12 days and have lost 3 pounds and hope to be at least 12 pounds down at the end of the program, when I plan to re-do the last 4 weeks for more weight loss. I had been in an exercise rut for a year, and with the added complication of plantar faciitis, certain exercises (like running) are off limits. Even though some of these workouts are high impact, I have been able to ease the plantar faciitis with certain calf stretches, and the stretches in the videos are very effective, making my entire body feel really cooled down and flexible after a workout. I feel like the sore muscles and stiffness I usually get after jumping into a workout routine are minimized because of the great stretches. What I really want to communicate is how this program has completely motivated, challenged, and encouraged me to stick with the course. I actually have hope that this will help me lose weight because I've seen the tremendous changes in my body already. I feel so good every day after a workout and feel extra wells of strength and energy throughout the day that I never usually have. I'm just going to list everything that I love about this program:
I love the variety of the exercises. Most of these movements are new to me and that keeps me intrigued. I love that this program is thoughtfully designed for weight-loss and that I don't have to try to piece together my own workouts. I love the mix-up of focus from day to day between cardio, legs, arms, etc. I love that the PDF of the 8-week course has live links to the YouTube videos. I love that I can do these videos in the comfort of my own home and that the equipment is minimal and simple. I love that I am covered in sweat at the end of each workout and I really feel like I've given it my best. I love the timing of all the exercises and stretches - there are enough reps to be challenging and the videos move along at a quick pace - without a lot of lag time. I love the simplicity of the videos and the great voiceover directions - it's not intimidating at all. I don't know much about the history of Fitness Blenders, but I love that it's a married couple who does this on their own time for the purpose of helping others. The videos are free - and they're awesome! I would actually pay for this content. Even though it was very cheap, I'm glad I could actually pay for the 8-week course. I love the in-depth explanations and details of the workouts and plan in the 8-week course manual. I love that they explain why they do things the way they do, like telling you where you should feel the stretch and what correct form is for an exercise. I also love the extra challenges and the motivation mottos for each exercise day. Mostly, I just love that this program is working for me. Everything I've stated above motivates me to keep going and eat right along with the exercises. If I hadn't seen results, it would have been easy to walk away, but this stuff actually works and, as I said earlier, Fitness Blender has given me hope for my future health. One odd thing is that I work out at about 9pm, which is right before I go to bed. I know there are reasons you shouldn't work out that late but, for me, it seems to work the best. I sleep great at night!
Thank you, Fitness Blender, for what you do for people and how you work so hard to cater to helping others get fit. I think your program is wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing. I can't express my gratitude enough.

melobarr Blender Account

I'm so glad I found you guys. And so thankful for yall sharing your knowledge with us. I feel so unhealthy, overweight and need to make serious changes. Got a check up and doc cleared me for exercise. I am excited to hear of an upcoming nutrition and fitness routine, that's wonderful. But I would like to see some articles on supplements as well. What should I take and when should I take it? So confusing. Again, thanks so much.

fitness blender Blender Account

@Flubber, it should work. If it doesn't, use the contact form to message us your issue & we can help you troubleshoot. We are really sorry for the hassle. @Mothergoose We definitely understand the Washington weather....at least we have lush greenery, right? Have a great time in Tahiti! @Elahood We read your message together, twice. All of your positive feedback & kind words has us super motivated to keep doing what we are doing. THANK YOU! @Melobarr So glad that you are ready to make some healthy changes, you are going to feel so much better pretty soon. We don't really advocate for supplements, instead, we promote the idea that a healthy, well balanced diet is the best way to get what your body needs to function optimally. It's is also very, very hard to find supplements of any kind that are not loaded with additives & nasty ingredients. If and when after some research we do find supplements worth talking about, we will certainly share that info with you guys.

nandi Blender Account

Hello, I dont see the link to buy the 8 week workout. Can you help? Tx

fitness blender Blender Account

@Nandi, the Link you are looking for is in between the first and second paragraph on this page. It takes you to Lulu the company that sells our ebook for us. Hope that helps.

ayobachick Blender Account

hey I wanna if the 8week workout will help me get rid of my saddle bags they are literally the bane of my existence, if so I'm definitely in...please help me i'm at wits end on this.

mlb00013 Blender Account

Hi, I just bought the 8 weeks program for me and my daughter. Just have the following questions:
1. Is it possible to give the measurements, etc in metric as I don't have a clue with inches and miles.
2. What can we use in place of the pull up bar.

mother goose Blender Account

@fitness blender- Yes, the grass here in DuPont is very lush. The summer weather is here so I'm able to run a mile or two to earn my extra burn credit 😉I'm on my 10th day into the program and I'm seeing a few changes in my body composition. I have also changed my eating habit, more protein, fruits and vegetables and less carbs. I learned I store complex carbohydrate to sugar and fat in my body and my blood sugar fluctuates. (making me a moody and grumpy mommy.)I have found that 2 tablespoon of Flaxseed a day helps control my blood sugar. Thanks once again for this great workout program. I will keep you posted on my progress.
@mlb00013 here are the conversions 1 inch is equal to 2.5 centimeter and 1 mile is equal to 1.6 kilometers. Hope that will help you. As for a pull up bar, you may want to try hanging on the door frame or head to the nearest playground equipment and hang on to the "monkey bar."

angelaw Blender Account

I'm pretty sure I want to order this, just have a few questions:
1. Is it okay if I DON'T want to lose weight?
I just want to tone and I think I need a routine set out for me since, even though I exercise 5 or 6 days a week - with FitnessBlender, I am a little sporadic with my choice in videos.
2. This one may seem a little 1990's but --- what IS an ebook?
3. Finally, the price is great, but I am sans charge card at the moment. My Dad said he'd get it for me :) We don't share computers, he lives in a different city, will I still be able to get it on my computer if he purchases it for me?
THANKS!!! I really want to start this ASAP :)

irzeee Blender Account

plz can u tell me that how many have to pay for this progrma....n how??????

sindupriya Blender Account

where do i get the 8 day workout weight loss program , help me in find the link

backtohealth Blender Account

I started this program 3 weeks ago and have already lost 8 pounds and noticed significant improvements in muscle strength and endurance. The variety in this program is great and I often find even if I do not feel like I am working very hard, my muscles are sore the next day! I really like the low impact workouts. Thank you Fitness Blender! You guys are awesome!

fitness blender Blender Account

@elahood Thank you so much for your kind words. Hearing that kind of stuff from you guys is so motivating for us - you have no idea! We are only going to keep pushing & working to deliver more & more to our viewers.
@ayobachick You can't spot reduce fat but this program helps with overall fat loss, which includes those dreaded saddlebags.
@angelaw Even if you don't want to lose weight, you could still benefit greatly from this program - you would just need to increase your caloric intake. An eBook is a downloadable file, it is a "book" that only exists electronically (unless ya print it!). And yes, you should be able to get the file from your dad if he buys it for you :)
@irzeee & sindupriya, the link is at the top of this page.
@backtohealth - 8 lbs! Comgrats to you! Keep it up & thank you for sharing your progress with us.

bribri96 Blender Account

i was wondering if i can do this program. i already lost weight, 20 pounds to be exact by dieting and excerising my new plan is keep the fat off forever

fitness blender Blender Account

@ bribri96 If you have already been exercising then you should have no problem with this program. It does get difficult very quickly so if you find that you can not progress at the rate that is suggested you can always repeat a week until you feel comfortable moving up to the next week of the program.

nattyv_ Blender Account

Hi fitness blender! What is the difference between the 8 week fat loss program and the 8 week body makeover bootcamp? I'm not sure which ebook to purchase!

fitness blender Blender Account

@nattyv_ The 8 Week Fat Loss Program uses our videos, while the Boot Camp uses printable routines.

green 12 Blender Account

Hi I would like to thank you for the wonderful website. You are a GODSEND to me, having been made redundant last May, I have made over 300 job applications with no luck. This means money is tight at the moment, finding your web site and this 8 wk program mean I have a reason to get up in the morning. I am going to make a donation once employed again to thank you for keeping me going.
I love that you do not use music on the videos, this gives me a choice on chooseing different music each time I work out, however sometime I find I am more focused if I don't use music at all
I find the burpees and mountain climers a killer even at level 1. I have started to raise my hands on a step to do them so my belly does not get in the way.
I have a weak knee and I have found the exercises have really started to strengthen it, I now have no aches when I walk. I also do the jumping moves on my rebounder to soften the impact on it more.
To any one thinking of buying the 8 week fat loss or the printable 8 week program, "STOP THINKING JUST BUY IT" more than worth the money
Thank you once again

nachor Blender Account

Do I need any equipment to follow the routines from the book ?

fitness blender Blender Account

@Green - You have no idea how rewarding that is to read, how motivating that is to us. Best of luck to you on your job search, keep your head up.

@Nanchor - Dumbbells OR resistance bands or kettlebells help, but all of the equipment can easily be improvised,

mother goose Blender Account

THANK YOU, Fitness Blender! I have completed this 8 week program. I am stoked to tell you that I am 21 pounds lighter and lost 20 inches. I dropped from size 14 to size 6. (My yellow-dot bikini and I are ready to head down to Tahiti) 😃  This dynamic program was well put together to have such a wonderful outcome. I can't emphasize enough how happy I am to have purchased this workout program. Unlike other workout videos that I have purchased in the past, this was by far the best and most effective. This program was easy to follow and my body was challenged everyday because of the different workouts and it's structure.
 Like many busy moms out there, I was able to find sometime to workout. I have 3 children all under 5 years old and a full time RN. Best time to exercise for me is at night when all the kids are in bed. I sleep better, I feel better and I have more energy to tackle a new day. 
I was wondering if you were  planning to make a second part to this workout program? Please do. 😃

ps. I have started a trend at work... We now have a community lap top. After a long day, some of my co-workers are exercising with your workout videos, well except for the mat exercises. (The floor is not always clean.) Otherwise, I see a few of them going home sweating bullets. 😃 
It's rewarding to care for others, but it's a greater reward to be healthy -physically and mentally.
Sometimes, we need to lead by example. 😃

allyelfin Blender Account

Hiya, I'm new to Fitness Blender, and really excited to start your program. I bought the PDF from Lulu through the link given, but it won't let me open it at all. I've tried everything. If I provide the proof of purchase, would you be able to send me the PDF directly? Thanks.

elaineisthebest Blender Account

Hello Fitness Blender! I've just started this program, and although it's hasn't been easy, I'm thoroughly enjoying the routine so far. But one question: I've noticed my sleep patterns seem to be disrupted, as I've been having trouble falling asleep at my normal bedtime (my mind seems to "race" and I have a hard time relaxing.) I normally don't have sleep troubles, I exercise at least 6 hours before bed, and I also avoid eating close to bedtime as well. I have also adjusted my diet by significantly cutting down processed sugars, carbs and meat. Am I right to assume that the changes I've made in the last week are causing the (hopefully temporary) sleep changes?

fitness blender Blender Account

@mother goose WOW! Congrats, you should be so proud. I know we are proud of you! You are an awesome example of someone who is incredibly busy but still makes time for exercise. Both your children and your patients will benefit from the example you're setting. PS Love that you are working out to Fitness Blender videos with coworkers, thank you for helping us spread the word!
@allyelfin LuLu's method of having you guys download can be a bit unclear, use the "Contact Us" button & I will email it to you personally ASAP.
@elaineisthebest That is really odd. Usually exercise - especially when done that far away from when you're trying to sleep - should enhance your sleeping. It could be the working out but it's kind of a longshot. Any other big changes you can pinpoint?

fmmapley Blender Account

i have just purchesed this book, and i am very excited to get going. just one thing, i think was mentioned before but not answered. i dont have anywhere to do the pull ups in the PFT was wondering if it was ok to skip that bit. (dont trust my door frames, live in rented flat). also r there pull ups in any of the work outs, if so what can i replace them with?

fitness blender Blender Account

@fmmapley - There aren't any pull ups in the actual workouts (we thought they would be too hard for people to find a way to do in their own homes). Actually, there MAY be one workout that has them, if it is in fact in there, we have indicated that you should substitute a dumbbell pullover instead.

fmmapley Blender Account

thank you, for the quick reply. can't wait to start and report back the results!

shushi Blender Account

Hi guys! You are awsome, but you know that. :) I just bought the 8 weeks program for fat loss, but I have a question. There is "optional cardio" in 1 month table and I really want to recommend me which one is appropriate. Thank you.

rebzan Facebook Account

I love your workouts! I have been telling all my friends about your site.
I just started the 8 week program and I have a question for you. If I am unable to finish a complete workout, say I only do 2 of the 3 rounds, should I continue to the next day or repeat that day. I don't want to feel like I taking the easy way out and skipping ahead too quick. Plus I know the next month is going to be even harder so I want to make sure I am ready for it.

pedro77leao Blender Account

Awesome weight loss program...loosing weight, toning the muscles, gaining much more flexibility and no more pain in the back or joints...and the girls on the videos are very cute :P ...are they single??:)

nin2 Blender Account

We use Indian Rupee...how do I buy the 8 week program?

ncl815 Blender Account

I believe that perhaps it would be helpful to keep a body mass index on the page, at least for those who sign up in order that they can see the change in weight that happens. I also suggest that perhaps a chart or something that can list what videos or workouts have been completed could be not only a helpful motivator but could make working out more spread out and less time consuming for those of us that go to school or work most of the time. :) Just some suggestions, sorry for the elongated message.

zip Blender Account

I just found your website today and have already downloaded the 8 week program. I'm excited to start with the PFT but don't have a pull up bar. Earlier you had mentioned using dumbbell pullovers instead but can't find instructions for them on the site!?!? I look forward to seeing your website grow.... I see a ton of potential with it!!! I am already an avid active member of another site, but your workout plan is very simple to follow and structured. I like to have a specific task ahead of me. Thanks guys!!!

byalayantra Blender Account

Hello from London! I randomly found your Brazilian Buttock Lift Exercises on youtube and they kicked my butt... Just purchased your 8-weeks program and am really looking forward to it. Keep up the good work!

wpf Blender Account

Great program! We purchased your program and it is working. After Workout #4, we cannot believe we have been paying so much money to LAFitness each month yet are still not fit.

Do you sell the videos on DVD? It would be nice to watch and work out on a large TV instead of watching youtube on a small laptop screen.

Looking forward to the next 7 weeks.

toppsy Blender Account

How can I combine the program with a Rugby training (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)?

PS: thank you so much for your work here!

zpweston Blender Account

I just started this program because I love your videos, and just needed a little more structure. My only question is what are some tips for actually gaining weight? I am a relatively skinny guy and want to tone up, and have toned up since using your videos for the last two months. The only problem is my wife thinks I look too skinny, as do I. Just curious on any tips for larger food intake or what you think would work best. Thank you for any response.

virtualathlete Blender Account

Great idea. I am a trainer and run coach coming off a high ham strain from
Tennis last April. Still rears its head if I go too hard. This is a fantastic site
To help me focus on different, sustainable moves., positive motivation. I have gained
5 solid lbs since my injury so I am up for an 8 week fit and nutrient challenge.
Thanks for what you are doing I will share.

geekoola Blender Account

I am in my mid-40s. I started working out with other home videos over last 2 years and lost about 30 lbs. I went into 'hibernation' for a year and almost stopped working out (gained back 10 lbs). Last week I was determined to re-start and bought your 8 week program. okay, i come to my question now. i see that i am not as flexible as I used to be. for instance, today was workout 2. i used 5 lb dumbells, but somewhere during the 2nd round i couldn't lift the dumbells. does it still mean i will be anywhere close to the calorie-burn number that you have indicated. also, when i looked at your other workouts, i am a bit concerned that i may not be able to carry out the exercises half as well as Kelly or you do. Please help with your advice.

geekoola Blender Account

for your Indian viewers, you should have some arrangement with flipkart.com. This site was suggested to me by friends and I find prices are very reasonable (in Indian rupees). Also it is gaining popularity across India.

automne77 Blender Account

Is this program ok for total beginners and heavily obese individuals ?

fatimabux Blender Account

Hi where is the link for the 8 week fat loss programm?

sexyk Blender Account

Im 41, 5'2 1/2''. I weigh 162 lbs. Im not controlling my eating routine. But Im doing 3 exercises, one is quick swaet, the 2nd is high intensity cardio, and the last is boot camp blasting. Will I lose weight? My knees ache when I do these exercises but Im enduring these activities. I sweat a lot. Ive been doing these exercises for a month now.

moki__ Blender Account

I just bought your Ebook! :)) U r amazing :)
But I think that the first 3 workouts are too easy for me.. Can I start directly with 4th or 5th workout?
Thanks a lot!!!

nihal Blender Account

does it help getting rid of cellulite?

akaur Blender Account

Lost lost 15 lbs after doing this program...body shape changed and I look more toned !! Planning on doing month 1 over to give myself a little break :) thanks to you both at fitness blender :)

andfe Blender Account

Hello! I am a Portuguese male, with 24 years old, who really enjoy working out, but without money for gym's and without a lot of equipment... So the only workout i used to do is running and some youtube home workouts.

I found your site a month ago, more or less, and i decided to start doing some of your "full lenght workout videos" and i really love them. Some of them are really dificult but i like that way.

A week ago i bought "8 Week Fat Loss Program" and today i did the workout plan 5. I believe i am gonna achieve some good results because the complete program are really challenging. I am not fat but i want to be more toned and i want my improve my overall condition. My main goal is to look and to be in good shape and i have a strong esthetic objective - I want to look like men on the cover of Men's Health magazine... LOL But now seriously, i want to have a low percentage of body fat and a well developed muscles and i am counting on you and your videos to help me.

I want to ask if you are planing to produce more programs like this, with the videos, but for different purposes. I want to continue working out, when i´m done with this program but i find more challenging to continue with different programs.

For example, the printable workout "8 WEEK BODY MAKEOVER BOOT CAMP" it´s really interesting but i dont want to buy a printable routine because i think its less stimulating and motivating than to be watching the videos and having to follow it with the same intensity and speed.

More examples can be given and I'm sure you have already thought about it... I'm talking about a program for strenght only, for mass, for flexibility, a cardio program... Or programs to join more than one purpose like for strenght and mass, for cardio and flexibility and so on... Split programs by levels, for beginners, intermediate and advanced could also be a good solution.

I do not want to sound as being demandind or critical. I can imagine the amount of time and money that you need to spend in order to make a program like this one. These are only suggestions I would like to see undertaken in order to be able to buy more of your programs and help you to continue the excellent work you are doing.

Thanks and congratulations on the site, the exercises and the fat loss program.

millydxb Blender Account

Hi! I just started with exercises and I'm still a little bit confused. I'm slim , just have a problem with belly fat, and that's it. I don't want to lose any weight except belly fat and love handles, and I really want to get some muscles everywhere. What do you recommend, should i buy this 8 weeks fat loss program, or maybe something different? I can't do exercises from random videos, don't know how to combine them.

nilihen Blender Account


I haven't bought this but am seriously considering. I have done a couple of your HIIT workouts previously.

However, one question: what equipment is needed? I have very limited equipment and was hoping to have mainly body-weight type exercises.

Thanks in advance,

tarmstrong Blender Account

FB, I am on month 2 of the fat loss program. I knew I was in trouble with the physical fitness test made me sore! Since the 1st month I have shaved 30 seconds off my mile run and have invested in the adjustable powerblock dumbells through your web site as a "treat." I haven't lost the weight I'd had hoped to but I can tell I am stronger, have more endurance, and are building muscle. For the first time all my hand weights are too easy! I have been trying some of your healthy recipe idea too. So for each week I complete I plant o send in a donation to equate what it would have cost in gas for me to get to the gym even if I had an extra 2-3 hours in the day! Some days I have to break the work outs into 2 parts to fit them in with kids and work schedules. Thank you! I may not be loosing the weight but I am mastering the "evil burpee". I guess this sums up to I "thought" I was eating healthy and doing things right but i was no were close. With your help I am getting there!

cbsmommy Blender Account

What equipment will I need when I purchase this? (i.e. dumbells, bands, a ball, etc??) I have none right now!

cbsmommy Blender Account

should I do this one BEFORE round 2??

sarahxviolette Blender Account

Hey Hello Guys ! I just bought your workout, I have to because you're doing such great things for us in your workout videos :) ! I'll start today and get back at you when I finish. It will be hard and I will sweat like a beast because i'm close to morbid obesity and I think your workout can help me to think about a future with kids and stuff :) ! Thank you for all the great things you do for us !

P.S: I've seen "optional cardio" on 6th day what is it ? How long it has to last ? Can I go out for running for 30 minutes instead ?

much love,!

luckybahati Blender Account

Am on your 8 week program, today was my third day and am already loving it. I love your videos, they got precise explanation, and easy to follow. Hope to see results by the end of this program..

Thanks Much!

belljar18 Blender Account

Hi guys sent an email about the problems in buying your e-book on the website. Thanks in advance! :) Hanna.

lamargaret Blender Account

I am on week 1 of the program and I have my boyfriend doing the videos with me, he can already tell I have lost inches around my waist and back! They are tough, but a good tough. I am also eating healthier and logging my calorie intake daily to keep track of my weight loss. I love this site and the videos, keep up the great work!

mrsjdubs Blender Account

Hey guys, I'm nearly through week 6 and I just wanted to say I love your videos! I'm never bored and I can definitely see results. You both do such a fantastic job and you make it fun. Keep up the awesome work! Thank you from Australia!

gladyscruzs Facebook Account

I just bought volume 1! Starting it on sunday, wish me luck!

jelly Blender Account

First off, thank you for what you guys do to help people get in shape and feel better. You guys are great! I'm sorry if this should be obvious but I tired reading through the intro of the two programs and I'm still unclear on which one I should get. Version 1 or the 2 the newer one? I'd like to get one that has videos so I can just follow along with each workout. I'm unclear of the difference between each program, pls advise? Thanks!

sierra3131 Blender Account

My primary method of exercising used to be running, but I reached a point where it was getting painful and just plain boring. Then I found your website and, aside from riding my indoor bike a few times a week, it has become my daily go-to for exercising. I started this 8 week program because I always had a hard time selecting which workouts to do each day and figured I'd be better off following a schedule set up by those with your expertise.

I was in decent shape to begin with and exercise mainly to maintain my weight and be healthy. I'm a little over half way through this program and I have to say I am AMAZED. I have muscle definition that I never had before and I'm finding myself doing things like adding in ankle weights and increasing my dumbbell weight because exercises that killed me just a month ago become easier each day. Even crazier, I spend less time doing your daily workouts than I ever did running each day... As soon as I finish that program I will immediately buy the next version.

I am a nurse and recommend your site to everyone - it's pretty much the answer to every barrier to physical activity I hear (limited time, limited funding, inability to get outside, not knowing what to do, etc.) You guys are amazing. Thank you!

alanb Blender Account

Sounds like a great program! What is the time commitment for each day? I have about a 30 minute block of time that I can devote, but more than that becomes difficult.

scharocket Blender Account

Thank you guys so much for doing this! You are really inspiring and motivating for me to stay healthy and strong! I am so excited to see what else you all can do!

kellybelly25 Blender Account

I just bought this program today and I am going to start tomorrow and I am very excited to get started. I love all of your videos and am very happy I found this site. It's great.
But I was just wondering what equipment I will need for this 8 week program?
I already have an exercise mat and resistance band.

ariane Blender Account

*cough* My score is 35 - for the entire test. But
A. this means I really NEED a workout so am not wasting my time and
B. I can only improve and probably quite quickly!

Good luck to everyone else doing it!

ariane Blender Account

Thanks so much to everyone who takes the time to come back and let everyone know how they're getting on! It really inspires me to keep going!

ariane Blender Account

@jelly - I believe the two workouts are the same structure and use videos and an eBook. The only difference I am aware of it is that program 2 contains different workouts - it's mainly to provide some variety for people who have already done program 1, as far as I know. HTH. I can confirm that program 1 does have videos.

ann521 Blender Account

Do u need equipment for the program?

vap Blender Account

I just purchased the second 8 week program, but should have bought the first a long time ago!. I plan on doing the first one after I complete the second one. I little backwards I know. I just had a wellness exam through my employer and my weight shocked me even though my body fat was normal. My BMi was slightly higher than I want, but since I have a lot of muscle as a female, this is normal. Anyway, I am hoping to acheive a 10 pound weight loss, which will probably take me the entire 8 weeks as I lose very slowly. I am only 4 ft 11, female over 40; so my calorie requirements are already low; so reduction in calories is always hard especially when you are working out at this intensity. But I figure I will be ready for when we finally get Spring here in Cleveland in mid-may; lol
and will continue on with another 8 weeks and see where I can take this

minifitty96 Blender Account

i am on day 3 of the workouts and loving it to be honest! speaking from experience can you lose a lot of weight/inches from your thighs and stomach especially {thats where i carry the most weight} anyone?

minifitty96 Blender Account

also have you guys ever thought of asking for some before/afters of workout one and workout 56? i find pictures really motivating and i would definitely post one!

vitorserio Blender Account

First I'd like to congratulate the two of you for the awesome work here! The quality is great (or at least I think it is) and most of it is free!
Now, I just bought the 8 week program and wanted to know something. I'm not used to workouts (I'm a couch potato trying to change) so even the first exercises realy tire me off and my muscles are quite dead the next day. Should I keep up with the begginer exercises until I get used to them or should I keep following the program just the way it is (because things will get a lot harder)?
I'm not realy looking forward to get thin (I am thin already, just with a little belly fat), I just want to get more muscles and to be more healthy.

wchris Blender Account

I purchased the book today (it took me to lulu.com) However unable to download the pdf from the site + there is no support from lulu to help me Can you please help me to get the ebook.
The order details are
Order Date: March 30, 2013
Order Number: 8066030

Looking forward to get going with the program and really looking towards the same.


jelly Blender Account

@ariane - thank you very much for your response. It was very helpful as I now know which one to buy. Sorry I haven't checked this site for awhile and just saw your post. Hope you can see my thanks, really appreciate it!!

julianna collett Blender Account

I am 46 and 149 lbs and was primarily a runner previously.I am on week 7 of this program and am using " my fitness pall " to keep my calories at an average of 1300 and I have gained 2 lbs. what am I doing wrong. My goal was to lose 10lbs

fitforlife12 Blender Account

I'm on day 7 - thanks so much for motivating me to an achievable goal! The routines are varied and I'm really enjoying the challenge - I really feel like I've worked out after these - no weight loss yet but I know that will come soon enough. Thanks fitness blender!!

jdv8607 Blender Account

4/12/13 Day 1 - 26y F 130lb
1 Mile run: (7:57m) 60pts
Push ups: (20 full) 40pts
Crunches: 107pts
Pull ups: (3 full, 1 flexed hang) 20pts
Sit and Reach: (16") 68pts

Total Points: 295

jelly Blender Account

I'm on workout plan #6 today and I'm loving it so far! It does take a lot of motivation to stick to working out almost every day but I know it's worth it. Your easy to follow videos amd user friendly pdf guide have made it easier to stick to the program. Thank you!

rheag Blender Account

Hi, I'm new to Fitness Blender. Very tempted to buy the 8 week programme however a bit unsure as I suffer from lower back pain due to two diffused discs & am wondering if there are exercises in there that I won't be able to do... Confused.. Any advice?

tmstrain78 Blender Account

I just downloaded the e-book and I am excited to get started. But, I was wondering if the bootcamp exercises have videos that we can follow? I feel like I do better following along and it helps me do the whole thing.
Thanks :)

kitkat.fudge Facebook Account

I want to purchase this workout plan but the site kept on saying that my card number is not right but when I look into my bank account they've already deducted the money and it's twice and the PDF for the workout plan is not downloaded :(

fitness blender Blender Account

We are sorry to hear that you have had so much trouble. If you have not already use the contact us form and send us the order numbers and we will make it right whether that is by a refund or sending you a copy of this and one of our other programs as well. again sorry for the trouble.

tch2rd2 Blender Account

I LOVE these video! I am a 52 year old female with bad knees and your video options allow me to tailor the workouts to fit my individual needs. I also appreciate how you've included details and features of each workout video in order to allow me to preview what's included. With most videos you have to buy the product in order to find out the specific details and features. Thank you so much for "talking" me through all the workouts... oh that is one of the best features of your program! You are especially helpful to keep reminding me how to move and what to avoid when those moves are made.

tch2rd2 Blender Account

I know that your videos are all online. I am leaving for vacation soon and will not have internet access for 10 days. I hate to lose the progress that you've helped me make during the last two months. I saw that you have an eBook for sale. If I download that book would it be in PDF text form? Are there videos for sale that I could download? Thanks...

mamaescobar Blender Account

Hi I was wondering how effective and beneficial this could be for me because I'm a 23 year old type 1 diabetic and mother of 3 beautiful kids and I find it difficult sometimes to lose weight due to fatigue of the illness but I don't want to let the diabetes control my life and I would love to lose weight and look slim....do you think the 8 week program would benefit me? And the 8 week program is a book? And does it come with the videos or how does it work? Thanks hope to hear back soon

sharu179 Blender Account

Hi, I'm from India... and I'm unable to buy it! Need Help asap!! Please!

udunnati Blender Account

Hi I'm from India.....want to download this...but can't pls tell how

dheeru Blender Account

Hi Udunnati,

You can go to this link http://www.fitnessblender.com/v/workout-programs/ and select any of the programs that you'd like to purchase. You'll be then redirected to a www.lulu.com website for the payment options. You can use your credit card to make the payment. Immediately after the payment, you'll be able to download the pdf doc.

All the best.
I'm from India as well :)

Kristine Google Account

I purchased the 8wk program from lulu.com..but i couldnt open the workout.i can read the program amd all that but i dont know how to start it..pls help.i would like to start soon.

janet.deeken Facebook Account

Is your program made for every age I'm 57 year old woman in the midst of menopause and results are slow . I work out at least 3 time a week using exercise ,cardio and yoga. a past heart issue keeps me from pushing myself because i become winded. Any suggestion ok,d by dr.

fitness blender Blender Account

The 8 week programs are designed to push you pretty hard so you may want to start with our 4 week beginner program to build up your endurance a bit more. Also you can easily modify our videos by taking more frequent breaks, or making the exercises easier. Hope that heips.

ashley.parkhanbyul Facebook Account

Hi, where can I get the meal plan? I purchased 8weeks workout program round1 from the web.I am so satisfied with the workout plans and all of your kind explanations written. What is the difference between round 2 and 3? Do I need to buy them after finish round1?

chrissyc Blender Account

A friend told me about this website and I have to say I love it. I have a desk job and have for the past 4 years. On top of that I have really easy access to junk food for lunch. I noticed I have put on some weight but what gets to me even more is that I have low energy. No matter when I go to sleep I always wake up exhausted. I also have been having difficulties breathing at night. I am really looking forward to starting this program and getting healthy and having more energy instead of just looking forward to sleeping.
Thank you guys so much. I will defiantly post again at the end with an update

J Google Account

Dear Kelli And Daniel,
I Only Have 2.5 Dumbbells And Excersise Band. So For The 8 Week Program Or 4 Week Program Is It Worth Buying It If Only Have Those Objects?

9597girl Blender Account

I was wondering if the cardio, abs, and thigh workout videos on YouTube would be a good routine to lose weight. I am 5'6 and a half and weigh 126 pounds. I noticed the 1000 calorie burn videos and wanted to know if it is good to do it once a day for 8 weeks. I am used to working out from sports, but wanted to add something to get me to loose 10-15 pounds. Thank you :)

toledoj77 Blender Account

Hi, before I buy this, can someone please tell me what kind of equipment would I need so I can be ready? Thanks.

lochibisne Blender Account

i am not able to purchase any of your program.. m fed up with lulu.com. not accepting my indian credit card. please help

indra.keliuotis Facebook Account

I love your workouts NAND I'm frustrated,,i want to do the 8 wk challenge,,I have a us debit card and I tried to order 3 times..it's saying duplicate email, but I never received the ebook..I really want to get started..please send me the link to indrachannels@gmail.com. Thanks

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