Fitness Blender Reviews & Raves – Feedback from our Viewers

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     Each day we get a lot of really motivating, incredibly encouraging feedback from you guys. We wanted to compile a list of just a small sampling of all of the kind words that you’ve shared with us – the words that have kept us working hard for you guys.

We know that this is a long post but we think too much of a good thing will be okay just this once.

Fitness Blender Reviews, raves & feedback:

Love this site! It's like having a personal trainer at home :O)

This is freaking amazing!!! Nicely explained & easy! I can feel my body being healthy again already! Woo hoo! Thanks so much for this!!!

Fitness Blender has given me hope for my future health.

Hey, nice work!! I'm actually a very fit guy whose schedule is getting tighter and tighter, gotta say your vids are helping a great deal in keeping fit and rock!! All the way down to Mexico! Congrats!

I don't think that I can every thank you guys enough for posting soooooo many incredible work outs for free! It truly has helped me so much in working out and I always look forward to a new video! Thank you again, I use FitnessBlender almost everyday! :)

You guys have great videos, the kind that other folks charge us for. We'd have to buy so and so's fitness DVD set to get the kind of stuff you give us for free! Thank you very much!!!

Have to say that Fitness Blender is amazing. I'm not workout shy, I workout 6 days a week, but with FB, I'm able to change my routine as soon as I feel the boredom, familiarity kick, I sweat like a mule with FitnessBlender which is's invigorating.

These are fantastic workouts they really work, I love the variety so I never get bored! Thank you for sharing them and my butt thanks you too ha ha :)

I love this so much! I always feel more energetic when I do this, and at the end when it says "workout complete" I feel so accomplished!! hahaha :) thank you!

I'll never get bored with my workouts when I have you two pumping out all this sweaty awesomeness!! Woo Hoo!

Hi, I've been known to give up easily on challenging exercises and never stick to any exercise vids before but since I discovered your vids, I've been doing them almost daily even though they're far too challenging for my fitness level. I think it's because of the combination of watching a superfit hot girl working out and hearing the sexy voice of the male instructor that got me hooked. Thanks for the uploads!

I hope this is the right place to post "kudos"; I have shared almost every single video here on facebook and praise your youtube channel daily! Thank you so, so much for the free videos, the helpful hints, and lack of annoying music/super-hyper personalities. I've received so many compliments since starting your routines almost four months ago.

I cant thank you enough for the are helping tons of people including myself and besides them being amazeballs, I just wanted to be grateful. I'm a Fitness Blender girl FOR LIFE:)

...Y'all are angels TRANSFORMING LIVES, one body at a time! There are so many folks who have no access to a gym, or prefer to workout in the privacy of their own homes! You are true catalyst for CHANGE and I applaud you for that!

You guys really helped me back in summer time for off season hockey training! THANK YOUUU!

Fitness Blender gives us hope :)

I've watched this so much I can imitate your voice and thanks sooo much the results are amazing.....

Hey guys! Everyday I have an hour for lunch, so I shut the door to my office and do this work out. It’s awesome!

OK NOW seriously I need to say this. I have ______, _______, and ________ (fitness programs) but never actually stick to them more than a few days coz I get bored and quit. Your exercises on the other hand have something to them :o the background is white so I can focus, they have perfect time length, you both are in great shape and Kelli has THE perfect body for girl which is really a great motivation to push (she is just so natural and womanly not super muscular), the workouts are doable and at the same time they are killer, I have been telling my friends since I found your channel and everyone loves u, keep up the great work, :)

I've tried about 4 of the workouts, and I have a weekly plan alternating some HIIT workouts, cardio ones as well as toning weight loss ones and I absolutely follow your advice on doing an am and pm workout. This is me best one so far, I love it. Absolutely challenging and absolutely doable. It works up a sweat and I feel the fat coming off, lol I'm 5kg and a couple months of Fitness Blender workouts to my goal. A lifetime of healthy eating and Fitness Blender is ALL one needs. God bless you guys:)

Excellent workout! Thank you. As a former boxer I must say that this kind of cardio is best for speed, power and endurance, plus you will learn some self-defence moves. Please do more martial arts-inspired workouts.

I have 2 small kids and wanted to get into better shape but a gym isn’t practical for me. I found you guys and added you on facebook. I do the workouts you post daily. I’m not going to lie. I huffed and puffed and took lots of breaks though a few of your workouts. Today I made it all the way through. Yay me! LOL Thanks guys!

Hands down the BEST workouts on you tube! No irritating music or instructors...straight forward directions with rest and adjustment time between exercises. LOOOOOOOOVE YOU GUYS!

I want to tell you thank you. As a severely obese 400+lbs I started using your low impact cardio and full body low impact chair work outs (under my doctors knowledge). He thinks the workouts are great, so do I. I know with Gods help, time and your easy to fallow enjoyable videos I will succeed. Thank you this almost 40 year old young lady is so grateful.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting all these wonderful videos for free! I just finished this video, and the Ab and Oblique video, and I feel absolutely amazing! I can't wait to do more tomorrow. You two are GREAT and Kelly you are my inspiration. Hopefully one day soon I will get rocking abs and booty like you =) Thank you again!

OMG I just did this and I can feel my fat crying all over my body! LOL

This was great! I love the voiceover; it makes me feel like I have a personal trainer with me. You guys are awesome.

Hi there I found your channel recently I subscribed immediately, your routines are great and effective, I am really appreciated thanks for taking the time and effort to upload such videos for free your fan from Malaysia..

Your videos are amazing.... love love love working out to them!!!!! Keep posting videos... THANKS !!!!!!

Amazing video! I have been working out to cardio for years and I must say, this workout has never made me sweat so much!

This really beat the crap out off me! Thanks so much!! :)


shaz Blender Account

Hi from Australia.
Thank you so much for not playing loud music, not yelling at me and not treating me like an idiot!. I am doing your 2nd round programme and enjoying every day . The variety suits me perfectly. I can see and feel the difference already.

I am soon going traveling for three months and will not always have access to utube. Have you guys thought of putting your programme on a DVD? I would be the first to buy!

Thanks for your dedication and community spirit so lovely to meet with such generosity

Warm regards
Barracking for the over 60's!

hollyrae Blender Account

My particular like is the voice-overs, explaining what I should be doing during the interminable 20 seconds :D It is very easy to start to drift and slack when you feel like you're kinda dying, lol but hearing Daniel stating what muscles should be contracted, what my arms should be doing, what one should be focused on, and trying my very best, is very very helpful.

magrieta65 Blender Account

Hi Kelli & Daniel,
I am on week 3 of my program and am absolutely loving it! I have literally never worked out more than 3 times a week, now if something gets in the way of my daily workout my PMS kicks in! LOL! I got measured today and the difference between November last year and May this year is incredible - 20cm overall loss. YAY! Thanks so much for all the effort you have both put in to making us stronger and fitter and healthier.

vpadma31 Blender Account

Hi Kelli & Daniel,
Thank you both for the amazing work you do and the motivation you provide for countless people. I recently discovered fitnessBlender through youtube and i am blown away by your amazing free videos. I know its no little feat to compile all these. I especially love the voice-overs explaining each workout well in advance.
I just purchased your 8 week fat loss program and i am hoping to see great results.
Thanks once again and keep up the great work.

nicpaillard Blender Account

Someone told me of your site, it took me a while to check, but only a couple of seconds to get hooked!

I've been doing some HIIT and I love to look at Daniel suffers as I suffer (sorry Daniel)! You are humans as we are and it's refreshing to feel that suffering is part of the training, part of the satisfaction.

I've been looking at your recipes too and I must say that your marinade for fajitas is the best I've tried, ever. Your other recipes are worth a try. You help us to train the right way, but you also teach us to live in a healthy way, a fun and almost easy way. BTW, someone drinking Guinness while video shooting is cool...

Now I'm doing your Fitness Blender Killer Home Workout and I feel that you've got the right mix for a fun, efficient workout that we can incorporate in our life. Keep up the good work!

Rosanna Google Account

You guys are great! This is working for me. I am almost done with the round 3 8 week program. I like the variety of exercises. I should be back in my 29 30 501's soon. Only 2 suggestions to make it even better. 1. I sometimes wish there were longer examples of exercises before they start, or a more complete repository of individual exercises so if one doesn't make sense I can go figure it out. 2. I would like a way to pay to download the videos (yes I know I can cheat, but I'd rather give you credit) so as to avoid hanging and stuttering in the middle of my workouts. (caveat to this is I am using a tablet with WebOS to workout with that might account for the occaisional hangs).
All in all I thank you both. You make working out less work! I'm going to have to get more dumbells with more weight!

Fit Google Account

You guys are my favorite. You don't know me, but I know you as well as i know my friends :-) ... I wasn't in a bad shape to begin with when i started your workouts. You see, i was a borderline obese till august 2011, when I realized I have to change my life. I did running, swimming, yoga, dance and by this year's February, I comfortable reached a healthy BMI of 21.3. I then wanted to start weight training. I saw your videos and I haven't stopped since. I was never, never this fit, even 10 years back when i was in college. Thank you !
Just one question, I really want to build my stamina for burpees and proper pushups. When you guys do 10-12 and 15-16 of each respectively, I manage to do 4-6. Would you make a video/ write an article or something which explains how to start and how to build everyday.
I can understand if because if lack of time or resources you are unable to fulfill this request. I am really thankful as it is. Best of luck :-)

luvbayern Blender Account

Thank you so much Daniel and Kelli- you guys are both awesome. I am in the middle of completing the Round 3 8 week fat loss program and I am definitely seeing and feeling the results. I have tried everything to excercise- videos, the gym and just doing my own routines. I found your website by accident and I am definitely addicted. I actually look forward to getting up at 3:00 a.m. to work out because the energy I have the rest of the day is amazing. I am echoing everyone else's comments as to why I love you guys- professional, no annoying background music, variety, clear instructions and kick ass workouts. Thank you again and you defintiely have a fan in me. PS. I have recommended your website to all my friends.

iheartfitness Blender Account

I love your website and videos but i would like to see more cardio workouts i can do in my apartment.I live on the top floor so i can't really jump and make too much noise.Keep up the good work!!

birth.and.burial Facebook Account

I NEVER miss up a workout on the program, I do it whatever it costs :)!

birth.and.burial Facebook Account

5th week of 8th week fat loss program round 1 - and I never get tired of it and I watch several times the 2 before and after pictures videos - truly inspirational :)

martrys Facebook Account

Sensible, simple yet highly effective workouts without irritating music in the background.And it's such a pleasure to look at this lovely couple's beautiful faces.A big thank you also for advice on healthy eating (I'm almost-raw-vegan and it's always nice to find out that not all personal trainers are obsessed with animal-derived proteins). Thumbs up!

aonstot Blender Account

I wanted to say that I appreciate how beautifully you articulate issues about health and fitness as it applies to gender. You have helped me feel really great about establishing health goals that are NOT focused solely on appearance. I feel like me and my body are true friends now. You inspire me every day! ITS ABOUT WHAT YOUR BODY CAN DO

biggerandbetter40 Blender Account

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I absolutely love these videos. I am working on a healthier me and since there are so many to choose from, I can pick a new one daily and continually challenge myself.

shana120 Blender Account

Thank you so much. Ever since the first time I discovered your videos, it's changed my feelings on working out and nutrition. I used to dread working out, but now I look forward to it. Daniel and Kelli are amazing. You guys keep me motivated and entertained. I feel so much better after completing a workout with you guys. I have lost some weight and definitely gained some muscle and I feel better all around. I have less pain and more stamina than I ever had. I would like to thank you for offering so much of your valuable knowledge and experiences to share with all of us. You guys are both true inspirations. Thank you both for changing my life!

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