Lower Body Pilates with Resistance Band

27 Min • Core, Lower Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Pilates
    • Equipment Exercise Band, Mat


    Okay, for real this time: I was sore after this routine. Even though I have legit reasons, I was still a little surprised! I used a "light" resistance band, but it did not feel very "light" with some of these exercises. Also, working out has been a struggle for the past three months: between recovering from an ankle sprain, work, life, adulting, human-ing, dog-mom-ing, etc., finding the time and motivation to exercise has been difficult. Holy cow, am I a downer or what? LOL. Remember, there is always hope, especially when you have a plan. Over the next month, I will work out three times a week for no more than 30 minutes. That is just long enough to get my heart pumping and feel accomplished, but not so long that I get stressed out about taking time away from my other commitments. 

    **Workout Highlights**

    • 27 minutes, 3/5 Difficulty
    • Warm-up and cool-down included
    • Water break included
    • Easiest way to modify this routine:
      • Use a lighter resistance band
      • Move through a smaller range of motion
      • Lose the band entirely
    • You will need a looped resistance band to go around your knees
    • Remember your rib to hip connection
    • Move with focus, precision, and control

    Anywho, enough about me, let's discuss this routine! I've got you covered with your warm-up and cool-down; both are roughly four minutes long. Our workout is 15 minutes, with one water break towards the middle. We target your lower body from all angles: standing, lying on your back, and lying on your side. The most targeted muscles will be your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Your core will engage automatically through the positions we will be working in, but don't forget to engage it mindfully, creating that rib to hip connection. 

    Some of these exercises can be deceiving, so choose your band wisely. You might even want to use a few different bands with varying resistance if you have them. Either way, lighten the resistance, move through a smaller range of motion, or lose the band altogether if your form starts to suffer. 

    The Workout

    Warm-Up (4 minutes)
    30 seconds each

    • Ab Bracing with Breathe
    • Table Top
    • Bear
    • Quad Hip Extension - R
    • Quad Hip Extension - L
    • Teaser Prep with Hands - R
    • Teaser Prep with Hands - L
    • Abdominal Hollow

    Workout (15 minutes)
    45 seconds on // 15 seconds off

    • Squats
    • Squat Pulses 
    • Standing Hip Extension - R
    • Standing Hip Extension - L
    • Standing Hamstring Curl - R
    • Standing Hamstring Curl - L

    ** Water Break**

    • Bridges
    • Table Top Clamshells
    • Lateral Scissors
    • Sidelying Front Hip Abduction - R
    • Sidelying Hip Abduction Pulses - R
    • Sidelying Fire Hydrant - R
    • Sidelying Front Hip Abduction - L
    • Sidelying Hip Abduction Pulses - L
    • Sidelying Fire Hydrant - L

    Cool-Down (4ish minutes)
    30 seconds each

    • Hamstring - R
    • Hamstring - L
    • IT Band - R
    • IT Band - L
    • Piriformis - R
    • Piriformis - L
    • Mermaid - L
    • Mermaid - R

    Happy Exercising! I hope you enjoyed this lower body pilates routine.