Seated Torso Twist Stretch




Equipment Needed:

Mat, No Equipment

Workout type:

Warm Up/Cool Down, Yoga/Stretching/Flexibility

Body focus:


Sit on a mat and extend your right leg out straight and bend your left leg so that it is over top of your right. Keep your spine straight up and down and twist to the left, placing your left hand on the ground behind you for support and your right elbow on your left leg to assist in twisting. Twist until you feel it in your lower back, obliques, and abdomen. Hold for at least 20 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

Purpose of the exercise

The Seated Torso Twist Stretch helps to increase your body’s range of rotational motion throughout your midsection. This move increases the flexibility of the torso by targeting the transverse abdominals, obliques, and lower back making it great for people involved in sports that demand this motion, such as baseball, golf, martial arts, and wrestling. This is also beneficial for older populations needing to maintain or improve mobility and range of motion of the midsection and lower back, which tends to become limited as we age.


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