High Knees (Lv 2)




Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Balance/Agility, Cardiovascular, Toning, Warm Up/Cool Down

Body focus:


Stand with feet together, arms at sides. Jog in place and begin to pull the raised leg far up enough that the knee makes a 90-degree angle and is level with the hip (or higher). Lower raised leg to the ground while simultaneously pulling the other leg into the same 90-degree angle. Continue alternating raised legs in a high-kneed jog.

Purpose of the exercise

This simple bodyweight move is a fat blasting cardio tool that raises the heart rate without a single piece of equipment. The total body movement tones thighs and abs, and engages the hip flexors. Incorporate this into any workout program to increase the cardiovascular challenge of any fitness routine.


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