Band Overhead Press




Equipment Needed:

Exercise Band

Workout type:

Strength Training, Toning

Body focus:


Loop a resistance band under feet placed shoulder width apart, making sure you have the same length of band on each side of your body. Bring your hands up outside of your shoulders so that they are just above shoulder height and 2-4 inches outside of your shoulder. Contract your abs and rock your hips in slightly to keep a straight back. Slowly press your hands straight up over your shoulders, keeping your wrists above your elbows the entire time. Slowly lower your hands back to shoulder height, then repeat. Continue the motion for a set number of repetitions or a set time period.

Purpose of the exercise

The Overhead Press, or Shoulder Press, uses the deltoid and tricep muscles (the muscle on the outside of the shoulder) and has been around for hundreds of years. This is a simple exercise but it is very effective at toning and strengthening the shoulders. Whether done with dumbbells or resistance bands, the Overhead Press is a fundamental part of many traditional upper body strength training routines.


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