Band Lateral Raises with Palm Forward




Equipment Needed:

Exercise Band

Workout type:

Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning

Body focus:


Stand with feet shoulder width apart and loop an exercise band under both feet, making sure you have the same amount of band on each side. Keep your arms by your sides and your palms facing forward. Bend your elbows slightly and lift your arms up over your shoulders, keeping palms facing forward. Slowly lower your arms back down to your sides, then repeat the motion for a set number of repetitions or a set time period. Up and back down is one repetition.

Purpose of the exercise

Band Lateral Raises with Palms Forward is a variation of traditional lateral raises that primarily target the mid and front deltoid and biceps. These also engage the trapezius and part of the triceps, making this an effective and comprehensive upper body exercise. This version of a lateral raise is particularly useful for those who want to get more range of motion out of their deltoids and focus specifically on strengthening the front of that muscle. Anyone looking to add definition or size to the mid and front of their deltoids should add this exercise into their regular resistance training routine.


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