Agility Dots (Lv 2)




Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Balance/Agility, Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Start by imagining a square on the ground roughly one foot by one foot or larger. Standing on the bottom left corner of the square, using only your left foot, hop sideways to the bottom right corner, then diagonally to the top left corner, then sideways to the top right corner and finally diagonally back to the bottom left corner, still only using your left foot. Repeat this pattern for a set number of repetitions then switch to the right foot and repeat for the same number of repetitions. Now start on the bottom right corner of the square, using the left foot again and repeat the pattern in reverse; hop sideways to the bottom left, diagonally to the top right, sideways to the top left and diagonally back to the bottom right. Complete the same number of repetitions with the reverse pattern as you did before then switch to the right foot and repeat again in both directions.

Purpose of the exercise

Agility dots are a plyometric exercise that effectively increase speed, agility, and stamina. This functional exercise primarily focus on the ankle complex building up strength and endurance to allow for quick direction changes and quick balance recovery. Agility Dots are a perfect exercise for any dynamic sport such as soccer, football, trail running, and basketball. It will also challenge your cardiovascular endurance as you increase repetitions.


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