Day 2 of FB ABS2 and prep for Xmas


Hallo :)

Today was upper body strength training, what is exactly what I love. My left arm is still weaker than right one, but nothing is perfect, right? No. Something is perfect : I exercised with a new powerblock, and I increase weights from 4kg to 5,5 kg and from 2 kg to 2,5 for triceps exercises and lateral and ventral raise, and I did it!

Kelly was speaking about listening a music during workout for motivating in video. I started with Two steps from hell and ended up with Batman suite soundtrack. I almost felt like super hero (except for a part of being incredibly rich :D )

Question for everybody, who participate in my Xmas preparation: (I do not like saying "sugar detox" or" low sugar intake" because it sounds like punishment. But prep for Xmas? It cannot be bad!) : how it is going? I eat for breakfast oatmeal, which I sweeten with banana. Bananas were only sweet things I eaten yesterday and today.

So far, I do not have any crave for sugar, but it is only second i will see.