FB taco party! Let's taco bout it :P


A confession – cooking drives me up the wall! (a very unfortunate affair for someone who loves eating but hey, what’s life without a little irony?) I see it as a necessary evil and I tend to stick to the same old boring things I know how to make and leave all experimenting to when we eat out.

BUT, for whatever reason (actually I think we all know the reason – because this community is beyond great), when a Blender shouts “party!” or “challenge!” I find it so hard to resist :D

Hence – my first “tacos”!

Ingredients: chicken breast, red beans, chickpea, sweet corn, squashed avocado, sour cream, cottage cheese, garlic, cherry tomatoes and a huge spoonful of love :)

Disregard the fact that I don’t know the recipe (I just stole ideas from previous posters), they tasted delish!

Happy Sunday everyone