My First Post

Hi there!

I am a uni student and have been using fitness blender on and off for about 6 years (starting at 13 or so). You would think that by now I would be some sort of ripped demigod, but alas, not even close. I have never really been consistent, most of which I attribute to my eating disorder and depression. During the times in which I felt healthier, I would exercise using fitness blender videos in the attempt to build up some modicum of strength. But before I made any real progress, I would fall back into the clutches of these disorders.

Anyways, I am writing to say that I have been going to therapy, and it has made such a huge impact on my life. The world is starting to look beautiful again and I am starting to view my body as something good, rather than something to punish and starve. This improvement in my mental health has also, unsurprisingly, impacted my physical health.

I now have the energy to go out regularly with friends walking around town (a surprisingly good workout, when your healthy, fit friends are honest to god *running* up stairs!). I go to campus nearly every day and end up taking walks to look at the scenery and to go exploring. I even took up rock climbing and am going 2-3x a week to a local climbing gym with friends. Even though I am by far the weakest person there, (my god, do ALL climbers look like olympic athletes?!?) I am pushing myself to just get a little farther up the wall each time.

I am just writing this to say that fitness blender is likely one of the reasons I sought help for my mental health. The focus on the importance of strength rather than looks and of being kind to yourself by not using exercise as a punishment helped me realize that I had some mental health struggles that were impacting my physical health. So thank you fitness blender for creating content that promotes actual sustainable, healthy living.

So, what did I learn from this?

1. If you know there's something wrong with your mental health, it is in your best interest to seek help as soon as you are able. It will likely help you to be consistent and have a healthy approach to your physical health.

2. Don't be embarrassed if you are weak. Take pride in the fact that you are trying to improve yourself and make a better life for yourself down the line in 10, 20, or 30 years.

3. I will be using fitness blender's workouts to build and maintain strength so I can live a happy, healthy life. Also specifically so I can build up the upper body strength to be a good climber ; ).

Thanks for reading