Random Question - Titling Routines

Very random question for you all! I'm putting together a few routines for myself for the next few months and have found myself with some themed weeks 😄 I want to come up with some fun titles for each week that happens to have a theme, but I struggle with titling things. I'm just not creative in that way. Here are the themes so far:

K&D couple workouts

Tasha workouts - total body week(s)!

"Green Machine" - K/D/T wearing green shirts or pants/shorts

"True Blue" - K/D/T wearing blue/teal/turquoise shirts or pants/shorts

"Purple Rain" - K/T wearing purple shirts/bras or pants/shorts; I was thinking here that the "Rain" = sweat

Week of pink/coral

Week of red??

Week of yellow??

Week of black??

Week of grey??

Workouts w/Loki and/or Ollie cameos

Reps only

I also have a weeklong routine comprised of Kelli's workouts - with a different color for each day. It's currently titled "Dead-Ringer Deadlifts," but maybe something rainbow related would be better?

I know that this really isn't a big deal and the main thing is actually *doing* the workouts, but I love putting things together on my own and I LOVE a creative title. Makes it all that much more fun!

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!