How do you recharge to workout after work?

Hi FB fam! I wanted to ask you, how do you recharge and get energy to workout after work? I am at my job from 7:30 to 5:00 Mon-Fri, and sometimes I am just too tired to workout after that! I work at a daycare, so I am pretty active during the day. My situation is a little bit weird, I don’t workout in the morning because my husband goes to work at 8:30 and I don’t want to wake him up (we share an apartment with his family, so our bedroom is the only place I can workout) any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated! I just started this job two months ago and I haven’t figured out a strategy to include my FB programs. 😕 Also, I live in Illinois so I can’t do anything outdoors because the weather is too cold! Thank you so much in advance!