Missing Hikings

Hello everyone!

I hope everybody is doing fine. I just realized that I'm not posting for a long time and I wanted this post to be some kind of health/body update. Also share a picture from one of my hiking of this year.

Autumn is my favorite season because of many reasons like my birthday, the beauty of it and it is just my vibe with everything.

In Poland, the end of August means summer is over and you feel a drastic change in temperature that's why autumn is a kind of winter for me. (11 degrees here right now). And if you are familiar with hiking you can guess how 11 degrees feels in mountains. Usually, it is always 5 or 6 degrees colder in villages than in cities.

This year's only outdoor activity was hiking for me and right now it is officially over. Till next time!

I'm celebrating my second year with a fitness blender. Currently, I'm exercising with FB Burn R1. I always disliked this program because it was too much hiit for me but right now I realized that I'm stronger and more durable. And I like this program very much!

Are there any of you who remember my cats? Also, I wanted to give an update about them because I was always mentioning them. They are so healthy, thankfully. Not a long time ago I started to give them vitamins and I see a huge change since then. They are feeling more energetic and much better. And Maya, as always, joins my stretch routines, unlike boys. She loves it.

Also spooky Halloween for everyone!