Side progress muscle gain! + emailed fitness blender and never heard back which is a shame


Hey everyone thought I'd share my side progress now coming into my 5th month training with fitness blender!! My calories are upped at the moment I'm eating around 2000 a day to try maintain the muscle/get muscle haha I'm loving strength workouts with kelli I'm doing 3 strength trainings and 3 HIIT routines a week with rest days walking my daughter to school, I'm 25 kilos down 5 dress sizes down and I have way more energy now! I wouldn't of even thought to walk my daughter to school before changing my lifestyle now I get excited to do it! I'm loving being healthier and I've noticed a massive change in my skin! I've always had horrible acne and it's just disappeared! I'm feeling so much more confident with my weight and my skin I never thought that would happen! Also does anyone know if fitness blender email back? I got asked to send in my weight loss story a little while ago now and I'm a bit bummed I never head back from anyone! Was on a high from being asked then to not hear back was a bit of a downer! Anyways have a great weekend guys love seeing all your amazing progress! Xx