After 1 month of FBabs R1 + FBbooty R1 + FBflex


Okay I still have to do the last day of fbflex this evening but I can't wait!

#fbabsround1, #fbbootyround1 and #fbflex ✔✔✔

It should have taken me longer to complete it but I have sometimes doubled on workouts to finish before I go to a yoga camp that starts this Friday yaaay 😻

I am soo soo soo grateful for this progress, it is such an amazing feeling to be able the see the results of your hard work and dedication. I have pushed myself during the workouts, had to take a break from yoga classes as I used to take it an excuse not to workout at home, I had to say no to lots and lots of desserts 🤐 I had to be patient and just trust the process and here I am 🤩

I'm so happy I took pictures as the scale and even the measurements don't show such a difference which is weird especially with the waist as I can see and feel a difference...do you happen to have an idea why? 🤔

I can't thank Kelli and Daniel enough!

Without you guys and your hard work I wouldn't have been able to post these #beforeandafter pictures today. I love working out with you, I trust your workout programs because I know they are safe, smart and effective.


After I come back from the yoga camp, after 4 sweet sweet days 😊 I might go ahead and do fbabs and booty R2 along with fbflex, or I read that some people have been alternating weeks between fbburn and fbmass or fbstrong, I kinda like this idea too...any advice?