FB Vegan Meal Plan Week 1 Summary


I've decided to chronicle my journey through FB's vegan meal plan here in order to hold myself accountable, and in case anyone was thinking of purchasing it and wanted to see some of the meals included, substitute/alteration suggestions, how it works in tandem with a fitness program, etc. I'll try to remember to include costs at the grocery store as well.

I purchased this meal plan back in 2018, and decided to use it this year because I needed a framework and bit of guidance when it came to eating more nutrient dense foods and getting the most bang for my caloric buck. Also, I'm now at the weight that I was in college, which my body was used to for about 7 years (254); I knew that I needed to follow a plan in order to break through the level at which my body's stayed at for such long time. I'm in the 2200 kcal bracket and don't anticipate moving from there anytime soon. I am pairing this meal plan with an old school version of FB Fit to see if my results are maximized!

My process: I meal prep in bulk on Sundays, so instead of making a different meal and snack for every day of the week as laid out in the Plan, I treat each Day as a week - it makes grocery shopping less expensive and the cooking less time consuming. I move meals and snacks around if I get a bit bored, especially during the end of the week and/or weekend.

WEEK 1 (MP Day 1):

Food Costs: $137.48 - some of this was due to needing to stock up on everything)

Swaps & Substitutions: Used various pieces of fruit instead of the banana called for in the morning snack; a blend of chickpeas and cannellini beans for lunch; and finally, used quinoa instead of wild rice in the dinner meal. These were all due to dislikes or digestive issues.

Favorite meal(s): Dinner and the evening snack were my absolute favorite; I looked forward to them every day! Dinner was marinated and sauteed tofu with quinoa (my substitute) and broccoli, the picture is attached to this post. It was SO FILLING and tasty that I often had to remind myself not to keep eating if I already felt full. The post-dinner snack was popcorn! I found a brand on sale that had approximately the caloric count, and it was muy delicioso.

Least favorite meal(s): I wasn't a huge fan of the lunch last week: a spinach salad with beans, beets, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds/pepitas and a vinaigrette. I'm not the biggest fan of spinach, and eating 4 cups at once like the recipe called for felt a bit unwieldy. I cooked my spinach down to make it more manageable, and I had a great tasting vinaigrette; I just wan't feeling it. I ended up with two containers full of leftovers and popped them in the freezer for later this year sometime when I have absolutely nothing left to eat. Yesterday, I ended up eating all my snacks in a row and sauteing my lunch and dinner together, and it was much more enjoyable that way.

Slip Ups: They all happened on the weekend because my discipline seems to vanish when my work routine isn't in place. I bought the granola and chocolate required for week 2 and ate them both yesterday. I'll have to swap the chocolate for fruity, whole food desserts since I'm unable to moderate my intake of it right now and I don't want to keep impeding my progress. I also polished off the rest of my jar of almond butter when I finished measuring out portions for week 1's snacks. I will try purchasing a smaller jar or not buying it until Saturday/Sunday, or just eating my scheduled meals as I meal prep instead of picking bits from what's in front of me.

Week 2 (Day 2) started today, has been prepped and is ready to go; I will share how it went next week.

Have a great day, all!