Hiking That Long Still Didn't Kill My Legs! #beautyofpoland


Hello FB Community!

Since I'm back from seaside I was craving for nature and green landscape! Yesterday we went hiking with my husband to the place where the game The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter was inspired. I played this game two times when it was released a long time ago and after years, visiting the reallocation was like a lifetime achievement for me. But I was surprised because also it turned out to be the longest hiking I've ever had in my life. I recorded everything with my watch and as a result, the distance was 18 km and 5 hours. I don't know is it really long distance for professional hiker out there or you are just smiling with your beer but let me tell you something: I was proud of myself finishing that day without a break.

And how about you blenders? Do you like hiking? What is your personal record?