Non scale victory of recording hit and run


First of all, no one was hurt so don't worry!

I was walking with Trainer M tonight when I heard two people talking loudly up the hill. I saw them getting into the car and they hit other parked car immediately. It made big bang sound. I don't know why but my instinct told me to sprint up the hill so I ran up the hill. To my surprise they just hit this car and didn't even bother to come out and check the damage. They just screamed at each other and left.


But!!!! I managed to get a good picture of one of idiots, their car running away and its license plate. Woo-hoo! You guys know that my resting heart rate used to be 144 bpm when I was lying down on the bed trying to sleep. Without FB and clean diet (and medication) I wouldn't be able to sprint up the hill that fast and managed to take pictures. I am amazed how these idiots thought it was ok to hit someone else' car and run away! It made dent in the bumper and the license plate was about to come off too. I left my contact information and brief explanation of what I saw on the parked car so that I can submit witness form if the owner wants me to submit photos too.

I feel very proud of my non scale victory today!!!