I’ve been to a happy place


So three weeks into FB fit I have been to the “Happy place” many times.

I am tired. I am hungry. Sometimes my left knee feels loose. My whole body aches. Today I couldn’t even lift a spoon to eat quinoa salad after workout and a shower. And don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. I eat a lot. I eat healthy. I indulge myself with organic dark chocolate, organic date or banana oatmeal muffin. I take long nap almost every day with Trainer M by my side. My House is not as clean as my usual standard but who cares. I go out and sit on the lawn to observe flowers or squirrels 🐿 or crows with Trainer M. When there is a new 🐶 in the neighborhood we play a detective and go and investigate. I am not in a hurry to have a six pack ab but I workout like a clock. I love my family and I love myself whether I have fat belly or not. I secretly think that I am a beautiful strong woman too. My daughter thanks me for being a kind understanding mom. My husband cannot stop 😂 laughing because I always seem to make the funniest (black) joke to him. And I know that my trainer M is so so so in love with me. She smiles with her eyes. Yes, I have an autoimmune disease that requires medication every day. I get tired more often than other people. But do I complain about it? No, I love the way it is. I just love my life. Men, I really think I have either very high self esteem or very low expectation of life. If you think I am on to something I just decided to write my thought about my happy place while lying down on the bed after two hours of nap after “painful” ab exercise (the title says painful)

I am already at my happy place. There is no place I rather be. And I like where I am. Thank you FB families.