I wanted to start FB Strong...


I wanted to start FB Strong,.. ...but my body said: no!

When I realized, that I am out of breath during the warm ups, I pushed myself harder. Then came something else: I was not able to do triceps extensions with 2.5 kg weights. It have never happened before.

I was so disappointed in myself - I had plans, I wanted to finish one program and immediatly start another. That is the life, I suppose. Instead of finishing Burn r2, I took 3 Day Flexibility Challenge. It felt like a big defeat.

Today, when I did only pilates instead of whatever video is the first in Strong programm, I realized that I have needed active rest. For two years I was exercising 5 days per week regularly (HIIT, strength....)

I do not know, why I was afraid to be easier to myself (well, I was afraid that i will lose muscles, even I am sure this is nonsense :D )

I am not sure, what I wanted to say by this post - maybe it is a small encouragement to not be afraid of listen to your body.

For me, this is also "milestone" - I learned to exercise, cook healthier, love my body and now have come time to learn to listen to my body!