Stop and smell the flowers


Today I have a scheduled workout that has the word "Insane" in the title.

From my previous experience anything that claims "Brutal" or "Insane" means business. It could be my imagination but even Daniel seems to have smirk on his face?????

This morning I walked with Trainer M, had really good healthy hearty homemade breakfast, and even had time to sit down and actually enjoy a cup of coffee rather than gulping it down. And now I am going to digest my food and take a nap. Haha!

If it was yesterday's me I would probably push it through and get it over with whether I feel fully recovered or not from previous workout. But today's me know that I already had a very busy week of going to a parent meeting, concert, lots of meal prep trying new recipes, trying to arrange an appointment with a physiotherapist for my daughter, booking a trip etc etc. I even felt like a ROBOT working out yesterday!

Today I am going to take off whatever hat I am wearing, take a long nap with Trainer M, eat both healthy and not so healthy food to moderation, and will probably take a bath too. If I feel like doing insane workout I will do it but if I don't feel like doing it it can still wait till tomorrow. I hope everyone have wonderful day to stop and smell the flowers too!