Monthly Check-In! February 2019


Hello FB Community!

With this month, I'm exercising with FB for 4 months!

Low impact, bodyweight 2 and abs 1 are my programs what I did and I'm still on my third week with abs 1. Do I see a 'significant' change? Well, I think no, but I'm feeling that something is changing!

My mind, my psychology, my perspective to my eating habits and realizing my mistakes to my body changed me a lot. I never had an important issue with my bodyweight, it was always balanced and it is still like this but I want to get rid of my belly fat. I want a straight stomach and show my abs, this is my goal. And I think to do this, I need a couple of months more (or even more than 5 months). Because everybody's journey has different paths with different time process :) So keep it up!