Test kitchen?!


Ok, looks like I am going to try some (if not all) recipes on this website.

Today I made more beet root patties. This time I replaced rice with organic tofu. (Left top corner)


I ate it with cottage cheese and spinach inside tortilla. It was so yummy! (right top corner)

For dinner I made Szechuan salmon. (left bottom corner)


I replaced shrimps with salmon and didn't put water and cornstarch. Once salmon was almost cooked I put it as a glaze. Next time I might try marinating it. I think it will be also good with chicken, zucchini noodles, or even with egg plant. I will definitely make it again.

For snack I made banana oat bars. (right bottom corner)


I replaced pumpkin seeds with sunflower seeds. This was half success half failure because I forgot to peel off pumpkin seeds. What was I thinking?!?!? Anyways, it is still tasty. I have been buying (expensive and) healthy organic bars to snack on but from now on no more store bought bars for me!

It is so nice to try new recipes. If you know some healthy and yummy cake recipe please let me know. Thanks~!