Every time I exercise I get a banana from my trainer... (Part 2)


First of all, thank you so much for likes and comments for my previous post.


I thought i would update you on how Trainer M has been training me for the month of January.

For the first week Trainer M kept bringing me a banana when I come home after doing FB30. Then she slowly changed her tactics to lure me to exercise when I got lazy or didn't feel like exercising.

She brought me a banana (Of course!), and then chicken (yup! you definitely need protein for yourself and Trainer M to build muscle), a drink (don't forget to hydrate!), sometimes yesterday's workout socks from laundry bag (Go on~! Just put it on and go to exercise!) and ice cream (The face she puts on when she brings me ice cream is priceless. It's as if she is trying to tell me "Fine, you can have ice cream as a reward if you exercise today" Her ears suddenly disappear and I think this is on purpose as if she doesn't want to hear any excuse from me. Lol)

So as you can see from my January calendar I didn't miss single exercise! Haha!

Great job, Trainer M!